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Technology is changing at a mind boggling pace yet your budget is being scrutinised like never before. Those companies who intelligently prepare themselves for the future will ultimately win out.
This event brings together the leading experts in travel technology to share their top tips on how to Identify key technologies, intetrpret the latest travel trends.



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EyeforTravel - Technology SUmmit Europe 2009

  1. 1. GE m PL T or s e e U organised by: in Partnership with: FU infore ins S! N matiide fo dE on r d on t SH EyeforTravel’s Travel he OW Technology Summit 2009 ExCel, london, 11-12 november Cut costs. Make more money. Keep customers happy. HOW? Technology is changing at a mind boggling Hear from these top pace yet your budget is being scrutinised like never before. Those companies who travel brands intelligently prepare themselves for the future will ultimately win out. Frank Pon, Elliott Pritchard, This event brings together the leading experts e-Business Development Director, KLM New Media Director, P&O Cruises in travel technology to share their top tips on how to – Stefanie Heucke, Cameron Jones, • Identify the key technologies you need to deploy to Director of Business IT-Project Manager Mobile Services, reduce costs and add value to your business Development, Expedia Lufthansa • Interpret the latest travel consumer trends • Analyse the opportunities of mobile and location- Katie Mansfield, based services Director, Direct Channel Marko Balabanovic, Management, Head of Innovation, • Optimise your multi-channel distribution strategy for Hertz Europe lastminute.com maximum return on investment • Understand the customer journey taken across all channels Matthias Mahr, Gareth Gaston, • Fine tune your booking path to achieve maximum e-Commerce & CRM MD, Director, Eurostar Octopus Travel conversions • Use accurate, compelling content to boost sales • Cut through the hype of social media - analyse where Chris Amenechi, Sandra Leonhard, to invest and why MD, Cheqqer Senior International e-commerce Director, (Part of TUI Plc) Continental Airlines • And more…. oPEn noW To sEE ThE FUll agEnda and sPEaKER lisT
  2. 2. Technology is changing at a mind boggling pace. Those companies who intelligently prepare themselves for the future will ultimately win out. The travel industry has weathered a this may change from minute to minute. identify the reasons why potential turbulent year and you simply cannot Want a restaurant? Need a tour guide? customers are leaving your site before afford to be wasting time on dead- Send the information directly to your purchase and act now to prevent this? end projects. Failing to perform well customer via their phone and reap the Next we’ll take a thorough look at how is more than a missed opportunity, it’s rewards. you can effectively track the customer commercial suicide. For Lufthansa, mobile is a question of journey. How important is the last EyeforTravel’s Travel Technology meeting customer expectations. A must click in determining what motivated Summit brings together leading experts in a downturn. They provide a service a consumer to purchase? Frank Pon, from top travel brands such as KLM, through every channel whilst ensuring e-Business Development director for TUI, Lufthansa, Hertz and P&O Cruises customer needs are addressed – and KLM will explain how they connected to give you the latest information on most importantly have found it reduces cross channel media measurement to Web 3.0, open source technology, costs. Whether you’re still cynical about web analytics to create more customer multi-channel management, mobile, mobile or looking to implement the right insights into media behaviour and social media, search and much more. strategy to suit your business you’ll find avoided paying double the cost on last all the answers under one roof. click basis. The eye-popping line-up will take you on a 2 day journey, providing you with And then there’s the question of Last but by no means least, we’ll valuable, unbiased case studies and effective channel management. With separate the biz from the buzz and information along the way to ensure that an ever increasing number of channels analyse the business case for investing you’re fully up-to-speed on how to use to reach your customers you need your valuable time and resources the latest innovations to cut costs and to achieve the dream of seamless in social media initiatives. Who has maximise sales. integration across all your channels derived real value from social media with the right content, the right price, sites and how? How can you successful Day 1 will examine exactly where and the right message displayed navigate the minefields to get on track you need to be concentrating your in each channel and the maximum to positive customer engagement valuable time and resources and why. revenue achieved for each sale. Our around your brand? Our expert speakers will save you experts from Eurostar and more will weeks of research and show you which Phew – it’s going to be a jam packed 2 show you how! technologies will dramatically impact days! We guarantee that you will leave the way you sell travel and which are not only confident, but eager, to get just passing fads. From Web 3.0 to back in the office and put what you open source technology – ensure you “e-Commerce is evolving at an have learnt into practice. accurately identify the innovations that alarming rate yet Travel is lagging Don’t look down the barrel of despair will save you the most £££. behind other sectors in this area” after a year that has brought so much Gina Baillie, European Director, EyeforTravel change. Join us in London, 11-12 November to capitalise on the new economic and technological reality to get ahead of the game! Day 2 of the conference programme will hone in on the tweaks and detail that you could save you a small fortune. It’s all very well driving traffic held in partnership with to your website but is it traffic that will World Travel Market convert? From acquisition to conversion – you need to make sure that you are This year Such innovations include Mobile and getting the most out of every potential EyeforTravel will location-based services (LBS). Forget customer and our experts will show you be partnering the boring debates as to whether how. with World Travel mobile is really here or not – our real life Market to host With so much competition online case studies will ensure you gain the the event. World and diminishing brand loyalty, if your information you need from those travel Travel Market is the world’s premier site isn’t offering compelling content companies who have made it pay. event for the travel industry. It coupled with user-friendly web presents a unique opportunity Hear from Lastminute.com’s Head of functionality then your competitors are for the whole global travel trade Innovation, Marko Balabanovic. Marko just a click away. Find out how travel to meet, network, negotiate and will examine the key enablers to mobile giants Hertz and Expedia fine tune their conduct business under one roof. and show you how location-based booking paths for maximum conversion. services can give you the advantage Which simple layout and shopping For more information see of being able to deliver services to the basket features can dramatically www.wtmlondon.com customer in their present context even if increase conversions? How can you see the Full information-Packed agenda overleaf
  3. 3. Network with the Key Innovators in Travel What better place to host the event than at the centre of World Travel Market – Hear insightful the world’s premier event for the travel presentations from these industry. The partnership between World top travel brands Travel Market and EyeforTravel represents a fantastic opportunity for the whole global Frank Pon, travel trade to meet, network, negotiate e-Business Development Director, KLM and conduct business. Elliott Pritchard, With over 25, 000 senior travel New Media Director, P&O Cruises professionals and thought leaders under Stefanie Heucke, one roof, this is a must-attend event! IT-Project Manager Mobile Services, Lufthansa Who Should Attend? Marko Balabanovic, The 2 day conference will examine the latest technologies to impact Head of Innovation, lastminute.com the way that travel is bought and sold. The event will attract the most Sandra Leonhard, innovative, forward thinking, thought leaders in the travel industry. If MD, Cheqqer.nl (Part of TUI Group) you are a Managing Director, CEO, President or work in the areas of travel technology, innovation, e-commerce, marketing, digital/new Daniel Sumner, media, distribution then you need to be here! Developer, Microsoft (tbc) Chris LaRose, Director of Web Strategy & Testing, Hilton Hotels (tbc) What will I learn at the event? to forward thinking presentations Matthias Mahr, Day One will focus on visionary, to impact e-Commerce & CRM Director, Eurostar and future technologies really understand the current the way that you buy and sell travel. Highlights include – Gareth Gaston, the Current Tech Landscape MD, Octopus Travel Technology Futures – Analyse logies that will Impact Your and Identify the Future Techno John T. Peters, Business President & CEO, Tripology – Ensure You Make the Understand Key Travel Trends Katie Mansfield, iness to See You Through Right Investment for Your Bus Director, Direct Channel Management, Unpredictable Times Hertz Europe h the Hype and Understand Mobile Technology – Cut throug Cameron Jones, est and Why the Practicalities of Where to Inv Director of Business Development, Expedia Distribution Strategy for Optimise Your Multi-Channel Chris Amenechi, Maximum Return on Investment Senior International e-commerce Director, e ical examples of how to increas Continental Airlines Day Two will examine more tact s to take your conversion rate quality traffic to your site and Michael Rhodes, another level e-Commerce Director, Leger Holidays ovative Ways to Drive Quality Search Futures - Discover Inn Vicky Brock, ts Traffic to your site - that Conver Co-Founder, Highland Business Research Valuable Customers – Use the Track and Target Your Most Philippa Ellis, tand the Customer Journey Latest Tracking Tools to Unders Director of Consumer Marketing, e Your Booking Path for Usability is Crucial – Fine Tun Lonely Planet (tbc) Maximum Conversion Anthony Rawlins, s Content to Increase Conversion MD, Digital Visitor Source Accurate, Compelling should you Invest Your Justin Reed, Social Media and UGC – Where Head of Online Marketing, Visit Britain Resources and Why? Chris Carmichael, Manager ba.com & Mobile Innovation, British Airways (tbc) Can you afford to miss this event?
  4. 4. day 1 - 11 november 2009 Technology Futures – Analyse the Current Tech Analyse Key Travel Trends – Ensure You Make Landscape and Identify the Future Technologies the Right Investment for Your Business to See that will Impact Your Business You Through Unpredictable Times This session will look at just how advances in technology will • Analyse the current travel industry environment and hear which impact the way we buy and sell travel in the future consumer travel purchasing trends are likely to represent long • From Web 2.0 to Web 3.0, cut through the buzzwords and term shifts in behaviour, worthy of investment, and which are just identify the key technologies you need to deploy to reduce costs passing blips and add value to your business • What factors most impact travel consumer behaviour and how • Cloud, virtualization, SaaS - What are the realistic opportunities can you accurately predict future trends? for travel companies to use open source technology to increase • When is the best time to invest in new technology for your efficiency and cut costs? business? • Will Google Chrome OS truly be able to compete with Windows? • Ensure you don’t risk making costly mistakes - hear top tips from • How far have we progressed with the semantic web and what our experts on how to make the right decision for your business opportunities does it present for your business? • Understand how to set clear KPIs and earn management buy-in • What’s next for mobile devices and location-based service for new technology projects technologies? John T Peters, CEO, Tripology • Technology has facilitated the rise of business models such as bed banks but will it also contribute to their demise? Optimise Your Multi-Channel Distribution Chris Amenechi, Senior International e-commerce Director, Continental Airlines Strategy for Maximum Return on Investment Daniel Sumner, Developer, Microsoft (tbc) Seamless integration across all your channels with the right Chris Carmichael, Manager ba.com & Mobile Innovation, content, the right price, and the right message displayed in each British Airways (tbc) channel and the maximum revenue achieved for each sale – isn’t this the dream? Mobile Technology – Cut through the Hype and • Which technologies can help you maximise your revenues and control costs across multiple channels? Understand the Practicalities of Where to Invest • Is the technology available to achieve a fully automated and and Why accurate channel management policy across all channels? • Your customers are mobile - why aren’t you? Cut through the • What is the best way to connect to third party distribution misconceptions and unfulfilled promises to reveal a wealth of systems to make the best use of your inventory whilst still selling opportunity for value creation it on your terms? Hear Real-world Case Studies from across the Travel industry on • What new connectivity languages and tools are on the horizon? Mobile and Location-based Services • Understand which channel your customers prefer to use to book, the journey they took to get there and what product best suits Hilton their needs Hear how Hilton have used mobile as an opportunity to provide a • Identify your most valuable sales channels and capitalise on the unique commerce and loyalty experience to support both leisure opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell to your customers across and corporate customers their preferred channels What was the strategy behind their mobile project and how did • With an ever-increasing number of channels to reach your they experience a 190% increase YOY in Q1 2009? customer, how can you ensure consistency of message and Chris LaRose, Director of Web Strategy & Testing, standard of service across all channels? Hilton Hotels (tbc) Matthias Mahr, e-Commerce & CRM Director, Eurostar Lufthansa More speakers to be announced shortly Lufthansa offers an extensive range of services via mobile and has been marked as an industry leader in this area. How have Lufthansa successfully sought to meet customer wants and expectations? How did they achieve over 90% satisfaction rates from their mobile users? Network with the global Stefanie Heucke, IT-Project Manager Mobile Services, Mobile travel industry at World Services, Lufthansa Travel Market’s 30th birthday celebrations. lastminute.com Discuss the day’s info- Location-based services (LBS) – A vast untapped opportunity for packed presentations and travel companies. Hear what 4 key enablers in 2008 led lastminute. cement the partnerships com to re-engagement in mobile and LBS and the 3 underlying that will see your business themes on which they have decided to deliver current and future thrive in 2010 mobile initiatives. How are they using directional search applications? Marko Balabanovic, Head of Innovation, lastminute.com visit www.eyefortravel.com/wtm/technology for the latest agenda Updates
  5. 5. day 2 - 12 november 2009 Search Futures – Discover Innovative Ways to Usability is Crucial – Fine Tune Your Booking Drive Quality - Not Junk - Traffic to Your Site – Path for Maximum Conversion that Converts • Understand the importance of analytics - Identify where It’s estimated more than 80% of web users visit travel sites but customers enter your site and the reasons why they leave before don’t make a booking. Ensure your search strategy emphasizes purchase conversion as a top priority • Learn how simple tweaks to the booking path can dramatically • How can you increase the return on your PPC investment? Upon lift conversions what should you base decisions on PPC spend? • How ‘lean’ should you keep your booking path? • What are the pros and cons of CPA and CPC advertising in terms • Hear the latest examples of ‘check out’ and ‘shopping basket’ of cost and the ability to track? best practices • Learn how to develop a highly targeted and personalised search • What effect do user reviews have on conversion rates and where campaign should they be inserted in the booking path (if at all)? • What’s the easiest way to target your search terms to reach a • Is your booking path too rigid to cope with the new customer specific audience e.g. affluent travellers, silver surfers? reality? What technology is available to get the right flexibility to • Understand the importance of accurate, tried and tested landing increase conversions? pages Vicky Brock, Co-Founder, Highland Business Research • How can you exploit the power of social media to improve your Katie Mansfield, Director, Direct Channel Marketing, search engine optimisation? Hertz Europe • Video search optimisation – Hear top tips to achieve optimal Cameron Jones, Director Business development, Expedia results Gareth Gaston, MD, Octopus Travel Social Media and UGC – Where should you Michael Rhodes, e-Commerce Director, Leger Holidays Invest Your Resources and Why? • Analyse the strategic importance of social media and UGC for Track and Target Your Most Valuable Customers the future of the web and online travel – Use the Latest Tracking Tools to Understand • What is the business case for investing valuable time and the Customer Journey resources in social media initiatives? • The last click – how important is the last click in determining • Understand the importance of setting and adhering to clear KPIs what motivated a consumer to purchase? from the outset • How do you decide the most suitable customer demographic • What role can technology play in gaining critical mass for your and/or behaviour to target? social media initiative? • How do you decide which department is responsible for • What metrics are available to measure the effects of your social managing customer behavioural tracking tools? media strategy? How much time and resources on average need to be dedicated to this? • Just how much can segmentation and personalisation add value to your business? What are the costs involved and the likely • How can social media be used to gain invaluable insight into your return on investment? customer wants and needs? • Use behavioural targeting and advertising to manage your • What are the advantages and pitfalls of developing your own customer base the most effectively throughout the peaks and social media applications? troughs • Navigate the social media minefields and get on track to positive • Will more third party sites choose to sell customer cookie data? customer engagement What impact would this have on behavioural advertising? Elliott Pritchard, New Media Manager, P&O Cruises Frank Pon, e-Business Development Director, KLM Phillipa Ellis, Consumer Marketing Manager, Lonely Planet (tbc) Use Accurate, Compelling Content to Increase Sandra Leonhard, MD, Cheqqer (Part of TUI Plc) Conversions • Source compelling content to both drive traffic AND increase conversions • Understand the importance of the right content to develop the desired levels of customer interest and expectation across all your channels • Video content – offer multiple distribution methods (Podcasts, online video players, RSS) for your video content • Understand best practices in encoding rich media content Anthony Rawlins, MD, Digital Visitor Justin Reed, Head of Online Marketing, Visit Britain Reserve your Place Before 18th sept and save £200!
  6. 6. organised by: Also at World Travel Market this year The Get Funded Show ExCel, london, 11-12 november JoIN Travel’S brIGhTeST mINdS aNd deepeST pocKeTS “The Get Funded show was Welcome to The Get Funded Show… launched to put investors …the travel industry’s showcase of emerging innovation together with entrepreneurs, to give founders exposure and Travel is – and always will be – primed for innovation. The mentoring from successful variety of products, multiple channels and range of technologies business leaders, to allow angel across the industry make it ripe with opportunity. With the investors and VCs the opportunity to evaluate funding opportunities, economy strengthening, entrepreneurs are poised to capitalise to showcase to the world the next on returning growth to the travel market. The Get Funded wave of travel and technology Show@World Travel Market is a celebration of innovation in the innovation. It is the ‘must attend’ travel sector. I hope you will join us to take part in the evolution event of the year” of our industry. David Scowsill, Chairman, Yuuguu.com Tom Ellum Director – The Get Funded Show Chair of The Get Funded Show What is The Get specifically designed to help travel companies succeed. Plus, frank discussion technology have come of age to present a viable and potentially lucrative new Funded Show? with the deal makers of some of the largest travel companies in the world on what they channel. But online is not dead – far from it! Online travel continues to grow and The Get Funded Show@World Travel look for in mergers and acquisitions. ongoing initiatives are rapidly evolving the Market is a high-profile innovation online travel landscape. showcase bringing together top entrepreneurs – past and present – in What Innovation And that’s not all. The travel product is changing to meet increasingly demanding a fertile environment for ideas and inspiration. 24 carefully selected innovative will I see? consumers. So is how customers search for, find and buy travel. Technology is travel companies will compete across two The companies involved are selected on also developing, offering advantages in days to be crowned the most innovative in the merits of their innovation and ability to cost, reliability and efficiency. One thing the travel industry. impact the travel industry. So, whilst it’s is certain: where there is an opportunity in not possible to tell you exactly who will be travel, there is an entrepreneur ready They will be judged by our Travel Gurus - there we can outline a few game-changing to capitalise. Only at The Get Funded including the pioneers behind some of the trends our prospective entrepreneurs are Show will you be privy to the best minds most successful exits in travel history - and capitalising on… in the industry. our Investors - who manage billions in travel and technology investments. On top of their Mobile has – and will continue to – keen insight, there will be presentations impact travel. Consumer adoptions and Limited spaces available - Two days, 24 companies selected from over 250 applicants. apply now! Just a few of the companies approved so far... james@getfundedshow.com www.getfu
  7. 7. supported by: @ World Travel Market Why attend? a potent mix of entrepreneurial All major travel companies should take note of the flair, business acumen and companies pitching at The Get Funded Show. Time and again agile new entrants have shaken up the investment expertise industry and affected how travel companies must operate. Only by attending this event can business Travel Gurus: - Investors: - development managers, strategists, corporate Roger Allard, Jason Katz, development managers, heads of innovation, Chairman, Founder, partnership managers, technologists and CEOs All Leisure Group KP Capital benchmark their entrepreneurial edge and ensure they stay competitive. What’s more you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the top innovators in the industry. Andy Phillipps, Nic Brisbourne, Imagine meeting the next Farecast, Tripadvisor or co-Founder, Partner, Twitter and being part of their success! Active Hotels DFJ Esprit Hugo Burge, Alex Hoye, CEO, Latitude Group; 5 reasons to attend Executive Chairman, Cheapflights and Board Member, Founder, Howzat Media Seedcamp and Cambridge Angel 1 EDUCATION: Hear the thoughts of top John Kent, executives on strategy, innovation and ‘the next Founder and CEO of Roberto Bonanzinga, big thing’ youtravel.com and the Partner, founder of Aquis Hotels Balderton Capital 2 INNOVATION: Meet the disruptive new and Resorts entrants who will shape the future of travel Debu Purkayastha, Dinesh Dhamija, Principal - Corporate 3 INSPIRATION: Join leading entrepreneurs Founder, Development / M&A, – past and present – in a fertile environment for eBookers Google ideas and inspiration 4 OPPORTUNITY: Attend the event where Steve Endacott, Owner and CEO, Bill Morrow, co-Founder, trends emerge and opportunity is created On Holiday Group Angels Den – forget first mover-advantages, move your Steve Schlenker, Glenn Fogel, EVP Corporate company to the bleeding edge of innovation Managing Partner, DN Capital Development, Priceline 5 RECOVERY: Innovation is integral to travel’s Cree Lawson, Founder and Daniel Smith, recovery – leave the pessimists behind and join Chairman, Travel Ad Network Assistant Director, New the optimistic game-changers of the future Investments, ISIS Equity Partners Peter Waller, Group Mergers and Acquisitions Will Fraser-Allen, Director, Thomas Cook Deputy Managing Director, Albion Ventures The must-attend event for Paul Evans, Founder and Chief Executive, Alexis Bonte, any company wanting to Low Cost Holiday Group co-Founder, CEO and Angel be ahead of the curve Dhruv Shringi, Founder, Yatra Investor, eRepublik Labs Tim Rigby, Deirdre Bounds, Founder, i-to-i Exponent Private Equity strategic Partners Patrick Hoffstetter, Managing James Stoddart, co-Founder, Director UK, lastminute.com Bestport Ventures LLP Faisal Galaria, Josh Bell, Head of Financial ex-Managing Director, Services, Dawn Capital Kayak Europe & Angel Investor Jason Purcell, Media Partners Jeff Wasson, CEO and Founder, FirstCapital Founder, TravelNow.com Rory Stirling, Investment Manager, Speaker to be Announced, TUI MMC Ventures ndedshow.com +44 207 375 7551
  8. 8. organised by: in Partnership with: EyeforTravel’s Travel Technology Summit 2009 3 Easy Ways To REgisTER RighT noW! ONLINE secure & simple registration online at www.eyefortravel.com/wtm/technology EMAIL gina@eyefortravel.com Just give us your details and pass type – we’ll do the rest! PHONE Call gina +44 (0)207 375 7197 or sinead +44 (0)207 375 7228 and we’ll book you in! gold Pass silvER Pass BRonzE Pass BRonzE Pass 1 day Pass This pass includes – This pass includes – flexible non refundable This pass includes – • Full access to the • Full access to the This pass includes – This pass includes – • Full access to 1 day 2 day conference 2 day conference of the conference • Coffee and • Full access to the • Full access to the • Coffee and networking drinks 2 day conference 2 day conference • Coffee and networking drinks • A video of the full networking drinks • Coffee and • Coffee and • A video of the full event proceedings networking drinks networking drinks • Includes an exclusive event proceedings to share with your networking lunch to share with your • Includes 2 exclusive • Includes 2 exclusive colleagues colleagues networking lunches networking lunches • Please enquire if you • The European Online • Includes 2 exclusive wish to purchase the Travel Report 2009 *This pass is not networking lunches event video • Includes 2 exclusive refundable networking lunches Network and do business - right at the SEE HOW MUCH YOU SAVE BY BOOKING EARLY! heart of World Travel Market. Enjoy super Early Bird Early Bird access to insightful presentations, Pass Type: normal Price Expires 18th September Expires 16th October networking drinks and an exclusive networking lunch BRonzE Pass £695 £795 £895 (non-refundable) BRonzE Pass £745 £845 £945 (flexible) silvER Pass £845 £945 £1045 gold Pass £1345 £1445 £1545 1 day Pass £495 £495 £495 *all prices subject to 15% VAT Register today at www.eyefortravel.com/wtm/technology