What happened in somalia and the congo

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  • 1. What happened in Somalia and the Congo?
  • 2. SOMALIA
    Somalia is a land of fighting warlords.
    In 1991, the USA went in (with support from the UN) to help capture a warlord that took over the capital city.
    In the fight, a USA black hawk combat helicopter was gunned down.
  • 3. 18 American soldiers lost their lives in the fight and the USA government (along with all other countries of the world), left Somalia. The soldiers were killed brutally by the Somalis.
    Since 1991, the country has been in a state of anarchy. Some parts are doing fine (Somaliland), but others are not.
  • 4. CONGO
    The conflict here is hard to describe as many different countries are involved.
    Congo is surrounded by neighbors that want to take over the nation.
    The Congo is full of valuable resources (minerals, jewels, wood), which makes it attractive to people who want to become wealthy.
  • 5. The conflict started after the genocide in Rwanda, rebels from Rwanda and Uganda continued their fighting in the Congo even after peace in Rwanda.
    To add to the problem, rebels from the Congo are fighting each other and at times, other rebels from other nations join the fight.
  • 6. The United Nations' largest active peacekeeping force – 20,000 soldiers from dozens of countries – has failed to halt the atrocities. In fact, there are those who argue that the peacekeepers sometimes make things worse.
    Women and children have been affected the most. Rape is used as a method of war.