Charm Alarm: Team WiSci in the 2013 Technovation Competition
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Charm Alarm: Team WiSci in the 2013 Technovation Competition



Team WiSci presents our comprehensive alarm clock app in the 2013 Technovation Competition.

Team WiSci presents our comprehensive alarm clock app in the 2013 Technovation Competition.



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Charm Alarm: Team WiSci in the 2013 Technovation Competition Presentation Transcript

  • 1. CharmAlarm An innovative alarm app designed by WiSci GirlsVeena Anilkumar, Snehitha Reddy, Janae Hoyle, and Madeline O’Connell Center for Advanced Studies, Wheeler High School, Marietta, GA
  • 2. About Us WiSci - Women in Science We are here to introduce a new app that will help people wake up when they need to and ensure that they do not go back to sleep
  • 3. About the CharmAlarm  The charm alarm can be customized, allowing users to choose from a variety of alarm sounds.  Users can choose to turn the the puzzle/math option on or off and they can also choose the difficulty level of the puzzles. Every time the user gets the puzzle wrong or hesitates for too long, a buzzer will sound and a bright blue light will flash. After 10 seconds, another puzzle will show and the process will repeat.  If the user does not get the puzzle right after 3 tries, the sound will change to a more soothing sound and the app will recite items listed on the to- do-list for that day.
  • 4. About the CharmAlarm (cont.)  If the user decides to disregard the puzzle/math options, the background noise will turn on with the alarm. There will be a button to turn off the sounds, however when a person presses this, the blue light will turn on and the phone will read out tasks listed on your calendar for that day.  The longer the user takes to disarm the alarm, the louder the songs will play. The songs can last for a preset amount of time. This will help the user know how much time he/she has to get ready.  The user interface is very comprehensible and easy to use. It is very easy to create a new alarm UI, and to change the settings.
  • 5. Market Research CharmAlarm is designed for high school and college students. These two age groups suffer from the most sleep deprivation due to stress and homework. 50% of high school students and 95% of college students own a smartphone. Due to these large percentages, we believe that our app can reach a large proportion of our target audience. According to WebMD, blue light may interfere with sleep, so incorporating blue light into the alarm app would better help the user to wake up
  • 6. Marketing and Sales We will market our app using social networking sites and ask colleges to advertise with us. The app will be free, but a more advanced version with more options will cost $0.99 The paid version will include a calendar, news, and more options for puzzles and math problems. We plan on completing the app and allowing people to download it as a beta version Then, we will fix any bugs or issues and will update the app.
  • 7. Screenshot
  • 8. Acknowledgements Team WiSci would like to thank our mentors, Ms. Akilah McIntyre, Dr. Myrtle Turner, Mr. Krystian Alberciak, Ms. Toni Walden, Ms. Valerie Lafond- Favieres, and Dr. Tiffany Stark Thank you to Technovation for this wonderful learning opportunity!