Intro to Social Networking through Facebook and LinkedIn


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This was the first Social Media Presentation I gave. It was given to a Real Estate Investor group in Springfield, MO. Give me your thoughts...

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  • More than 25 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) is shared each month on Facebook. There are more than 600 million searches on Twitter every day. A new member joins LinkedIn every second.
  • Customers buy from Companies they Trust Build New Relationships Leverage Existing Relationships Provide Value Insider Tip: Upload your contact list to LinkedIn or Facebook To connect with people already on those platforms. If they're not on there, then they are sent an email invitation to join you on That platform.
  • Profile What should you put on it? Groups How do you use them? Target your business Interests Join conversations and establish yourself as a thought-leader. Join or Start Your Own.
  • Can send one email/week to subscribers (goes straight to their inbox). Upload your rss feed to the group to go out automatically. Instant area for feedback and contact-generation.
  • Feature your Company Add yourself as the owner/president Ask for recommendations from your existing network. Post your services, products and portfolio. Ask for recommendations from your clients on these. Insider Tip: Seed your Page with keywords from your industry To help people find you when they search.
  • Syndicate your content Communicate with customers and business prospects Have customers review your business. The New Facebook Pages
  • Not just a hip “social” hangout. Show examples of real estate businesses doing it well.
  • Gives you the ability to interact even more as a company. Post on other people's pages as your business name. Create or get someone to create you a new custom welcome tab from HTML (no longer just FBML). Featured Pages and Admins
  • Intro to Social Networking through Facebook and LinkedIn

    1. 1. Social Media
    2. 2. Social Media: What you need to know <ul>2010 was declared: “ The Year that Social Media went Mainstream” </ul>
    3. 3. Social Media: Basic Stats Blog Post Linked In Member Share Pictures
    4. 4. Social Media: The Basic Platforms <ul><li>Facebook
    5. 5. LinkedIn
    6. 6. Twitter </li></ul>
    7. 7. Social Media as a Sales Tool? ` Be a “Trusted” Business Make More Money Friends Talk about their Customer Experiences
    8. 8. The 2 Best Selling Tools Facebook Linked In
    9. 9. Linked In: Profile <ul>Seed your profile with keywords specific to your business </ul>
    10. 10. Linked In: Profile <ul>Career Highlights <li>And don't forget to seed with those keywords! </li></ul>
    11. 11. Linked In: Profile Add Your Website!
    12. 12. Linked In: Profile Recommendations Work!
    13. 13. Add Your Portfolio!
    14. 14. LinkedIn: Groups <ul><li>Why start your own? </li></ul>Auto-send your Rss feed Email Members Instant Feedback
    15. 15. LinkedIn: Company Pages Seed Your Company Page with keywords.
    16. 16. Facebook: Benefits Syndicate Content & Connect with Customers
    17. 17. Facebook: Pages Enlarged Profile Picture for more Info & Welcome Page With CTA
    18. 18. Facebook: Pages New Picture Stream Can act as Extra Selling
    19. 19. Facebook: Pages Post on other Company's Pages
    20. 20. Social Media Info <ul><li>To get more info: </li><ul><li>
    21. 21.
    22. 22. </li></ul></ul>