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this is our trip to philmont

this is our trip to philmont



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    philmont philmont Presentation Transcript

    • Troop 727 Philmont July 4-16, 2009 Itinerary 24 – 71 Rugged Miles (88 actually)
    • The Crew
    • Christopher – Our Fearless (ish) leader. AKA - Dirk
    • Danny – The Navigator. AKA – The Naviguesser, Ground Berry, The Tranny
    • Riley – The Cook AKA – Cookie
    • Andrew AKA – Hot Dog and Flyboy
    • Joe AKA – The Donkey Whisperer
    • Michael AKA – Mini-Vinnie
    • Michael AKA – The Animal
    • Nicholae AKA – Goldilocks
    • Trevor AKA – Paco (The Burro)
    • Pat – Our Ranger
    • Mr. Claassen – Crew Advisor AKA: Silvertoes or Twinkle Toes
    • Mr. Martinez AKA – Taco Tent Trixie
    • Mr. Powell AKA – BIG BOY!
    • In the beginning, there were 4 baldies
    • And then there were 7
    • Base Camp – Day 1
    • The road went on forever, but are those mountains in the distance?
    • In camp, just before pictures
    • The bell…don’t walk in front of it!
    • I wannaaaaa go baaaaacccckkkk to Philmont
    • Day 2 – Base Camp to Ponil Turnaround to Sioux
    • Ponil Turnaround…the beginning of the hiking
    • Hiking is not a clean activity!
    • We made it through our first hike!
    • View from Sioux Camp…this could be Mt. Lion (or not!)
    • Clustered but not in a row
    • The now infamous…Taco Tent
    • Day 3 – Sioux to Ponil to Pueblano
    • They made us take a burro…which one to take?
    • Pueblano – remember the logger children!?
    • And the tent is still standing…ta da!
    • The beginning of the wildlife viewing
    • Loggerball… anyone remember the rules?
    • Loggers against all these scouts…and they still won!
    • The creek by our Pueblano campsite
    • The Company Meeting
    • Day 4 – Pueblano to Miranda to Baldy Town
    • Spar Pole climbing…our crew leader showed us the way
    • Michael P’s turn
    • Trevor
    • Andrew kissing the eye bolt…interestingly there are about 12 pictures of him climbing and zero of his dad
    • Danny showing the proper technique
    • Owoc steadily climbing
    • Almost there Riley
    • Joe yelling something manly
    • Big Boy removing the belt after reaching the top
    • The views from Pueblano to Miranda were awesome
    • Scenery
    • More trail to Miranda
    • The jackass is taking a break
    • Good riddance Paco!
    • Oh for $700
    • Why that’s Michael Zotti! It was unexpected and very cool to see a St. Martha’s boy at Miranda.
    • On the way to Baldy Town
    • This is the view from the porch of the main cabin at Baldy Town (10,000 ft)
    • Day 5 – Side Hike Baldy Mountain
    • Baldy behind baldy town
    • Baldy
    • More Baldy
    • The next several pictures are from the top of Baldy
    • We Bad!
    • Day 6 – Baldy Town to Baldy Skyline
    • After we did our conservation… making nice sweet trail at Baldy Town!
    • Skeleton…Looks like a burro..but it is missing something
    • Oh Yeah! The skull! This is sitting about 8 feet up in the tree above the body.
    • Remnants of gold miners
    • On the trail to Baldy Skyline
    • More day 6 scenery
    • That’s Baldy again in the background
    • Are we there yet?
    • Two baldies with one more in the background
    • Two more baldies
    • It’s not all uphill
    • MINI BEAR!!!!!
    • REAL BEAR!!!!!
    • REAL BEAR!!!!!
    • Day 7 – Baldy Skyline to Devil’s Wash Basin (AKA Day from Hell #1)
    • Remnants of the Ponil Complex fire in 2002. This was near the beginning of our, 12, no, 15, no 19 mile day
    • So far so go…only 13 miles to go.
    • Smelly Mini Bear
    • Alligator looking rock
    • Another Mini Bear
    • Ranger Zip Lines
    • Deer Lake Mesa “water” supply. I wish all water had been this easy to get. This is about a mile from Devil’s Wash Basin
    • Day 8 – Devil’s Wash Basin to Clark’s Fork
    • On the way to Clark’s Fork
    • The folks at Ute Gulch Commissary had an interesting sense of humor
    • The Pool
    • Caution
    • Even Santa loves Philmont, must be his summer home.
    • We eventually made it to camp…Andrew and Trevor had to help with the chuckwagon dinner!
    • Clark’s Fork Campfire
    • Day 9 – Clark’s Fork to Cypher’s Mine
    • Cimarroncito Reservior. This was on the way to Cypher’s Mine
    • We hiked up a canyon to get to Cypher’s Mine. It was the upper fork of the Cimarroncito River. The whole day was Philmont flat…meaning mostly uphill.
    • The hike was pretty…pretty tough!
    • Main Cabin at Cypher’s Mine
    • The water from this stream was clear and cool and good to the last drop!
    • Riley is a stud! That stuff was heavy.
    • Nicholae should have kept these glasses…too cool!
    • Oh Miss Bessie
    • I am so sorry for hitting you on your prudy face
    • Then Danny did it…
    • And Andrew
    • Not to be left out, so did the crew leader
    • Playing hacky sack
    • Stomp…the Cypher’s Mine evening show. Yes that is Nicholae up there!
    • Day 10 – Cypher’s Mine to Red Hills
    • Red Hills camp…Yes I got cell phone reception!
    • Sometimes we had to improvise…
    • The easier way to filter water
    • The creek running through Red Hills Camp
    • Christmas in July
    • Hiking is a dirty job
    • The wild life was mostly friendly
    • Day 11 – Red Hills to Shaefer’s Pass
    • At the top of Big Red (11,121 ft)
    • Our next conquest Black Mountain (10,880 ft)
    • Not quite Iwo Jima, but it probably felt similar in some respects
    • The packs were much more comfortable than the ground.
    • Where are we?
    • Climbing Black Mountain. We had to go down to 10,000 ft to come back up to 10,880.
    • All those little orange things? Ladybugs…
    • We can still see Baldy…how long ago were we there? 6 days…really?!?!
    • No words to describe.
    • Day 12 – Shaefer’s Pass to the Tooth of Time to Base Camp
    • The sun rises on our last day of hiking!
    • Our hike to the Tooth of Time had some of the best views.
    • It’s Base Camp…We can see Base Camp!
    • From the top of the Tooth.
    • Majestic
    • Mr. Claassen and the Crew Advisor for our sister crew.
    • Us with our sister crew.
    • Call home let them know how cool this place is!
    • Father Son photo op #1
    • Father Son photo op #2
    • Father Son photo op #3
    • Starting to think someone is a little vain! Not a bad smile for a guy with a twisted ankle who just bouldered 400 ft to the top of a big ol’ rock.
    • Going down was easier than up, but not much.
    • Our sister crew ready to head to base camp. (They left 30 minutes before us and we got to camp 30 minutes before them!)
    • Sure let’s walk straight down 2500 ft.
    • Somehow we didn’t get any pictures of the steep rocky part of this trail…Just the pretty, fairly flat, pasture part of it.
    • Are we still on a trail?
    • Staff tents right behind the welcome back sign
    • A sight for sore eyes!
    • There’s the Tooth, weren’t we just there 2 hours ago?
    • Ring the bell! We made it!
    • These tents were great…we didn’t have to set them up and tear them down!
    • The sun set on our last day at Philmont
    • I wanna go back to Philmont, I want to go bbbaaaccckkk to Philmont! The Philmont Ranger Song I want to go back to Philmont Where the old Rayado flows, Where the rain comes a seepin' In the tent where you're a sleepin' Arid the waters say hello. HELLO (shout) I want to wake up in the morning With my socks all wringing wet, For it brings back fondest memories, That a Ranger can't forget. WANNA BET (shout) I want to hike once more the canyon floor From Scribblins to Old Camp, With my pack sack a-creakin', With my back with sweat a-reekin', And my legs beginning to cramp. OHHHH (shout) I want to hike again with such great men As made those famous treks, From Beaubien to Porky And from Cito to Car-Max. HIP, HIP, HORAY