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My first booklet of life quotes

My first booklet of life quotes



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Mokgehle william wisbar quotes Mokgehle william wisbar quotes Presentation Transcript

  • Contents About the Author...............................................3 Prelude of Quotes..............................................3 Quotes written by Mokgehle William Wisbar ..4 Acknowledgments.............................................8 Copyright..........................................................9 References.........................................................9
  • Cape Town Table Mountain view. 2011-09-27 About the Author Mokgehle William Wisbar was born in Limpopo, Lephalale in Ga-Seleka. He currently, 2013, resides and Schools in Gauteng Province, South Africa. He is studying Bachelor's degree at Wits University. He is currently, 2013, Treasurer of International Pentecost Holiness Church Wits Students Structure (IPHCWSS). He is former, 2007, Learners Representative Council (LRC) President of Baitswe Secondary School. He was rated as the best Grade 12 learner who obtained four distinctions and 100% Maths under Lephalale district which incorporates thirty secondary schools. He is an Activist, Futurist and a Born Philosopher who is pursuing and fulfilling his life purpose as a trusted young leader to world-class leaders seeking to leave the world better than he found it. Prelude of Quotes These quotes are my creation. I started this philosophical thinking in high school the minute I tried thinking out of the box. The idea of writing them down and share them came as an advice from my brother, Kenneth Mokgehle, in the year 2010. The more positive I tried to be about life experiences, the more philosophical I became. I always avoided being a pessimist. Writing one quote comes, firstly, as an analysis of a life situation and secondly as determining or figuring out its solution. Other quotes are my personal life experiences. I use them as my guidelines to this shaking world. As a reader, you need to be open-minded so as to easily understand this life quotes and apply them as you approach the turbulences of life.
  • Quotes written by Mokgehle William Wisbar 1. “Success is just a lifestyle” - by William Wisbar Mokgehle. (2010/01/28) Being Successful is merely how you schedule your day every day. One can choose to go spend thirty minutes of his/her time with friends, whereas the other chooses to attend a conference for thirty minutes. 2. “You cannot refrain, cease, or avoid criticism since critics feed themselves by passing guild to others to regain energy” - by William Wisbar Mokgehle. (2012/04/06) Keep on doing the right thing and forget about those who criticises. They are only trying to make themselves feel better. 3. “To cease quetching about wrongfulness with no positive action is to cease praising the devil's deeds” - William Wisbar Mokgehle (2012/07/15) There is no use in complaining about what is wrong without doing something about it. If you do that, you are only praising them. I normally call wrong things the devil's deeds. You really don’t want to find yourself praising the devil’s deeds.
  • 4. “The most valuable dream you could ever treasure is the one you can achieve in no time” - by William Wisbar Mokgehle. (2013/02/27) Dreaming is a good thing. However, If one has a big dream, say becoming a CEO of a certain company, in most cases, he/she end up undervaluing little dreams that can be achieved with less time. Truth be told, you will end up with nothing. If a student have two dreams, say dreaming about driving Aston Martin in the future and the second dream being to finish a degree, in my understanding, he/she must focus on reading and completing that degree in lieu of investing time memorizing that car's features and end up failing the degree. A big dream has a way of obscuring little dreams one can achieve. A dream that you can achieve in no time is the one valuable at that time. Invest in little dreams than big dreams because at the end of the day, those little dreams build up to one big dream. 5. “You don’t need a virtual image of your destination; as you are dreaming, you shall be gleaming” -William Wisbar Mokgehle. (2013/05/23) Your destination can be wherever you want to go. As a child is born, he/she sees everything being possible, but as she/he grows, he/she start to conform to the norms of this word. You don’t need some fortune teller of some sort to direct you. I admire the saying from Norman Vincent Peale: “if you can see it, you can be it” 6. “Changing the game plan is changing the game outcome, you have to love change” -William Wisbar Mokgehle. (2013/05/30) To continue getting how and what you get, you must continue doing what and how you do. Change comes as an assessment of your current state of doing things. If you are happy, then continue.
  • 7. “It is contradictory, why a need for hope if you trust in fear?” -William wisbar Mokgehle. (2013/06/01) There should not be room for doubts or plan B if plan A is in place. The measure of your believe and hope is in the fear you exhibit. Even God answers those who believe. 8. “Assess your progress and possess access to success” -William Wisbar Mokgehle. (2013/06/02) If you have set goals, you must chiefly scot your progress towards achieving them. You need to keep the flame of your dreams burning by always assessing your progress. 9. “Ace attitude attain and attribute ambition” -William Wisbar Mokgehle. (2013/06/11) Brilliant attitude develops a cherished desire. The desire shall endure and improve as long as the attitude is constant. 10.“Knowledge is the provocative masterstroke of purpose” -William Wisbar Mokgehle. (2013/07/13) If you really know about something, you love it and it plays an integral part of your life perhaps through the contribution it makes towards your career, or it is some kind of talent, you normally tend to think it is your purpose on earth. Wait until there is another one which surpasses the previous one. Apparently many people never accomplished their purpose on earth. Your purpose therefore end up being what you think is the ultimate you can do on earth.
  • 11.“As moments are winding the time, my purpose shall surely exhibit" -William Wisbar Mokgehle. (2013/08/03) Normally time heals. Some say time will tell. After a certain time of your life, people start defining you through your deeds. Then it becomes your purpose on earth. Don’t waste time, use it efficiently. If you can ask yourself and honestly answer the following question, you can never find yourself wasting time: “What can I do right now that would be the most powerful use of this moment?” – Peter Bregman
  • Acknowledgments I would like to thank my Mother, Rosina Senwamadi. She raised me as a single parent. She gives me direction at all times. My siblings, Edith Seleka, Irene Mokgehle and Kenneth Mokgehle, they all act like pillars of my strength and are the epitome of how life should be approached. I thank them for trying to understand an obscure path I chose for my life. I also want to thank my best friend, Vincent Mthombeni, who accepted the person I am and he is always by my side when faced with tough decisions to be made and who provides good advices and having the same drive and goal. I would like to thank all people, especially ‘ma-can’t-gets’, whom I live in their mist as I learn lot of things. They are also instrumental to the development of this booklet. I learn a lot from interacting with people. I would also like to thank IPHC Wits Students Structure. It is a group of young, spiritual, pulchritudinous intellects who are open minded. They gave me platform to exercise my Leadership capabilities and it shaped my spirituality while studying at Wits University. Above all, I thank the Comforter, Almighty, for being with me at all times.
  • Copyright MOKGEHLE WILLIAM WISBAR’S LIFE QUOTES. Copyright © 2009 by William Mokgehle. All rights reserved under International and South African Copyright Conventions. By payment of the required fees, you have been granted the non-exclusive, nontransferable right to access and read the text of this e-book on-screen. No part of this text may be reproduced, transmitted, down-loaded, decompiled, reverse engineered, or stored in or introduced into any information storage and retrieval system, in any form or by any means, whether electronic or mechanical, now known or hereinafter invented, without the express written permission of William Mokgehle e-books. References 1. Jennifer Wilson J. should-you-believe-it-2/. Quoted Peale Norman Vincent=if you can see it, you can be it. 2. Bregman P, 2013. A Question That Can Change Your Life. HBR Blog Network