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  • What types of content do you share on mobile? Many, many content creators.


  • 1. Honey, I Shrunk the Org!How to Program Tiny Devices to Grow Big Dollars by integrating social sharing into mobile marketing Thanks to WSPN for inviting me to present this program. Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 2. Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 3. Social media is the leading way the study subjects report finding out about causes - and in some cases, that information spurs further action like donating or volunteering. Above all, it sparks conversation about issues - and thats good news for causes seeking greater visibility. Katya Andresen on LinkedInhttp://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130320171624-6200057-the-real-reasons-people- promote-their-causes-online Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 4. Why People Share Causes1. We are proud. We like to show off our affiliations withfavorite causes to family, friends and colleagues.2. We want to influence others. We want to recruit othersto our cause - and make a bigger difference.3. We want to look smart and nice. By posting about ourcauses, we can seem knowledgeable and charitable aboutissues that matter.Source: http://waggeneredstrom.com/what-we-do/social-innovation/report-digital-persuasion/ Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 5. Source: http://waggeneredstrom.com/what-we-do/social-innovation/report-digital-persuasion/ Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 6. Source: globalwebindex.comBarbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 7. Every Minute Every Day Twitter 100,000 tweetsFacebook 684,478 updates Google 2 million searchesYouTube 48 hrs of video goes live App Store 47,000 apps downloadedInstagram 3,600 photos shared Commerce $272,000 in sales Data Never Sleeps source Domo.com Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 8. Source http://pewinternet.org/Commentary/2012/March/Pew-Internet-Social-Networking-full-detail.aspx Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 9. Were You Born Mobile? Source: http://youtu.be/zpdcUakdQVA Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 10. Source: topnonprofits.com Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 11. Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 12. Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 13. Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 14. Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 15. How Does Your Site Look on Mobile?GoMo MeteriPhone 4 Simulator Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 16. Mobilize. Socialize.Yelp FacebookGoogle+ WordPressLinkedIn AppTwitter Texts Image Credit: Barbara Rozgonyi Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 17. Panoramic Publishingo Worldo Integrateo Relateo Equateo Deliver Image Credit: Barbara Rozgonyi Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 18. Best Practices • Integrate • Shareable • Create • Actionable • Curate • Trackable• Congregate • Emotional Image Credit: Barbara Rozgonyi Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530
  • 19. Thank YOU!Let’s Connectbarbara@corywestmedia.com630.207.7530@wiredprworks on twitterhttp://wiredprworks.com Image Credit: Barbara Rozgonyi Barbara Rozgonyi @wiredprworks 630.207.7530