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Social Media in the water industry
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Social Media in the water industry



Presentation on social media to the Australian Water Association November 2011. Focus was on delvering information specific to the water industry and how they use social media and online applications ...

Presentation on social media to the Australian Water Association November 2011. Focus was on delvering information specific to the water industry and how they use social media and online applications to further business goals.



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Social Media in the water industry Social Media in the water industry Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media and the Water Industry
  • Introduction to Social MediaWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 2
  • Definitions Social Media Social Networks  Interaction tools and  Tools that help you build services providing the relationships for a range ability to share of purposes information, knowledge  Personal and resources  Business  Partners  Customers Crossover!Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 3
  • What can Social Media achieve?  At its most basic, Social Media:  Enables conversations between you and your targets;  Helps with reputation building;  Generates word of mouth referrals; and  Generates both positive and negative discussion on you, your products, services and/or organisation.Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 4
  • What is Social Media used for? What are the opportunities for water professionals?  Sharing information  Generating awareness  Getting people to respond  Creating networks  Reaching new audiences  Public relations (PR)  Conference information & participationWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 5
  • Social Media Scope Social Media Social Networks  Blogs  Social Networking  Microblogging websites  Social Bookmarking  Social Network  Social news aggregators  Wikis  Reviews and opinions  Multimedia sharing  Entertainment  Brand Monitoring  Games  Information aggregators  Virtual WorldsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 6
  • BlogsMicrobloggingSocial BookmarkingSocial NewsMultimedia SharingBrand MonitoringInformation & Social NetworkAggregatorsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 7
  • Social Networking Websites Reviews & Opinions EntertainmentWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 8
  • Current Research – UK Water Industry Social Media Report  UK Water Industry Social Media Report:  10 water and sewerage companies analysed over 3 months  Results  Environmentally conscious programs were of particular interest to social media users and tended to cultivate a positive response  Blogs and Twitter = most dominant for discussion  Forums = also significant : hosted significant portion of the negative comment  2300 customer service issues captured  Most water companies were disengaged rather than proactive  ALL scored below 20% on customer service engagement and six scored a negative valueWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 9
  • Social Media in FocusWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 10
  • Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 11
  • Facebook Overview  Social Networking website  Global Audience: 742,593,840  Historically College & University students – closed network  Fastest growing segments:  Parents  Women over 55  Elements:  Individual Profile  Fan Page  Groups  ApplicationsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 12
  • Business Situations  Consumer based e.g. hobbies, important events, entertainment  Gen X / Y Target Market -> increasingly business orientedWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 13
  • Key Features  Individual Profile  Fan Page  Groups  ApplicationsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 14
  • Difference between Fan Pages & Groups Fan Pages Groups  Visible to unregistered  More for personal users interaction  Don’t list the names of  Admin posts are listed as administrators from you not the  Indexed by Google business  Access restricted only by  Under 5k members can age & location send bulk email  Can host applications =  Can restrict access to more content approved users onlyWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 15
  • Top Ranking Australian Facebook Fan Pages Name Number of Fans Link AC/DC 16.2 million http://www.facebook.com/acdc Flight of the Concords 1.4 million http://www.facebook.com/FlightoftheConchor ds Hamish & Andy 1.4 million http://www.facebook.com/hamishandandy Masterchef Australia 650k http://www.facebook.com/MasterChefAustrali a Bonds 634k http://www.facebook.com/#!/bonds McGrath Foundation 261k http://www.facebook.com/McGrathFoundatio n RSPCA Australia 56k http://www.facebook.com/RSPCAAustralia Earth Hour Australia 22k http://www.facebook.com/earthhouraustralia View Global Leaderboard: http://statistics.allfacebook.com/pages/leaderboard/Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 16
  • Gaining New Fans  Create a customised landing tab  Thank fans for their participation  Change the default landing tab  Spread the word about your page through  Customise your page with specific other channels (e.g. email newsletters) and branding imagery, such as a large unique  Create a resource tab to target specific profile photo. niches or demographics. For a good example, view the Dell ‘Social Media for  Integrate applications to engage fans – Small Business’ fan page these could include polls, videos http://www.facebook.com/dellsocialmedia embedded on the customised fan page where they share guides on social media tab, and quizzes. success specifically for small business.  Update your page regularly  Give your Facebook Fan page a unique  Link content on your Facebook fan page campaign name (for improved branding with your other online sources (e.g. and SEO) other social media tools, your website  Promote your events on Facebook through etc.) and vice versa the Events tab  Post and tag fans in photos and videos  Create contests (e.g. one-off or continuous) that engage fans and  Target the biggest demographic on encourage new fans to Like your page Facebook i.e. generation x/yWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 17
  • Fan Pages: Marketing Ideas  Competitions for participation  Coupon  Free download  Exclusive in store promotions  Become a fan to view video/content  Coke – Fan Page created by Fans  Key issues: Quality versus QuantityWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 18
  • Advertising  Appear on profiles according to criteria set by the advertiser  Pay per click or pay per impression  Global or country specific  General or highly specificWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 19
  • Group Activity  Individually, take 1 minute to think about how Facebook might be used by you or by your organisation e.g.  Customer service for …..  Self-promotion  Generating awareness of ….  Etc…  In your group, take turns to tell the group what you have come up with (5 minutes total)Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 20
  • Charity Water Case Study FA C E B O O K + T W I T T E R + V I D E OWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 21
  • Case Study  Charity Water  Combines Social Media  Not for profit well:  Promotes on social media  Video based around a campaign  Facebook  Twitter  2008: started with CEO “giving up” his birthday by asking everyone to donate  Ties individual donations to the charity instead of with GPS coordinates on buying him a gift = Google Maps = recognition $965,000Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 22
  • Charity: Water Social Media Strategy  Care about the problem = see it, Charity Water showed videos of understand it, feel it. drilling their first well live in Ethiopia during Twestival  Twitter: personalised backgrounds  Regular videos linked to tweets Results:  Photo of the day  1.3m followers  Act fun and be personal  Helped over 1m people obtain clean drinking water across 17  Create relationships, connect, countries share, add value  $15m+ raised  Maintains transparency  Specific impact of contributions  GPS coordinates localises posts on Google Earth & gives naming rightsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 23
  • TwitterWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 24
  • FacebookWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 25
  • VideoWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 26
  • Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 27
  • LinkedIn Overview  Business oriented social networking  Facilitates connecting with potential prospects, partners, existing customers and interest groups  Company Job Research or employee review  Connections  Recommendations  Has integration into other social media e.g. Blog links, Twitter status updatesWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 28
  • LinkedIn – Why? “As individuals, we have two sources of personal competitive advantage: human capital and social capital. Human capital, which includes talent, intellect, charisma, and formal authority, is necessary for success but often beyond our direct control. Social capital, on the other hand, derives from our relationships... social capital [is] the collective value of all social networking and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other... social capital can be measured by the level of trust and reciprocity in a community or between individuals... [and] is a powerful source of knowledge, ideas, opportunities, support, reputation, and visibility that is equally if not even more influential than human capital.“ Clara Shih, The Facebook EraWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 29
  • Business Situations Competitive Research + Solutions Employer / Employee search Demand Prospect GenerationWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 30
  • Professional Situations Sharing Job search & specialist company knowledge research Personal Networking branding & reputationWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 31
  • Key FeaturesProfile• Experience, skills• Recommendations Status InMail• Website links LinkedIn Answers • Q&A Company Pages (profiles) • Industry issues insight Groups • Customer data Applications • Polls Advertising • Company Buzz • Blog Link • SlideshareWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au • My Travel 32
  • Toolkit: Application DirectoryWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 33
  • Job & Company Search  Ensure your Profile is complete!  Use the Company Search function to lookup Companies you would like to work for or to find people you know that may already work there  Use the Jobs section to lookup jobs in your area and expertise  Use the Groups’ Jobs section to lookup available jobs  Difference: General Jobs section is for paid listings and can be refined in searchWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 34
  • Example: ProfileWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 35
  • Example: Job SearchWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 36
  • Example: Company SearchWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 37
  • Sharing Specialist Knowledge  Join Groups in your focus area and participate in discussions to expose yourself to a broader prospect base.  Create a Poll (“Answers”) to generate discussion on a topic of interest.  Use the Blog or WordPress application to link your blog to your profile – same with Twitter  Add the Slideshare application to your profile to share presentations you have deliveredWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 38
  • Example: PollsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 39
  • Example: GroupsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 40
  • Personal Branding & Reputation  Keep your profile updated with:  History of your job roles  Publications  Education  Twitter & website URLs  Ask for a Recommendation from selected people you work for / withWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 41
  • Example: ReputationWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 42
  • Networking  Organising or attending an Event? Search &/or list it in the Events application and then use the Share button to forward the link to your connections. Encourage them to forward it to their connections.  Attending an event? Search for it in the Events application and add yourself as an attendee. Lookup others you want to meet and send them a message to ask if they are attending.  Use the My Travel application to let your Connections know when you are on the move.Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 43
  • Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 44
  • Networking  Every time you meet someone new (either physically or virtually), add their contact details to your email program and then send them a LinkedIn connection request. Or to get really efficient, use the Import Contacts feature to automatically import your contacts from programs such as Outlook and Hotmail.  Do you know someone who knows someone in your target market? Use the Get Introduced feature to have your invitation to connect passed through. For someone you have never met this is a great way to gain a small measure of endorsement.Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 45
  • Networking  Make sure you personalise connection invitations to remind your prospects of where you met or what you talked about Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 46
  • Individual Activity – 2 mins  If you don’t have a LinkedIn account:  Write down 2 ways you think LinkedIn could be used by you personally or professionally  If you already have a LinkedIn account:  Write down 2 ways you can improve your profile or use of LinkedInWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 47
  • Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 48
  • Twitter Overview  Micro blogging tool – more “News” than “Profile”  Broad range of topics  Very ‘personal’ oriented = better for consumer products  However, think Service-based communication  Awareness  Customer information  Feedback  Sharing experiences  Access to deals and discountsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 49
  • Twitter Terminology Term Meaning Tweet A 140 character post to the Twitter website Follow Subscribe to someone’s messages DM or Direct Message Send or receive private messages via Twitter RT or Retweet Re-post someone else’s message @<name> A Twitter account. When you write it in a message, you automatically link to that person’s account # or hashtag Followed by a term, it is a way to reference or categorise posts Shortened URLs Helps save characters in a tweet by reducing the size of a URL. Services like Bit.ly can shorten URLs and provide tracking statistics e.g. number of clicksWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 50
  • Business Situations  Research and analysis of your target market  Information distribution in short format  140 characters or less  Drawcard headingsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 51
  • Case StudiesWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 52
  • Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 53
  • Missed OpportunityWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 54
  • Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 55
  • Getting Started  Listen to others: search.twitter.com and search for topics of interest  Follow people you want to listen to e.g. www.twellow.com  Decide on how you will use Twitter – think outside the box for innovative ways to capture attention beyond the norm  E.g. Tweeterview (interviews), Twestival (meetup)  Start posting your own tweets  Engage in conversations with your supporters  Use tools to help manage tweeting  Measure and monitor statisticsWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 56
  • Beyond Standard Social Media I N T E R A C T I V E O N L I N E A P P L I C AT I O N SWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 57
  • National Geographic Water Footprint CalculatorWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 58
  • Water Buddy : Water Usage CalculatorWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 59
  • Water Footpring Network Water Footprint CalculatorWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 60
  • Virtual WaterWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 61
  • Evian – Bottled Water Viral Video  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQcVllWpwGs&featu re=player_embedded  47 million hits on YouTubeWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 62
  • Australian Water Association & Social MediaWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 63
  • Facebook  AWA Page - http://www.facebook.com/australianwaterassociation  National Water Week page - http://www.facebook.com/nationalwaterweek  Young Water Professionals - http://www.facebook.com/youngwaterprofessionals  OzWater 2012 - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ozwater- 12/129726393713828Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 64
  • LinkedIn  AWA: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Australian-Water- Association-1994717  Young Water Professionals: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=2081200Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 65
  • Twitter  AWA: https://twitter.com/AustralianWater  Water Week: https://twitter.com/waterweek  OzWater: https://twitter.com/OzwaterWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 66
  • Other Sites  Job Board: http://www.h2oz.com.au  Forums: http://www.awa.asn.auWirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 67
  • Question & Answers?Wirth Consulting www.wirthconsulting.com.au 68