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How I SEO'd my blog as part of my course at The University of Salford

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  • Media Production GraduateCareer break after having my sonDad got me interested – heavy marketing background sparked an interest.Just by looking at the conversation Prism it shows how many marketing opportunities there are and I wanted to learn more and be a part of it.Train myself onlineGot ideas for website which would benefit for search & smmCurrently planning a mummy blogKeen to find a job within SEO
  • Current issue - i.e. Waitrose, LittlewoodsRelevant to the blogA subject I am knowledgeable aboutWhat did you want to achieve? – guide companies on the basics of how to use social media to engage with their customers and why – those scared to open that channel of communication.
  • We can see that from the title and description tags there is a repetition of the words ‘Women’s fashion’ and ‘Women’s clothes/clothing’. I have also found through the use of Firebug that these words also appear within their meta keyword tags on the homepage’s html. We can assume from this that the primary keywords which Boohoo want to rank for are ‘Women’s Fashion’ and ‘Women’s Clothing’ and they currently are at the top of google for these keywords.
  • - Honest? I used my intuition when it came to choosing the keywords but will explain later what valuable lesson I have learnt from this.Title & Description meta tags – primary keyword repetition
  • Content is King – kept it relevantIntroduction – catchy easy to read – statisticsAsked questions to engageIncluded words like ‘you’ to make the reader feel like I was talking to themConclusion with call to action at the end to encourage sharing & discussion.Broke up big text to make it easy to scan read.
  • In terms of SEO thought aboutUse of headings – implementing keywordsAnchor texts – no follow links so Pageranking isn’t leaked
  • Optimised Image using keywords ‘Social Media Complaints’ within the file name. Reinforcing relevance of content.Video is great for pulling in traffic as users are most likely to click links with a video
  • Vital to make the post easy to share and bookmark. More likely to share/like if you see other people have.
  • Used LinkedIn & Twitter with a shortened URL so I can track how many people had clicked onto it. Alternated the wording slightly each time. Used hashtags to share with different relevant groups such as the SSMM#
  • Ranked #3 on Google for my keywords!89 page views within a week (60 unique)
  • Although I’m ranking number 3 for my keywords on google, according to googleadwords there are under 400 searches for this keyword phrase and it may have been more beneficial to rank for a more general term in order to get more traffic to the blog…although this is debatable!I may have had better traffic if I had ranked for keywords with higher global monthly searches. Shows how vital keyword research is!!
  • Link building – link bait – creating own video – targeting forums – following more relevant people on twitter, connecting with relevant websites by guest blogging etc.Utilise more social media platforms – sharing on google +Branding – create own facebook page and extablishing myself as a trusted authority within my subject…contribute to forums and have own blog etc.
  • Social Media Complaints Blog

    1. 1. MY BLOG POST…Social Media Complaints (the basics) By Danielle Adams
    2. 2. Overview• Why SSMM?• Subject: Social Media Complaints?• Onsite Optimisation – SERPS & Keywords – Content – SEO elements – Image/Video – Social Media Indicators• Offsite Optimisation – Social Media Sharing• The Results? – But?...• Improvements• Any Questions?
    3. 3. Why search & social media?
    4. 4. Subject: Social Media Complaints?
    6. 6. SERPS & Keywords
    7. 7. Content• Copywriting – Problem? – Why unsolved? – Steps to resolve.• Catchy Introduction• Ask questions• ‘You’ – more personal• Call to action
    8. 8. SEO elementsAnchor text Headings with keywords
    9. 9. Image / Video
    10. 10. Social Media Indicators
    11. 11. Offsite Optimisation
    12. 12. Social Media Sharing
    13. 13. The Results? • Ranked #3 on Google for my keywords! • 91 page views within a week (61 unique)• 19 Clicks from shared shortened URL• Remaining clicks - direct from SERPS from ranking high?
    14. 14. But…
    15. 15. Improvements• Better Keyword Research – Targeting audience – May not use term ‘social media’ – Check forums such as Money Saving Experts• Link-building – Link Bait – Create own unique video content – Guest blogging• Utilise more social media platforms – Google+ – Facebook• Branding - Establishing my name as a trust & Authority (Facebook page) - Contribute to forums - Create own blog
    16. 16. Thank youAny Questions?