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http://www.migraineeliminationcenters.com/ - Migraine Elimination Centers is one of the few in the entire country treating migraines using the latest high technology. Our proven, non-invasive treatment will change your life!

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Migraine Prevention - Migraine Elimination Centers

  1. 2. About - Migraine Elimination Center The Migraine Elimination Centers were founded by native Chicagoan, Jim Pielet. Like you, Jim suffered for years with migraine headaches . Like many of you, Jim’s pain was so severe that he had difficulty functioning when the migraines escalated, as they often did. Visits with doctors didn’t help. Prescription medication didn’t help (he tried many!) Neither did hypnosis, acupuncture or eliminating foods thought to trigger headaches (such as chocolate, caffeine and dairy products). About us
  2. 3. No Medication No Food Restrictions No More PAIN! The work we do at the Migraine Elimination Centers is very exciting! After years of research and comprehensive studies, we are offering a non-invasive solution that targets the source of your migraine and easily corrects the problem. Through a state-of-the art computer program, which is coupled with laser technology, we simply train your body to no longer react inappropriately to the foods that have been identified as your migraine triggers. The results are truly astounding. Every single person weve treated is now migraine free. Our program
  3. 4. Jim, I am still feeling great!  I haven't had any more migraines since I last emailed you.  I have given up everything on my trigger list to the best of my ability and it has made a huge difference.  Thank you!!! Jill B. I just wanted to give you a quick follow-up on my migraine situation.  After removing all apples from my diet, I have been completely migraine free!  I do get small headaches, but nothing at the migraine level. Thank you for testing me and letting me know what my triggers might be. While I love apples, ginger, lemons and limes, I love not having migraines even more! Allison R. Testimonials
  4. 5. Bio-Allergenix is the developer of the BAX-3000, the only completely automated, FDA cleared and patented device that has proven very effective in eliminating symptoms associated with migraines, allergies, food sensitivities and other conditions related to the body's inability to process what should be innocuous substances. The BAX-3000 uses state-of-the-art computer and laser technology to not only identify allergens (triggers), but to also reprogram the nervous system to react appropriately to them. Physicians & Health Care
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