SXSW 2012 Trends


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  • Brands will be using this technology to trigger messages based on where you are; both outside and inside.Offering discounts, value added content (e.g. travel guide), issuing warnings (traffic alerts), running games, music.Idea: what if you had an app that played music based on your location in a city and the musicians from that neighbourhood?
  • This app helps you learn more about the people around you. If someone standing near you also has Highlight, their profile will show up on your phone. You can see their name, photos, mutual friends and anything else they have chosen to share. When you meet someone, Highlight helps you see what you have in common with them. If your friends are nearby, it will notify you. If someone interesting crosses your path, it will tell you more about them. 
  • Pinterest would not say how many users it has, but according to comScore, the site had 18.7 million unique visitors in March, compared with about 418,000 in May. Women account for 85 percent of total page views on the site, Mr. Lipsman said.
  • @bettydraper was set-up by a copywriter to explore Twitter as a storytelling device (it is unofficial).The Twitter Betty Draper live tweets during episodes and imagines activities outside of the TV show to give a sense of the daily life of the character. Special events included livetweeting the CLIO awards and an imagined Live Tweeting of a famous Beatles concert.This extends the story, runs daily and between seasons.
  • SXSW 2012 Trends

    1. 1. SXSW is…A celebration of creativity & innovation acrossInteractive, Film & Music– Austin, TX– 25 years old– 9 days– 40,000 attendees– 2000 talks– 2000 bands– 500 films– 90 venues– 1,200,000 tweetsIf Cannes is a celebration of the past SXSW is acelebration of the future...
    2. 2. SXSW was…• Ambient & location aware– highlight• Curation– pinterest• Mobile 1st– instagram• Social storytelling- Anthony Bourdain• Launches & lessons- Nike+, Google Re:Brief &Homeless Hotspots
    3. 3. Ambient & location aware― Breakthrough trend― Ambient = runs in background― Location-based = uses GPS― Flag based on similar interests― Some use indoor locationservices, ‘geo-fencing’ &location triggered content
    4. 4. ― ‘07 Twitter, giant TVs, 3xs traffic― ‘09 FourSquare, now 15M+― “Gives you a 6th sense”― alerts friend (of friend) nearby― battery life critiques > stalkinghighlight
    5. 5. Curation― Virtual scrapbooking― Usually share others’ content― Pinterest 11M users/month― Follow incr. stream & influence― Top subjects:design, fashion, décor, food― 1st ex. of non-geek ea. adopters(mid-west housewives)
    6. 6. Whole Foods- 11K+, 20 boards- DeliciousArt, W.F.Fndn, Strength,Reusing, Kitchens- Visually interesting- Regularly changing
    7. 7. Mobile 1st- End of platform agnosticism- 1.5 yrs instagram w/27M- Filters - artistic, spontaneous- Tight integration w/Twitter &Facebook- Became default image-share- FB acquired after SXSW
    8. 8. Red Bull- 60K+ followers- Compelling visual content- product/business (e.g. behind the scenes)- capture activities (e.g. events)
    9. 9. Social storytelling- Traditional “ads” -> content-driven storytelling in digital marketing- Facebook not pushing ads -> force brands to get strategy right- Promote good content NOT sidebar ads- New template for social advertising- Transmedia storytelling spreads story over channels+- Not repeating, new elements w/different intertwined mediums
    10. 10. Anthony Bourdain- Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr extends No Reservations- ‘Road’ stories while filming- Suggestions sought for show ideas, locations- Occasional live-broadcast- Outlet for ‘risky’ non-network content