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Talk IT_ Oracle_이범_110727



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  • 1. Solid foundation.Elastic Cloud. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Fusion Middleware Solution Consulting Oracle Korea
  • 2. Video:Warming-up
  • 3. Today’s ApplicationChallenges
  • 4. Demand on Your Data CenterGrowing ExponentiallyGartner Survey (June 2010) Shows Data demandGrowth as the Largest Data CenterInfrastructure Challenge Growth• eCommerce (B2B, B2C)• Data mining• Social Media • Data Archiving• Collaboration • Data Security• Rich Content • Data Access time 5
  • 5. Today’s Data Center Dispersed, Inefficient Infrastructure PiecesREALITY CHECK• No single vendor is accountable for optimizing end-to- end infrastructure• Unmanageable proliferation of data centers to support growing business needs• Existing infrastructure creates obstacles to delivering new applications 6
  • 6. Today Data Center 동향 Cloud GRID • Consolidated Silos • Virtual • Rapidly• Physical • Enhanced provisioned• Dedicated HA Flexibility • Elastic clusters • Improved • High QoS• Sized for peak utilization load • Management• Expensive to efficiency Manage 7
  • 7. Oracle Cloud Strategy Standardization and Consolidation Monolithic Proliferation Standardization Consolidation 4 3 2 ORACLE CLOUD STRATEGY TODAY 1• Centralized, • Dedicated infrastructure • Standardized platform, • Centralized control mainframe-based management, tools • Explosion of application • Standard deployments• Shared infrastructure and • Reduced Operational services • Shared services• Limited applications Costs • Ubiquitous access • Automation/autonomics• Limited access • Efficiency within silos of • Fragmented, Inefficient standardization • IO Fabric and Virtualization • Application Grid 8
  • 8. From Application Silos to GridApproach to Standardization and Consolidation 9
  • 9. From Application Grid to Elastic CloudPerformance and Simplicity by Engineered Systems Exalogic Elastic Cloud Exalogic Exadata 10
  • 10. Oracle ExalogicElastic Cloud Overview
  • 11. 12
  • 12. Engineered Systems의 핵심 가치 구축 편의성, 예측 가능성Storage Network100’s of Components  1 Machine1000’s of Hours  1 Day 13
  • 13. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud를 소개합니다!최고의 자바 성능을 제공하는 통합 Middleware Machine 14
  • 14. 다양한 업무 부하를 위한 단 하나의 플랫폼고성능, 신뢰성 및 편의성 • 자바 애플리케이션 성능 10배 향상 • 어플리케이션 통합에 최적화 • Engineered System 15
  • 15. Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware 고성능, 신뢰성 및 편의성 통합 스토리지 어플라이언스• 시스템 이미지 중앙 저장소• HA 클러스터링• 40 TB SAS 디스크• 4 TB read cache• 72 GB write cache• 40 Gb/sec linksFabric and 10GbE/GbE InfiniBand I/O• 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity to datacenter Compute Nodes• 30 x86 compute nodes• 360 Xeon cores (2.93 GHz)• 2.8 TB DRAM• 960 GB Flash SSD EL X2-2 16
  • 16. Exalogic Elastic Cloud Components어플리케이션 그리드, OS, 엔터프라이즈 매니저 및 하드웨어 WebLogic Coherence ServerEnterprise Manager JRockit and HotSpot Tuxedo Exalogic Elastic Cloud Software Oracle Linux and/or Solaris Exalogic Elastic Cloud Hardware 17
  • 17. Java EE Application 성능 극대화 The power of the Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud Active GridLink Exalogic JDBC Exalogic IO & Protocol for RAC/ExaData Performance Accelerator Performance Accelerator 250 450 (Higher is better) 400 (Lower latency is Better) 200 350 300Tx/Sec 150 250 100 200 150 50 100 50 0 0 Update Insert Delete CreateWS Purchase Manage Browse Standard WebLogic Server GridLink for Exadata Standard Platform Exalogic 3배 성능향상 처리량 60% 향상 10배 빠른응답속도 – Run-time connection – InfiniBand를 활용한 – Cluster IPC load balancing 향상된 Buffer 관리 multiplexing over SDP – JDBC over SDP – 최적화된 멀티-코어 – Scatter-gather IO 스케줄러 18
  • 18. 고객 요구에 따른 탄력적인 확장성 제공 서비스 중단 없는 업그레이드 Multi-rack Full Rack X2-2 Half Rack X2-2Quarter Rack X2-2 EL X2-2 Quarter Rack Half Rack Full Rack Compute Nodes 8 16 30 2.93 GHz XEON Cores 96 192 360 1333 MHz DRAM 768 GB 1.5 TB 2.9 TB Raw Disk Storage 40 TB 40TB 40TB 19
  • 19. Exalogic Elastic Cloud의 성능다양한 업무 부하를 위한 극대화된 성능, 고가용성 • 초당 백만 건의 웹 요청 처리 • 초당 백팔십만 건의 메시지 처리 • 초당 2백만 건의 JPA 처리Full Rack * 2 Full Rack * 1 ½ Rack * 1 20
  • 20. 통합을 위한 표준 플랫폼 : Exa-Platform 전사 어플리케이션 통합 및 Multi-Tenancy SOA Custom 960 Gigabits/second ERP DataCRM E20 3rd Party IDM CRM Data InfiniBandBatch E20 Content Logs WarehouseJobs 3rd Party OLTP 성능ERP Java Data Mart Apps DR Servers 3배 HR Records Active GridLink for RAC 21
  • 21. 관리 편의성 향상 : 완벽한 통합 관리 버튼 하나로 애플리케이션에서 디스크까지 관리 Enterprise Manager : , - Telemetry OS, ,Phone Home / - Proactive Support GridMy Oracle Support Control OpsCenterEnd-to-End Diagnostics - Service Levels - Root Cause - - Firmware, OS , / Exalogic - , Compute Nodes, , 22
  • 22. 관리 편의성 향상 : End-to-End 패치 관리통합 테스트 후 제공되는 패치 My Oracle Support Application WebLogic JVM OS Exalogic X2-2 Hypervisor Full-stack tested patch set Firmware One for All, All for One 23
  • 23. Exalogic Elastic Cloud InfrastructureFrom Infrastructure Application to Power Supply Applications Enterprise Manager Custom Web E-Business Fusion Apps Siebel Applications Suite Middleware Platforms Integration: Process: Security: User Interaction: SOA Suite BPM Suite Identity Mgmt WebCenter Grid Shared Services Control Application Grid: WebLogic Suite Database Grid Exalogic Elastic Cloud Infrastructure Operating Systems Virtualization OpsCenter Exalogic Exadata 24
  • 24. Private PaaS Lifecycle 3. Use App 4. Scale up/down 2. Build App • Adjust capacity based on policies • Monitor via self- • Assemble app service using shared App Users components App Developer • Deploy through self-service IT/App Owner App1. Set Up Cloud 5. Manage Cloud Oracle Enterprise Manager Shared Components Self-Service Interface Oracle Fusion Middleware IT IT • Monitor availability, • Set up PaaS Oracle Oracle Database Oracle performance, • Set up shared Enterprise Enterprise compliance • Manage (patch, components Manager Manager • Set up self- OS (OEL, Solaris) backup) service portal • Meter and Chargeback Infrastructure 25
  • 25. Package Multi-Tier Apps: Assemblies Appliances Assemblies Platform Assembly Catalog Metadata Application Data VM Image VM Image Platform Instance Appliance = Assembly = Platform =VM Template + Metadata Appliances + Configuration Deployed Assemblies + Constraints + Policies 26
  • 26. Oracle Virtual Assembly Builder Package Multi-Tier ApplicationsOracle Oracle Oracle Oracle Identity SOA BPM WebCenterSuite Suite Mgt Application A Application B Oracle Application Grid Oracle Database Grid Oracle Enterprise Manager Introspection Virtualized Software & Appliances Assembly Assembly A Assembly B Assembly Oracle VM Server Builder Oracle VM Template Builder Deployment OVF Packaging 27
  • 27. Oracle: Application Aware VirtualizationFull Stack Data Center Virtualization • Most comprehensive • Fully tested with applications • Designed for full stack deployments • Integrated, full stack management • Integrated support Taking you beyond consolidation… Oracle provides the most COMPLETE solution 28
  • 28. Business Value
  • 29. Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud진정한 비즈니스 가치 제공Extreme Java Standardization EngineeredPerformance & Consolidation System TCO 10X 60% 95% 30
  • 30. Exalogic : Cloud를 위한 최적/최상의 환경Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together Building the 21st Century Datacenter Data Center in a Box Cloud in a box 31
  • 31. Join the Community <Insert Picture Here> Twitter Facebook Oracle’s Enterprise 2.0 blog 32
  • 32. 33