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This is the slide deck for our FREE business continuity video....

This is the slide deck for our FREE business continuity video.

You can prepare your business to survive any disaster by following the steps in this deck.

Download the original file and read the speaker notes for details.



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  • Welcome to Crashproof Solutions.My name is Leonid Knyshov.I used to be a data recovery engineer until I got overwhelmed by having to do so much grief counseling for the customers in my office.I developed this video to help our potential customers become better prepared to survive any business disruption even if they do not have the budget to work with us today. Of course, these techniques will also work great for your family computers as well.This is not a sales video, for the most part, but we mention a couple of unique scenarios at the very end.You will also need to buy at least two hard drives. One will be external and one will be internal for testing purposes. If you have laptops, you will probably want to buy a laptop SATA drive for testing purposes.If you are not watching this on our website at, you will miss out on the additional resources we linked to the page below this video as well as additional videos that may be on that page.For best results, please watch in full screen mode at 720P quality level.
  • Before we get started, let me ask you a simple question.What will you do after the disaster strikes your business?Most of you will either scramble to rebuild or tell me that you will file an insurance claim. You are about to discover it’s not quite so simple.
  • When it comes to rebuilding the business, insurance company will provide two out of three components.Under a typical policy, the insurance company will pay to replace your equipment and provide you with operating capital. That is called Business Interruption Insurance. You will notice that it does not include providing you with the expertise to rebuild your business.That expertise will normally take form of a business continuity plan like the one you are creating today.The insurer will then expect you to implement your business continuity plan to get back on your feet. If you do not have that plan, you will discover what it means to have to create one at the worst possible time. At the very least, it will not be cheap.
  • Should you find yourself in a situation that requires you to file a Business Interruption or Business Income claim, you will probably be surprised to find out what the insurance company will be expecting you to provide.You see, this type of claims is negotiated using a forensic accountant’s audit of your business records because the insurance company will typically pay you only your sales profit based on prior sales patterns and your actual operating expenses. This can be a seminar topic by itself. Talk to your insurance agent about the details. Therefore, to expedite the process and maximize the amount of your claim you will need to have your business records available.By the way, would it make sense to hire an attorney to represent your needs who is on the insurance company’s payroll? You should consider hiring your own forensic accountant. The insurance company will pay for her services as part of the claim costs.If you don’t have these records, you will at the very least have to reconstruct them and that will result in delays and most likely you will not get as much money as you could. Fortunately, by following this process today, you will be in a great position to provide all the necessary evidence for the insurance company and in doing so expedite and maximize your claim.
  • I spent a long time thinking about what is the minimum requirement to protect a business.You only need to take four steps to fully protect your business.At first, you will setup Backblaze. We chose Backblaze for two reasons. It is the simplest software program you will ever use because there is no need to configure it or to keep track of many account passwords. Secondly, they will backup an unlimited amount of data for just $5/mo. By configuring Backblaze before backing up the hard drives, you will have Backblaze already configured when you restore this computer in the future.After you setup Backblaze, you will then create an Acronis TrueImage disk level backup of the entire PC. Storage is cheap. We do not discriminate and simply backup the entire system. Once this is complete, you can always restore that computer to the exact condition it is today. You will download any data created since this backup from Backblaze.Next, you will arrange to have all paper documents inside your file cabinets to be stored in a secure records management facility. For Northern California, we recommend DataSafe. The small business account only costs $10/mo and that includes up to 10 boxes of records. We work with global vendors to offer similar capabilities in other service areas.Finally, you will create a comprehensive business survival manual and test rebuilding your entire business using just the information in that manual and your newly created backups.
  • Following this strategy, it is possible to either dramatically reduce the possibility or in some cases completely eliminate the possibility of data loss.This is the key principle of data loss reduction as defined by me.No data related to the business, including for sentimental reasons, should ever exist in a single copy and neither should all its copies exist at the premises at risk. I mentioned sentimental reasons because very often family pictures and videos end up stored on the business owner’s personal computer. It is in even worse when that computer is a laptop that is susceptible to being stolen or damaged.Hard drive storage is very cheap. Backup everything and enjoy complete peace of mind.You should never store your backups in the location that is at risk. Keep them stored at a secure facility.Managing archives of paper documents in accordance with this principle can be cost-prohibitive. Therefore, there is an exception. Original non-essential archived documents can be stored in a single copy at a secure records storage facility
  • I am talking so much about off-site storage of paper documents for 3 reasons:Remember what I mentioned when I talked about the business interruption claims? You will need those records sooner than you think!If you have a fire that trips your sprinkler system, chances are high that the entire office will have water damage. That includes your paper documents that were nowhere near the site of fire.By physically removing paper documents, you are protecting them against unauthorized access to staffers and customers and you are completely removing them from the reach of thieves. Remember that in the event of an office break-in, you may be liable to at least notify your customers about potential identity theft. No one wants to go through that.Lastly, our recommended records management companies offer a service called “scan on demand”. You will specify which documents you need scanned, and they will provide digital copies direct to your computer. This will create additional copies of critical documents in accordance with the key principle of data loss reduction.
  • Before we get started backing up your computers, let’s take this time to consolidate all of the installers.In the event of a disaster, all installation files should be in one place and it’s a very good business practice as well.That includes your drivers, QuickBooks installer, and every other installation program for all software you use on a daily basis in your business. If you do not have it, contact your vendor today and get a copy from them if at all possible.Did you know that you can make an exact copy of installation CDs and DVDs and store them on the hard drive? I will just refer to them as CDs from this point. This will let you create a new copy of that CD in a matter of minutes in the future. The process of creating a digital copy of a CD or a hard drive is called creating an image. My favorite free tool for this is called ImgBurn and you will find it at It is better than paid tools and very easy to use.Whenever you install software, you will usually need to type in some code to unlock it. In some cases, the software may have license files as well. All of this information should be stored along with the installers and CD images in one place.Most software is uniquely licensed per computer. Make a note of the computer name to which each license key corresponds.By the way, if you bought Microsoft software in a retail store, you are required to keep the original software box as proof of license. Moreover, if that software is an upgrade license, you must have the original box from the software from which you are upgrading. If you do not have proof of ownership of earlier versions of software, you are not licensed to use the upgrade you purchased. I recommend tearing off the physical proofs of license and storing them in one of the paper records boxes at a secure records management facility.You should also take digital photos of original license key documents and purchase receipts for software and equipment. Your insurer and vendors will ask for them.Tip: You can use your cell phone camera for taking these pictures. Don’t forget about the stickers on your computers as they are proof of license.
  • This strategy relies on your ability to create backups of the entire hard drive for your entire office.Normally, it costs $50 per computer.By the way, this is called “Disk Imaging”.You will need a new external HDD anyway. If you buy a Seagate or Western Digital external HDD, it will come bundled with ability to use Acronis TrueImage that is restricted either to Seagate or Western Digital and you will be able to use it for FREE when you attach this USB drive to any computer in your office.
  • We are finally done with preparations. It’s time for the main event!The first step is to setup one Backblaze account and download and install Backblaze to every computer in your business. Congratulations, it is already fully configured. I told you it was easy. Backblaze provides storage for unlimited amount of data and runs continuously in the background. Whenever you create a file, it is automatically backed up over the Internet.The website is, we will download either Seagate or Western Digital edition of Acronis and copy the installer to the folder where you stored all the installers earlier and to the external hard drive you purchased for this project. To keep things simple, I will refer to this software as “Acronis”.You can download the Seagate version at and the Western Digital version at may work with other brands, but you would be taking a risk because Hitachi, Samsung, and Toshiba will not unlock the software. Just buy one of these two brands and save yourself a lot of headaches.Now, let’s go around the office, attach the external drive for backups, install Acronis from it, and complete a backup. This will probably require a reboot. This process is usually very quick because in 2012 most computers did not store more than 100GB of data.Complete this for every computer, and test restoring from it. For this you will use your test internal hard drive. Simply restore a backup to that internal hard drive, plug it into the original computer, disconnect the original drive, and try to boot from it.Because of how software activation works, please don’t try to do this on any computer other than the original one. We have a solution for this when we work with actual disaster recovery scenarios, but I cannot share the details of that process with you today.You will probably never use this hard drive again. Just store it safely at a secure facility like DataSafe. It should never be stored at the premises at risk. It should never be used for any unique storage. This is a backup drive and that is its sole purpose in life.This is an optional step to improve performance. If you wish, you can get a new hard drive for every computer in your office, restore the backups to them, and put these drives back into original computers. This will probably result in a significant speed increase. There is a special script you will need to run to fully unlock their speed potential. I have linked to that script on the page below this video.
  • Now that you have your backups done, let’s work on the documentation.The goal here is to enable any qualified IT professional to rebuild your business using just your off-site backups we created earlier and this manual.At this point, you will need to synchronize local administrator passwords on all computers. You will also want to reset any additional passwords you do not already know. Talk to vendors and get the passwords to your copiers, printers, routers, firewalls, phone system, and whatever else you need.Please pause the video and read this slide for more details. I linked to some additional documents on this page that will help you in creating this manual.Please especially be sure to update the Domain Administrator’s password whenever it changes. This should be tested at least every 90 to 180 days.
  • This video will address the needs of small offices and solo practitioners.If you are a medical office, a veterinarian, a dental practice, an automotive repair shop, a machine shop, a warehouse, or a factory, you may be facing a very expensive hidden risk.If you have key equipment that is operated by integrated computers, chances are very high that those computers are obsolete and no longer supported. Examples of such computers can be found in your computerized diagnostic, medical, and control equipment.When these computers fail, you will likely have to replace the entire integrated system rather than just a cheap computer component.Some of these computers are so old that they still run Windows 95 or Windows 98. That is very common.We can extend the life of the computer than controls this equipment indefinitely but it will require different processes than what we shared with you today.
  • Congratulations, you have reached the end!Now you just need to buy an external Seagate or Western Digital drive.You should only buy the drive that can be attached directly with a USB cable. Don’t buy a drive that has an Ethernet port on it. The software will not be able to access your network after you reboot and let it clone your computers.Most offices will fit on a single 1TB drive. Larger companies may fit on a 2TB drive. Most desktops do not have more than 100GB of data on them and so the process of imaging is relatively quick.Lastly, if you are a real estate agency, insurance agency, mortgage broker, or a law office, your computers contain very sensitive information. We developed a new technology that uses proven encryption components. This technology implements transparent encryption on every computer and works so well than the users don’t even know they are using encrypted volumes.Should that desktop, laptop, or server get stolen, the data on that device will be protected.The method we used to get a copy of the office computers in this video resulted in unencrypted backups being stored on an unencrypted hard drive. You should ideally encrypt that drive to minimize risk exposure while the drive is in transit. We recommend TrueCrypt for that purpose and use it as part of our enterprise solutions.This encryption technology is not available anywhere else.
  • I tried my best to share everything you need to prepare your business to survive any disaster. Please tell your friends about our website.Our executives are available to speak at your event.

Free Business Continuity Training Free Business Continuity Training Presentation Transcript

  • Email: leo@crashproofsolutions.comFREE Business Survival Training Presented by Leonid S. Knyshov Business Continuity Consultant Call TODAY 24/7 510-282-1008
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Before we get started… “What will you do after a disaster?”
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: When the Disaster Strikes… Replace Operating Rebuilding Equipment Capital Expertise Insurance Carrier Crashproof (interruption) (continuity) Business Interruption + Continuity
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Business Interruption Claims Surprise You absolutely must have your vital business records stored away from your premises to maximize claims. • Must prove claimed sales profits using your business records. • Hire your own forensic accountant. Your insurer will pay for her. Failure to produce these records will likely result in substantially reduced payments and increased delays.
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Universal Business Continuity Plan Setup continuous data protection with Backblaze (as little as $5/mo/pc). Create FREE Acronis whole disk backup of all PCs and store it at DataSafe. Store all paper records at a facility like DataSafe (as low as $10/mo). Create a comprehensive business survival manual and test rebuilding your entire business as if it were completely destroyed using just that manual.
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Key Principle of Data Loss Reduction “No data related to the business, including for sentimental reasons, should ever exist in a single copy” • Never keep all copies and backups of that data in one place. • Exception: original non-essential archived documents may be stored in a single copy at a secure records storage facility.
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Off-site Storage of Documents Protect records against fire and water damage Reduce lawsuit liability exposure related to ID theft • Thieves and employees can no longer access sensitive data. Defer the necessity to digitize older archives • Records companies offer “scan on demand” service that lets you access documents on your computer as you need them instead of scanning entire archives while keeping originals safe.
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Backup your Original Software CDs Use ImgBurn to create copies of all of your software CDs and store them in one place on your main computer. • Copy all other software installers into the same location. • Copy license keys into files to be stored along with installers and CD images. • Note the computer to which each license key corresponds. • Store digital images of original license key documents and purchase receipts for software and equipment. Your insurer and vendors will ask for them. • Tip: You can use your cell phone camera for taking these pictures. Don’t forget about the stickers on your computers as they are proof of license.
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: How to get Acronis TrueImage for FREE Acronis TrueImage Home is $50 You can buy an external HDD by Seagate or Western Digital and use it for FREE
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Entire Office Disk Backup Strategy Configure Backblaze on every computer you will be protecting today. This way, you can download data created since this backup from Backblaze without reinstalling it. It costs $5/mo/computer • Backblaze: Download Seagate DiscWizard or Acronis WD Edition, and store it to your external drive. Simply buy a retail Seagate or Western Digital external drive to avoid hassles. 3.5” drives cost less. • Seagate DiscWizard: • Acronis TrueImage WD Edition: • Western Digital owns Hitachi but, as of this writing, Acronis WD Edition does not unlock itself with Hitachi drives. Install it on all computers you want to backup and store the disk backup on the external drive. Verify that the backup completed successfully by restoring it to a blank HDD and booting from it. • You will never use this hard drive again after you verify your ability to restore the data it stores. • Optional strategy: clone to new internal drives (new HDDs are faster) and take the original drives away from the office. Repeat this for every computer and store this external hard drive at DataSafe or a similar facility. Never store this drive at premises that are at risk. You will desperately need that data after a fire.
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Business Survival Manual Goal: any qualified professional can rebuild the business’s computers relying solely on the information in the manual and the off-site backup. Reset local administrator passwords on all computers and any other passwords you do not already know. • Vendor information (license keys, 24/7 contact phone number, support contract, account number and password, serial numbers, where the ImgBurn CD images are stored). • Network configuration information (router IP/username/password, public IP, firewall rules). • Printer configuration and vital business software configuration settings. • Internet information (domain registrar, DNS, web host, usernames, passwords, email addresses, direct URLs to various control panels). • After hours phone numbers for key staffers and building access instructions. • Domain Administrator’s username and password must be tested and updated.
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: Should you do this yourself? You will need our help to protect your invisible computers inside your expensive diagnostic and control equipment. • If you are a medical office, a veterinarian, a dental practice, an automotive repair shop, a machine shop, a warehouse, or a factory We can support them even when your vendor says “No, that is too old, let me transfer you to our sales team”. • These computers are very old and run ancient versions of Windows. • Avoid having to needlessly buy new equipment at great expense.
  • 510-282-1008 E-mail: Web: The Next Steps Buy an external Seagate or Western Digital drive today. • You should only buy the drive that can be attached directly by USB. • 1TB might be enough in 2012. • 2TB should be plenty in 2012. • Your test hard drive should probably be a SATA 2.5” drive if you have laptops in the office. The size should be at least 500GB. If you have sensitive data, we can encrypt all your data to protect you against lawsuits. You should call us today.
  • Email: leo@crashproofsolutions.comFREE Business Continuity Training Presented by Leonid S. Knyshov Business Continuity Consultant Call TODAY 24/7 510-282-1008