The One Man Jam Electronic Press Kit


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The One Man Jam Electronic Press Kit

  1. 1. This is a print out of The One Man Jams Sonicbids EPK™ (Electronic Press Kit). For a complete EPK including audio, photos, and up-to-date calendar visit: The One Man Jam Primary Genre: Classic Rock Secondary Genre: Acoustic Contact Name: Jason Gonzalez Email: Enjoy a full bands live sound of vocals, 2 & 3 part harmonies, acoustic-electric guitars, bass and drums, with minimal set-up/tear down, maximum dance floorspace, and a greatly reduced cost...all from just one guy. You wont know the difference.Artist InformationBiography"The One Man Jam" is exactly what the name appears. Frontman Jason Gonzalez offers 3-4 hrs ofpopular cover tunes from the 60s through today, as well as original Pop/Rock compositions (hismajor influences include Bob Seger, John Mellencamp, Keith Urban, and Dave Mason) from hissuccessful 4 albums as an independent solo artist."The One Man Jam" began as the brainchild of Jason Gonzalez. It started in Seattle in 2003 when Iwent to a HelioSequence show with a friend of mine. I (and the rest of the crowd, a packed 600person club) was blown away by the wall of sound this "band" consisting of a drummer andsinger/guitarist, using a laptop with the bass, keyboards, and backing vocals and tracks sequencedwas able to produce. It was more polished and professional sounding than some major labelartists concerts Id gone to.I knew then (though it would be nearly 8 years before I had the nerve to try it myself, and thetechnology needed to pull off what I wanted to be able to offer to my audiences) that that was thedirection I was heading.After playing around the US and Europe for 5 years and having to deal with a revolving door ofconstantly changing backing band lineups, I had finally found a way to produce a show which couldbe quickly deployed, with minimal rehearsal and preparation time, which was also flexible enoughto be able to go anywhere in the world at a moments notice.Through a combination of my signature guitar playing style, use of effects, and ability to harnesstechnology for my own ends, "The One Man Jam" achieves the full layered sound and feel of a liveband, without needing other players, or being a slave to pre-recorded backing tracking tracks or amusic sequencer.How?"The One Man Jam" consists of frontman Jason Gonzalez playing acoustic-electric guitar, whileusing foot pedals to start, stop, and vary the tempo of a variety of drum loops flavored withpercussion instruments from around the world.While all this is going on, Jason has a separate channel coming out of his guitar which uses a basspedal. Jasons unique "keytar" playing style (so named for his left hand/right hand separation (likeyou see a pianist play) and picking/strumming style to basically play the bass and guitar as twoseparate instruments at the same time.For real 2 and 3 part harmonies, Jason employs a special vocal pedal which generates harmoniesto his voice based on the input signal received from his acoustic guitar.The result is a sound as full and complete as a 3, 4, or even 5 member band. Add to this, Jasonsnatural talent for showmanship, and a "party mic" for anyone in the audience to come on stage andsing along, and The One Man Jam offers everything you need at a fraction of the cost of hiring a fulltime band for your bar, club, house party, or corporate or private events needs.
  2. 2. Upon request, Jason can add a drummer from his networking contacts if a more live feel is desiredon the percussion end.We hope you will consider booking "The One Man Jam" for your bar, club, house party, orupcoming event(s) in the Kansas City and surrounding areas.8 REASONS TO HIRE "The One Man Jam"1) I give you the sound of a full band for the reasonable cost of just one guy.2) Your customers will dance the night away, sing along, and play the rub board.3) No expensive rider, and no whining on my part.4) I will actually show up (and early) for my show, looking professional, ready to work and mostdefinitely ready to give my best at your club, bar, house party, or event.5) I dont need any alcohol to drink during my show (maybe some water or hot coffee).6) I am punctual and efficient with sound checks. I can be set up and playing within 15 minutes. Iwill be out of your way before our sound check time is over.7) If your venue doesnt have a sound system, I have my own PA and speakers I can bring.8) I dont require alot of mic and line inputs for your sound system to deal with.InstrumentationJason Gonzalez - Singer/Songwriter, Rhythm/Lead Acoustic and Electric Guitar, piano, keyboards,Ganjo, Electric Piano, Drums, Drum Machine, Dobro, Bass Pedal, BassDiscographyLinksFacebook: ReviewsSetlistFeel Like Makin Love (Bad Company)Boys Cry Tough (Bad Company)Youll Accompany Me (Bob Seger)Amanda (Boston)Thought Id Died And Gone To Heaven (Bryan Adams)The World I Know (Collective Soul)Southern Cross (CSN)Home (Daughtry)Dust On The Bottle (David Lee Murphy)Hysteria (Def Leppard)Soon As You Can (Dierks Bentley)Listen To The Music (Doobie Brothers)Black Water (Doobie Brothers)Barely Breathing (Duncan Shiek)Gimme Some Water (Eddie Money)Layla Acoustic (Eric Clapton)More Than Words (Extreme)Hole Hearted (Extreme)One Thing (Finger Eleven)
  3. 3. The Chain (Fleetwood Mac)2nd Hand News (Fleetwood Mac)Name (Goo Goo Dolls)Sundown (Gordon Lightfoot)Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot)Private Eyes (Hall and Oates)Where Do The Children Go (Hooters)Running On Empty (Jackson Brown)Tender Is The Night (Jackson Brown)Handy Man (James Taylor)Small Town (John Mellencamp)Everytime I Hear Your Name (Keith Anderson)Stupid Boy (Keith Urban)Dont Blink (Kenny Chesney)Anything But Mine (Kenny Chesney)Im Alright (Kenny Loggins)The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)Whatever It Takes (Lifehouse)Penny Lover (Lionel Richie)Bones (Little Big Town)A Little More You (Little Big Town)Midnight Blue (Lou Gramm)Perfect Love (Marc Cohn)Dig Down Deep (Marc Cohn)Sexual Healing (Marvin Gaye)Kyrie (Mr Mr)Someday (Nickelback)Wonderwall (Oasis)Dance With Me (Orleans)Put It There (Paul McCartney)Solisbury Hill (Peter Gabriel)In Your Eyes (Peter Gabriel)Comfortably Numb (Pink Floyd)Take Me There (Rascal Flatts)One Light Burning (Richie Sambora)Mr Bluesman (Richie Sambora)You Cant Always Get What You Want (Rolling Stones)Do It Again (Steely Dan)Wild Mountain Honey (Steve Miller)Rockin Me Baby (Steve Miller Band)If Only For The Moment Girl (Steve Perry)Foolish Heart (Steve Perry)Higher Love (Steve Winwood)Angry Young Man (Styx)Give A Little Bit (Supertramp)This Is Your Life (Switchfoot)Woman In Chains (Tears For Fears)Things We Said Today (The Beatles)In The City (The Eagles)Found Out About You (The Gin Blossoms)Dont Come Around Here (Tom Petty)Still Havent Found What Im Looking For (U2)Basic RequirementsCalendarDate Time Venue CityJan 21, 2011 8:00 PM Private House Party Kansas City, MOPrivate Party (Concept Test/Pre Screening)Mar 11, 2011 7:00 PM The Point Bar and Grill in Wesport Annex Kansas City, MOFinal Concept Pre-Screening
  4. 4. Stage Plot Copyright © 2001-2011 Sonicbids Corp. All rights reserved.