Thought Leadership And Wisdom London


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Wisdom London and Thought Leadership: Our approach

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Thought Leadership And Wisdom London

  1. 1. Our approach to Thought Leadership March 2010
  2. 2. Thought Leadership is at the heart of what Wisdom London does Thought Leadership is a blend of ideas, knowledge, wisdom and interpretation It’s attached to a person or people – it’s a human activity, aimed at stimulating human interactions Thought Leadership is an invitation for discussion…which ultimately provides an opportunity to get to know your client or audience – and connect better - through meaningful communication Here's what we have to say about authentic thought leadership 2
  3. 3. We now have multiple, interconnecting channels available to us for sharing thought leadership Report- Events back session PR and press Face to face Web Video Digital Traditional Thought and Print media Online Leadership Social Media 3
  4. 4. Here’s what we have to say about authentic thought leadership: Wisdom London blog post, March 2010 Thought leadership should inform but also Thought Leadership IS NOT: provoke and encourage debate. It's fine to Kate Spiers ask questions, even if you can't give a ...necessarily directed from the top Thought Leadership is a pretty well-used definitive answer to them yet - the potential Un-synthesised facts and figures phrase these days and I fear its true for dialogue is key. Great thought meaning may be getting a little lost. Content leadership inspires, generates ideas and A one-way street: it's a basis for discussion alone does not equal thought leadership develops a concept further. and sharing and many businesses would do well to Thought Leadership v. Content A sales pitch, disguised thinly or otherwise remind themselves of what makes their content genuinely thought-leading. Thought Leadership IS: Once you've got something thought-leading to say, make sure you say it! I'm a big believer in the power of well- A blend of knowledge, wisdom, ideas and conceived and brilliantly orchestrated interpretation Make the most of the channels available - thought leadership. For the corporate world thought leadership can and does exist on especially, it's an excellent way of sharing A different take on a subject - suggests new micro-blogging platforms as well as on the collective wisdom, making superstars of perspectives speaker podium and in print. Share the best subject matter experts, and wrapping value An invitation for discussion of your thought-leading ideas with your and credibility around a brand. But it's no clients by bringing them together in a easy task. Attached to a person or people - it's a roundtable debate. Integrate it in your human activity, not a 'corporate' one media relations planning. Make sure you For an organisation to maintain a coherent have passionate and articulate thought message and gather momentum in the Being curious, thought provoking and leaders ready and willing to enter into the thought leadership stakes, they need a considered debate. plan. What they want to say, when, by whom and how. And that should, of course, Accessible, agile and current Take your wisdom to a new level by reflect the genuine wants, needs and applying about some thought leadership interests of their target audience. That's not rigour - the business world will be a richer to say organisations should play lip-service. place for it.
  5. 5. What we do: Thought Leadership Knowledge + Ideas = Content Knowledge + Ideas + Direction + Connection= Thought Leadership We love thought leadership because, well-planned and executed, it can be incredibly powerful. To get it right, it demands (and we deliver):   Planning: Editorial planning, linked to campaigns, themes and business objectives; Identifying the right topics, messages and hooks   Execution: Project management from concept to finished product   Diffusion: To the right audiences, through the most effective channels (microsites and ebooks, social media, PR, print, events)   Measurement: Did it reach your desired audience? Has it informed opinions, sparked debate, created an opportunity for commercial discussion?
  6. 6. How we do it Explore: We ask, find out, research and •  As-is situation benchmark to build a picture of what •  Aspiration your thought leadership footprint is, and Explore what it can be or should be Assess: We consider how to use what you have and identify where there are gaps; •  Tools We suggest routes, concepts and approaches and coach thought leaders •  Routes Assess where necessary Consolidate: We bring your thought leadership together on one •  Channels communications map, identifying the best channels for diffusion, linking them •  Metrics Consolidate up and putting metrics in place 6
  7. 7. Our digital and online partners We help you use technology the smart way for effective online communications. We blend our communications, thought leadership and social media know-how with the digital expertise of our online partners to provide differentiated online communications and innovative channels for your thought leadership:   Social media strategy and engagement   Microsites, e-newsletters   Animation   Online and embedded video content
  8. 8. Wisdom London’s Thought Leadership track record: Quarterly journal Capgemini Telecom, Media and Entertainment insights journal: - Editorial planning - Project management -PR -Video production Advisory Board Capgemini Telecom and Media Advisory Website: Board: - Concept and framework - Identification of, and securing of 30 CEO- level members - Annual content-based event -Subsequent PR and content output -Video Survey Report Launch Olswang Annual Convergence report: - Headline and hook identification, using raw data -  Launch event for 150 people -  Content leverage, post-launch Social Media Wisdom London social media channels: Blog 8 - Industry blog Twitter - Twitter: Real time and scheduled LinkedIn Group - LinkedIn group and discussions
  9. 9. Let’s talk soon… Kate Spiers 020 7193 9149