World & Indonesia digital media monitoring may June 2014


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These are only small amounts of the digital industry media monitoring result and social media in numbers. I have collected this news and data from various places. There are many news and updates i didn't mention here because this is only my for personal knowledge and personal use, but maybe it can be any use for you too

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World & Indonesia digital media monitoring may June 2014

  1. 1. al-entertainment-media- outlook/segment- insights/newspaper- publishing.jhtml
  2. 2. https://www.globalwebindex.n et/products/chart_of_the_day/ 13th-may-2014-instagram- active-users-up-25-percent-in- last-six- months?utm_campaign=Chart %20of%20the%20Day&utm_m edium=social&utm_source=em ail
  3. 3. Social Media In Numbers ( Facebook • 6 percent decrease in active userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex) • Outside of China, 82 percent of Internet users (ages 16-64) have a Facebook account (GlobalWebIndex) • Facebook is used by 36 percent of children living in the U.K. (ages 8-15) (YouGov) • Facebook accounts for 14.76 percent of mobile traffic in North America (Statista) • Almost 6 out of 10 active Facebook users log in more than once a day (GlobalWebIndex) • 92 percent of marketers use Facebook for advertising (Socialbakers) • Almost 5 out of 10 online customers expect brands to provide customer service on Facebook (Buffer Blog) • 18.5 percent of questions posted on Pages receive answers within two hours (Quintly) • More than six out of questions posted on Pages receive no answer (Quintly) • Friday is the worst day for customer service: 63.5 percent of requests are not addressed (Quintly) • Facebook has lost 9 percent of active U.K. users in the last year (YouGov) • 72% of online adults visit Facebook at least once a month (Business 2 Community) • 75% of the engagement on a post happens within 5 hours of publication (Business 2 Community) • 60 seconds on Facebook: 243,000 photos uploaded, 50,000 links shared, 3.1+ million likes, 500 new accounts, and 3.2 million posts (Inside Facebook)
  4. 4. Google • 10 percent increase in Google+ account memberships since last year (GlobalWebIndex) • 54 percent of marketers use Google+ (Social Media Examiner) • 20 million unique mobile users visit Google+ every month ( • 28 percent of people in the 15-35 age range are on Google+ ( • 53 percent of interactions between G+ users and brands are positive (Business 2 Community) • 8 percent decrease in active YouTube userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex) • YouTube accounts for 17.26 percent of mobile traffic in North America (Statista) • YouTube is the most popular social media site among teenagers (ages 8-15) in the U.K. (41 percent) (YouGov) Tumblr • 22 percent increase in active userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex) • 230 million monthly active users (We Are Social)
  5. 5. Instagram • 25 percent increase in active userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex) • More than 100 million active users outside of China (GlobalWebIndex) • 1.5 million users in Thailand (Business 2 Community) • Some of the most popular Instagram hahstags include #love, #instagood, #cute, #followme, #instadaily, #summer, and #amazing. For the complete list, visit Socially Stacked. LinkedIn • 6 million members in Australia (LinkedIn) • 77 percent of all jobs are posted on LinkedIn (Search Engine Journal) • 1/3 of all professionals in the world have an account (LinkedIn Blog) • 51 percent of brands on LinkedIn have acquired a B2C customer (LinkedIn Blog) SnapChat: 7 out of 10 users are women (Business 2 Community) Evernote: 101 million users, including 35 million in the Asia Pacific region and 27 million in the U.S. and Canada (Evernote Blog) Spotify: 10 million subscribers and 40 million active users (Spotify Blog)
  6. 6. Pinterest • 7 percent increase in active userbase between Q3 2013 and Q1 2014 (GlobalWebIndex) • 75 percent of activity is mobile (Ahalogy) • 22 percent of the U.S. population is active on Pinterest (Ahalogy) • 49 percent of active users are under the age of 40 (Ahalogy) • 38 percent of active users have made a purchase online or offline because of something they saw on Pinterest (Ahalogy) • More than 4 out of 10 active users prefer Pinterest to reading magazines and browsing catalogues (Ahalogy) • 39 percent of active users prefer Pinterest to traditional search engines (Ahalogy) • 27 percent of active users are currently following a brand on Pinterest (Ahalogy) • Pinned blogs, photos, and articles are more likely to be clicked than brand or shopping sites (Ahalogy) • Most popular categories by day of the week: fitness (Monday), technology (Tuesday), inspirational quotes (Wednesday), fashion (Thursday), humor (Friday), travel (Saturday), food / craft ideas (Sunday) (Pinterest Blog)
  7. 7. Twitter • More than 390 million accounts are not follower by anyone (Business 2 Community) • 7 percent increase in account members since last year (GlobalWebIndex) • Twitter has lost 10 percent of active U.K. users in the past year (YouGov) • A quarter of users are 50 and over (SocialTimes) • Tweets between 71 and 100 characters get retweeted the most (Business 2 Community) • Including quotation marks increases RT chances by 30 percent (Business 2 Community) • A Tweet receives half of its retweets within the first 24 minutes of publication (Business 2 Community) • The number of active users in the Asia-Pacific region (excluding China) is projected to reach 94.3 million in 2015 and 155.3 million in 2018 (Statista) WeChat: 396 million monthly active users (Tencent) • Outside of China, WeChat’s gobal user numbers increased by 1,099 percent (GlobalWebIndex) Qzone: 644 million monthly active users (Tencent) QQ: 848 million active users (We Are Social)
  8. 8. Skype: • 4.9 million daily active users (Inside Facebook) • 43 percent of marketers have a mobile-optimized blog (Social Media Examiner) • 68 percent of the marketers who spend more than 40 hours weekly on social media are under the age of 40 (Social Media Examiner) • 42 percent of sharing activity around brand videos happen within the first three days of publishing (Unruly) • 7 in 10 people make purchasing decisions to solve problems (SlideShare) • 89 percent of small businesses publish content every week (eZanga) • 6.7 million+ people use blogging platforms around the world (Business 2 Community) • 12 million+ people blog via social networks (Business 2 Community) • Blogs generate 67 percent more leads (Business 2 Community)
  9. 9. corporate-web_internet- software_os-social_media-gadget- apps- press_release/11862/tencent_tercata t_sebagai_perusahaan_paling_prod uktif_di_2014 Top 20 Risers Companies
  10. 10. • Facebook has launched Trending World Cup. telecommunication-social_media-gadget-apps- press_release/12093/facebook_semarakkan_piala_dunia_2014 • Together, MNC and ZTE Apply the first Ultra-Broadband Internet Service in Indonesia. web_internet-corporate/12090/mnc_gandeng_zte_terapkan_ultra- broadband_internet_service_pertama_di_indonesia • Nielsen reported that BlackBerry Messenger is still popular in Indonesia. social_media-gadget-apps-blackberry-apple- press_release/12092/temuan_nielsen_blackberry_messenger_masih_popul er_di_indonesia • PWC launched 6th annual digital IQ survey at • Cyber crime make Rp 1.9 trillion loss. n.Rugi.Rp.1.9.Triliun • BlackBerry entered the mobile payments business through cooperation with EnStream. nis.Pembayaran.Mobile
  11. 11. • Google reportedly will spend more than $ 1 billion to provide satellite that could bring internet access. riliun.untuk.Satelit • In 2015, the total number of mobile users will surpass the population of the world. It was submitted in the written description of the research titled Ericsson Ericsson Mobility Report. e.Lampaui.Jumlah.Penduduk.Dunia • Viber releases new desktop version. web_internet-telecommunication-social_media-gadget-apps- press_release/12078/viber_rilis_versi_desktop_terbaru • Rumour : Apple wearable devices will present in October 2014. gadget-hardware- telecommunication/12050/apple_hadirkan_perangkat_wearable_oktober_ 2014 • Amazon Investments for Food Delivery Site Yummy77. ngiriman_makanan_yummy77 • China bans the use of Windows 8. software_os/11839/cina_larang_penggunaan_windows_8
  12. 12. • Microsoft shows the advantages of Windows 8.1 in CHIP Fiesta event. apps- microsoft/11842/microsoft_perlihatkan_keunggulan_windows_8.1_di_chip _fiesta • Hackers Attacked ebay, users are recommended to change their password. apple/11853/ebay_diserang_hacker_pengguna_dianjurkan_ganti_password • Second round of Wikimedia Writing Competition 2014. si_menulis_wikimedia_2014 • Apple will launch Smart Home features in iPhone. gadget-software_os- technology/11892/apple_akan_hadirkan_fitur_smart_home_di_iphone • Microsoft shows Skype Translator at Code Conference event. telecommunication/11898/microsoft_pamerkan_skype_translator_di_ajan g_code_conference • Spend U.S. $ 3 Billion, this is the reason of why Apple bought Beats Electronics. software_os-showbiz-law_and_regulations-gadget-apps- apple/11913/gelontorkan_us3_miliar_inilah_alasan_apple_beli_beats_electr
  13. 13. • iOS 8 Finally Introduced in WWDC 2014 event. software_os-gadget-apps- apple/11962/ios_8_akhirnya_diperkenalkan_di_ajang_wwdc_2014 • Over 800 Million iOS devices sold by Apple. telecommunication-hardware-gadget-apps- apple/11989/lebih_dari_800_juta_perangkat_ios_berhasil_dijual_apple_ • Twitter acquires Namo Media to develop Native-Ads. technology/12023/twitter_akuisisi_namo_media_untuk_kembangkan_native -ads • Google Maps brings elevation bike route calculation feature. social_media-apps-gadget- software_os/11817/google_maps_hadirkan_fitur_hitung_elevasi_rute_sepeda • YouTube bought Twitch worth U.S. $ 1 billion. social_media-showbiz-games-gadget-apps- web_internet/11810/youtube_beli_twitch_senilai_us1_miliar • WeChat provide 1 GB free Cloud Storage for loyal users. press_release/11808/wechat_rilis_cloud_storage_gratis_1_gb_untuk_penggun
  14. 14. • Dogecoin User held conference in San Francisco. showbiz/11800/pengguna_dogecoin_gelar_konferensi_di_san_fransisco • Google mapping the street with Laser for succession Self Driving Car program showbiz-hardware- apps/11783/google_petakan_jalan_dengan_laser_untuk_sukseskan_self_drivi ng_car • Users are now able to pay on Google Play Store using PayPal. apps/11778/pengguna_kini_bisa_belanja_di_google_play_store_dengan_payp al • As reported by Canalys, in the first quarter of 2014 there were about 279.4 million smartphones shipped globally. This shows an increase of about 29 percent compared to the same quarter last year. telecommunication-hardware-gadget-microsoft-android- apple/11720/279_juta_smartphone_yang_dipasarkan_pada_q1_2014_34_meng gunakan_layar_5_inci_ • Twitter provides Mute feature. press_release/11717/terganggu_dengan_banyak_pesan_twitter_yang_masuk_ kini_twitter_sediakan_fitur_mute • Developing Data Center, Facebook cooperate with Emerson.
  15. 15. • #AmazonCart : Shopping through Twitter. press_release/11592/amazoncart_berbelanja_melalui_twitter • Kakaoconnecting users with their Idol Star through Kakao Star Talk. social_media/11672/kakao_jembatani_penggemar_dan_idola_melalui_kakao _star_talk_ • Bitly users account hacked. social_media/11666/akun_pengguna_bitly_dibobol • Over than 300 Thousand servers in the world still vulnerable to Heartbleed threats. technology/11663/300_ribu_lebih_server_di_dunia_masih_rentan_ancaman_ heartbleed • Twitter change the interface for web version. social_media/11662/twitter_kembali_ubah_antarmukanya_untuk_versi_web • Virus will fines you $ 300 If you access porn site from Android. android/11658/prriiit...awas_denda_us300_jika_anda_akses_situs_porno_den gan_android • Aiming to copy the benefits of the Internet in the US for Indonesia, AmCham Indonesia, the US Chamber of Commerce and the Business Software Alliance (BSA) hosted a two-day meeting with Indonesian ICT stakeholders on May 20-21, 2014.
  16. 16. • Yahoo acquired blink. mirip-snapchat/ • Develop sensing Google Maps, Google buy Skybox. google-beli-skybox/
  17. 17. • Using the medium of twitter hashtag # ,Mizone Indonesia launched FresArt. They appointed VML Qais Mizone Indonesia as a digital agency in collaboration with the illustrator to draw followers who tweet using # FresArt in real-time. campaign/bagaimana-mizone-membuat-fresart-jadi-seru/ • The first digital advertising group born and bred in South East Asia – continues its regional expansion, with Indonesian digital agency Alpha Salmon joining its network. release/edge-asia-continues-expansion-indonesias-alpha-salmon-joins- network/ • PT. Cyberindo Mega Persada (CBNCloud) took TechMatrix Corporation, a provider of IT solutions to corporations which originated from Japan, presenting FASTHELP, solution Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for the cloud-based contact center in Indonesia. corporate/12097/cbncloud_hadirkan_fasthelp_solusi_crm_berbasis_cloud _untuk_contact_center_di_indonesia • AirAsiaGo launched the site with a new look that is consistent with the development of the technology applied by Expedia. showbiz/12100/kedepankan_teknologi_situs_airasiago_bertransformasi
  18. 18. • BlackBerry Messenger still champion in Indonesia. Masih.Juara.di.Indonesia • Axis mobile operator name will be removed after acquired and merged with XL Axiata. er.Axis.Bakal.Hilang • Path message will be lost in 24 hours. ng.dalam.24.Jam • Microsoft has announced the winners of Imagine8 Mission. One of Indonesian developer, Madina Technologies which develops Momento , has won second runner-up in the competition. software_os-gadget-apps-microsoft- press_release/12079/developer_indonesia_menangkan_kompetisi_imagin8 _mission • 19th Birthday, Telkomsel ready to lead mobile phones industry in the digital age. telecommunication-showbiz-gadget-press_release/11876/ulang_tahun_ke- 19_telkomsel_siap_pimpin_industri_selular_di_era_digital
  19. 19. • iPaymu present as the first online debit payment processor based in Indonesia that support the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia. press_release/11897/ipaymu_hidupkan_bisnis_online_melalui_program_re ferensi_afiliasi • Qualcomm: 91 Percent of Indonesian women highly dependent with smartphones. social_media-software_os-telecommunication-web_internet- events_community- technology/12035/qualcomm_91_persen_perempuan_indonesia_sangat_be rgantung_dengan_smartphone • Schoolgirl from South Sumatra earned 2 Intel ISEF 2014 Awards in United States. press_release/11814/siswi_sumatera_selatan_raih_2_award_dalam_intel_ise f_2014_di_amerika_serikat • KakaoTalk distributing 5,100 free tickets of Asian Dream Cup 2014 in Jakarta. blackberry-android-apple- press_release/11819/kakaotalk_bagikan_5.100_tiket_gratis_asian_dream_cu p_2014_in_jakarta
  20. 20. • Together with RUMA, BlackBerry strengthens Micro Business in the country. telecommunication-showbiz-hardware-gadget-apps-blackberry- press_release/11771/perkuat_bisnis_mikro_di_tanah_air_blackberry_gande ng_ruma • Expanding their presence in ASEAN, Red Hat now in Jakarta. technology/11772/perluas_keberadaannya_di_asean_red_hat_buka_kantor _baru_di_jakarta • Introducing Opera Coast in Indonesia, Opera Cooperate with Influencers in Lifestyle industry. software_os-gadget-apps-apple- press_release/11763/perkenalkan_opera_coast_di_indonesia_opera_ganden g_influencers_di_industri_lifestyle • NETGEAR released 10GBase-T. • Groupon: Indonesian consumers likes to give a gift. • social_media-showbiz-gadget- press_release/11699/groupon_konsumen_indonesia_gemar_memberikan_ hadiah
  21. 21. • KakaoTalk and PinkEmma presents easy way to shop online. gadget-apps- press_release/11302/kakaotalk_dan_pinkemma_hadirkan_cara_mudah_un tuk_berbelanja_online • Containing Pornography, Vimeo has been blocked in Indonesia. security- gadget/11698/mengandung_konten_pornografi_kemenkominfo_blokir_vi meo.com_ • Banyuwangi city became the winner of Idonesia Digital 2014 award. indonesia-digital-society-award.html • Prudential Indonesia, one of the largest insurance companies in Indonesia, has appointed Mindshare Indonesia as its agency of record for media strategy, planning and buying. Prudential Indonesia annual spends around USD 5 million. mandate-to-mindshare-indonesia/ • Asia Satellite Telecommunications Company Limited (AsiaSat) and PT. Digital Media Asia today announced the launch of VIVA+, a brand new prepaid direct-to-home (DTH) satellite service utilising multiple Ku-band transponders on AsiaSat 5 at 100.5 degrees East to serve the fast-growing Indonesian pay DTH market.
  22. 22. • Global Teleshop’s net income rose 31.2% In 2013. press_release/11656/pendapatan_neto_global_teleshop_di_tahun_2013_me ningkat_312 • Lifebuoy rides on folklore, takes 'Help a child reach 5' to Indonesia.,lifebuoy-rides-on-folklore- takes-help-a-child-reach-5-to-indonesia.aspx • According to MasterCard Online Shopping Behavior Study, among 14 countries in Asia Pacific, Indonesian Internet users have the highest satisfaction rate (96%) of the online shopping. setengah/ • idEA: e-Commerce market value in Indonesia predicted to reach $ 25 billion in 2016. 2016 • Zalora officially launched its latest service called Zalora Marketplace. • mig33 transformed into migme. berubah-menjadi-migme • Indosat presents one of the largest digital innovation in Southeast Asia. 02014&ei=Do2aU5TIOJPl8AWzzIKoCw&start=30&sa=N&ion=1&biw=1511&b ih=666&dpr=0.9&cad=cbv&sei=DLuaU9HUHI__8QXqwoKoAg&rct=j#q=d