Digital Communication Digital communication as part of an internal communications strategy

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Presentation 22.4.2010 SoNet IconVienna

Presentation 22.4.2010 SoNet IconVienna

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  • 1. Digital communication as part of an internal communications strategy Dr. Michaela Endemann, WISSIT e.U. © 2010
  • 2. Coming up today • The influence of Social Media in internal communication • Social Media Guidelines as a part of an internal communications strategy • How to find your strategy, an external consultant or internal engaged employees 2 © 2010
  • 3. Social Media are ... streaming google-docs delicious flickr picasa geotargeting doodle Youtube twitter wave Apps bing Seemic RSS digg Xing posterous Feeds2 hootsuite wikipedia facebook linkedIn friendfeed Ning stumbleupon b2bnetwork qik studiVZ podcasts Dooyou scribd netvibes slideshare skype ICQ Tweetdeck ... nowadays easy-to-use Web/mobile tools and platforms for discussion, sharing, interaction of information and data ... ... for and by social networking people 3 © 2010
  • 4. Social Media is upside-down your internal and external communication © 2010 4 © 2010
  • 5. Who, in former years, had external contacts? one voice CEO R &D Production Marketing PR HR 5 © 2010
  • 6. and now? Your employees are the first public of your company - Talk with them! multiple voices CEO R&D Production Marketing PR HR multiple voices multiple voices 6 © 2010
  • 7. 7 © 2010
  • 8. Which company departments are being influenced by Social Media? Social Networks Provider, Subcontractor Recommendation Website Media Customers CEO Knowledgetransfer Complaints R&D Production Marketing PR HR Projectmanagement Intranet Email CRM Documentation Cross-department communication Organisation Meetings 8 © 2010
  • 9. Social Media Tools and Networking can support and improve google-docs geotargeting scribd doodle Apps l Knowledge Workers picasa delicious flickr streaming Youtubewave twitter stumbleupon bing friendfeed b2bnetwork Collaboration l RSS Seemic digg Xing studiVZ posterous Feeds2 Dooyou l Innovation hootsuite wikipedia facebook NinglinkedIn qik l Engagement netvibes slideshare skype Tweetdeck 9 © 2010
  • 10. Benefits? l Improved productivity and efficiency l Ability to communicate anywhere l Receive assistance in solving problems l Reduced travel expenses • Collective intelligence 10 © 2010
  • 11. For employees only .... l Knowledgemanagement l Networking l Important & quick messages l Documentation l Projectmanagement l Employee suggestions 11 © 2010
  • 12. Why not ... ... using Intranet? Mostly top down organised, technical mostly difficult to use (access rights) ... using CC-mails for project documentation or other messages? Mostly unread, server overflow 12 © 2010
  • 13. Why not start immediately? Processes have to be understood Technics need to be installed Usage needs to be learned Strategy is half the work 13 © 2010
  • 14. For a good start ... Internal communications strategy Social Media as part of it – integrated communications Social Media Policies you better have it ... (more than 50% don‘t) For the use of Internet in your company culture To set up social media tools for your internal belongings For inside-outside communication in projects, in marketing, PR, HR, in employees private engagement for your company 14 © 2010
  • 15. How to find a strategy Analyse your individual situation Make a plan Talk to each other Train your employees and youself Try out Evaluate and optimise 15 © 2010
  • 16. Social Media Guidlines/policies Definition what social media means to your company What‘s public, what‘s internal information Nettiquette Consequences 16 © 2010
  • 17. You can get a hand ... ... but first of all: Ask! The consultants‘ own online activity Is he/she familiar with your business Do you get an individual strategy or just ready-made solutions? Is he/she realistic about your expectations? and: Do you already have socialmedia–fit employees to help you? 17 © 2010
  • 18. Social Media are ... * ... going to change our way of communication, collaboration and participation *pic. Andrew Spong 18 Spong © 2010
  • 19. When do you start? ? 19 © 2010
  • 20. Its for your company success Don‘t miss it ... © 2010 ! 20 © 2010
  • 21. Thank you! Dr. Michaela Endemann, WISSIT e.U. @wissit * analysis and development of strategic communications concepts for internal communications and social media engagement * lectures, workshops and in-house trainings CC This presentation is under creative commoms licence, by-nc-sa ttp:// exept citations,pls refer to them © 2010 21