Welcome to the Perfect Business for You


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Explains how to get the biggest Internet marketing giants on the planet to advertise for you.

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Welcome to the Perfect Business for You

  1. 1. Welcome To THE Perfect Business For You! Why would I say that, and how do I know Its perfect for YOU? Because this works for EVERYBODY!Read on to find out how...
  2. 2. From:To: All Struggling MarketersHello my future friend,I say that because as you go through this short report, myself and some of the biggest marketinggiants on the planet will become your friend...and use this incredible system to market for you!Let me explain....First of all, you may be listen to that you can easilyverify by looking it up on Google. ecause I have a God given ability to see implement what I see formassive profits. I say its a God given ability because I believe that I am able to give the rightanswers every time, because the right answers are given to me. As long as I acknowledge that, theright answers continue to come!I have worked with, or consulted some of the biggest names available today. Names like WillieCrawford, Michael Penland, Ross Goldberg, Elsom Eldridge, Ron Davies, Ken McArthur, JimStraw, Brad Fallon and even Mark Joyner. I have over 300 of the top marketers and business giantsavailable to me at the touch of a button.Here is a small part of what I have accomplished in the past year:1. Started an international company that trains and licenses consultants with my unique systems andmethods. Were in several states, three countries and growing branch offices rapidly.2. I have landed two clients who each have a net worth of over 50 million dollars.3. Signed a JV deal with a large private bank to promote my services in several states.(They have 1,700 locations.)
  3. 3. 4. Set up an annual corporate retreat workshop for 50K per attendee. 12 different companies twice ayear, held at one of my resort client locations.5. Started a resort marketing team that enables us to stay at 5 star resorts worldwide and get paid forit. (Everybody wants on that team!)6. Signed a multi-billion dollar client with thousands of locations worldwide. Our licensedconsultants will take care of locations in their area, and share in the revenues.7. Opened three new divisions to service local, corporate and international clients. Ill add two moreshortly as we provide more services.That is really just the tip of the iceburg. I dont say all of that to be slapping myself on the back. I saythat because you need to know who youre dealing with, so you will also know what I can do foryou! Because What I can Do For You Is All That Matters...Heres the why and how of what Im going to do for you.A couple of years ago I was approached by a business owner who had an enormous vision. Hisvision was to create a system that would allow ALL members to literallymarketing efforts of people who knew how to market effectively.I told him at that time that I had seen just about every marketing platform out there, and was prettyskeptical that a system like he described could actually be done. This was his reply to me: dy created such a system. The compensation plan not onlydoes that, but also allows for company matched bonuses to be given to a charity in each membersname. I believe with great wealth comes great responsibility,...I know you agree with me because IknowHe went on to say: three angels whowill help me use this system for the greater good of all. I will send you the entire plan to look atalong with all the mechanics of how it works. We wont need to sign anything because as I said, Iknow who you are. You are the first angelOkay, to me this was starting to get a little spooky.
  4. 4. He was so matter of fact about all this that I agreed to at least take a look at it. As I went through thecompensation plan, my head was literally spinning with how I could make this happen for anybodywho joined.It literally blew me away!At that point I contacted him and told him I was IN! It was only then that he shared with me that thiswas so unique, the compensation plan had already been copyrighted and was patent pending in over100 countries. THAT brought some reality to the entire package.I have been their full time consultant from the very beginning, and we are ready to roll this out in abig way. The other two angels have already been brought onboard and are working with me toensure that nobody gets left behind. Everybody who joins thisabove their own expectations....guaranteed.The original inventor of this system has since passed away, but not before he saw his vision begin totake shape and start to change the lives of many people. He left it in good hands, and we will carryon Rons vision to help people and charities worldwide.This is just now launching in January and already has over 10,000 members! Many are alreadyreceiving checks as it continues to dominate the marketing world. benefit fromour efforts as well. So far I have only spoke to four marketing giants about this, and they were asexcited as I first was. Needless to say,...theyre in. I brought these specific four in first because eachserves a different purpose.They are:Willie Crawford - An internet marketing giant who understands what works on the internet NOWand has the ability to reach out to over 300 more marketing giants. Hes one the best joint venturespecialists I know. He also has a personal list of over a million subscribers.Michael Glaspie - (Mike G)- Another marketing legend who has an innateunderstanding of how to best utilize a system built this way. His knowledge and marketing skillshave already been a huge addition for us, not to mention that he has the ability to reach an email listof over five million subscribers.Phil Basten & Jane Mark From JPE marketing. Invented the first automated advertising systemever available on the internet. (Theyre a dynamo team by the way.) Phil and Jane have invented asystem any member can use to totally automate their marketing. 100% set and forget for members!
  5. 5. Alan Bechtold THE true guru of information publishing. With over 30 years in theadvertising/publishing arena, Alan knows how and where to get the word out online, offline andeverything in between. Hes also a best selling author and has far reaching connections that will helpus in a big way as we move forward. All of these marketing legends are working to make you hands free money!How cool is that? On top of that, as a member you can sign up for Phil and Janes system which willeffectively market your entire system on auto-pilot.Would that be a perfect business? A business that allows you to easily set it up, walk away and earnresidual payments month after month. This is totally auto-pilot income.If you have tried everything under the sun and failed to make a substantial income, you need thissystem! You will not find anything anytime, anywhere that comes close to the compensation planthis company has and makes it all automatic. If you dont know how to market, you dont have too.Its done for you by the people who really know how to market effectively...on your behalf.So by now you must be thinking, how much is a dream system like this going to cost me, right?Believe it or not, its much less than you may think. You can join the opportunity for as little as$59.00 and put your marketing into overdrive for about $150.00 total.Both are one time payments! No auto ship or recurring payments, no inventory headaches and nomarketing on your part. Think about that. For a one time payment of around $200 bucks you couldhave your own business which pays you now, and far into the future! (Were talking about retirementlevel income!)Now you know why I was so excited about this opportunity, and why every huge marketer Iveshared it with is also excited. This will change the way marketing is done, mark my words on that.(And I should know.)This unique company is called, World Light Funding. Join now, I mean today...because you alreadyknow if youre a member as this explodes what the early positions will earn. The earlier you sign upthe more you stand to earn, so dont dally on this.This will be huge!I really look forward to helping you reach your financial goals through this system. Iwill continue tobring in the giants of marketing all aimed at helping you achieve what you desire and deserve mostin life.True success. True success can mean a lot of things to a lot of people,
  6. 6. but my definition is:Making a lot of money, being able to help the charity of my choice, and having the time to do as Iplease. In a word, my definition of true success is:Total Freedom!This system will give you all three. On top of all that, you will earn instant daily payments and hugemonthly residual payments when you take advantage of both systems. That, my friends is a perfectbusiness.NOW you know why I said this is Your Perfect Business. If you agree with me, you can join mebelow in this incredible company, and I will see you on the inside :-) Join The Opportunity Here: World Light Start Your Auto-Pilot Marketing System Here: 1 Click Marketing MachineI sincerely look forward to working with you,David PrestonP.S. You will also get your own version of this report to hand out with YOUR links so you canmaximize your sales. Why not let me sell your prospects for you!?