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EyeforTravel - Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty Strategies for Travel USA (2009)
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EyeforTravel - Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty Strategies for Travel USA (2009)


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Realign Your CRM Strategy to Rise to the Challenge of Economic Downturn - and Achieve an Even Greater ROI. …

Realign Your CRM Strategy to Rise to the Challenge of Economic Downturn - and Achieve an Even Greater ROI.

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  • 1. North America’s premier Meeting place for CRM and Loyalty Marketers Register b e 21st Janua fore Part of EyeforTravel’s Sales and Marketing Series ry and SAVE $100 CRM and Loyalty Strategies for Travel 2009 March 4-5, Sheraton, Atlanta Realign your CRM Strategy to Rise to the Challenge of Economic Downturn - and Achieve an Even Greater ROI Empower your organization to anticipate, address Hear from these leading and deliver consistent, efficient customer care travel companies: How can you profitably adjust your CRM strategy in such a tough economic climate? How easily can you deploy your website as a retention tool – without putting new business at risk? CRM technology for travel: Does the present system still meet your technical needs – and are you really managing your data effectively? Loyalty trends 2009: How can you maintain – and improve – customer loyalty in a disloyal world? What are the secrets of using data-driven CRM strategies to increase transactions and boost loyalty? How can customized communications improve customer experiences – and grow incremental revenue? Special pre-conference Conference sponsored by WORKSHOP FOR CRM BEGINNERS on 3rd March The sooner you book the MORE yOU SAVE
  • 2. For more information visit For more information visit “Good presenters, interesting insights, relevant questions” Greg Brown, Choice Hotels 1 3 Topics ThaT are Your website as a retention tool: Marketing inTeracTive parTicipaTion – budgets are being reduced – so now it’s even relevanT To your own, more important that you know the do’s and don’ts come and make your progessional concerns of driving free traffic to your website. And are voice heard your sites sufficiently well optimized to reach the This event’s comprehensive agenda includes every right customers at the right times? Find out how At every stage, you will hear stimulating, thought- current top priority CRM issue, as well as providing to synchronize your websites with your CRM provoking presentations. The emphasis is firmly you with inside information and guidance from strategies and how to present a different website on real solutions, delivered by people with real, those companies that are already successfully experience to different customer segments. first-hand experience. tackling the topics that matter most. No jargon. No theory. No dull presentations that Increasingly, the market leaders see CRM as an invite you to fall asleep. essential tool not just in helping them win new This is also your chance to get all your questions customers – and keeping them satisfied once answered. In fact, we encourage it, and leave they’re on board – but also to ensure they continue plenty of time for delegates to raise the issues that to deliver on business goals when times are tough. are of interest – or concern – to them. Even during boom times, CRM should be at the So please come ready to speak up, and make your heart of an organisation’s business development own voice heard. 4 and growth strategy. While in an uncertain economy, it is absolutely vital. ample neTworking The Conference will begin with expert keynotes on opporTuniTies – how to create a CRM strategy that enables you to fight back against recession. We will take a closer CRM Technology for Travel: The right use of who will you meeT? look at the tools hotels and airlines can use to data and communication technology will keep retain customers and boost conversion rates –and customers loyal. So what technology are you using As soon as you’re registered, take advantage of how far you can go with increasing prices. Our to collect, manage, segment and integrate your our online contact center. keynote speakers will show you how to address customer information? Is it time for change? Or It enables you to organize meetings in advance, common CRM issues: For example, how to reduce for working smarter with what you’ve already got? and touch base with potentially crucial contacts, the cost of implementing and running an effective This session will give you a practical overview of even before the event is underway. loyalty program. the technology and analytic tools that are available for you to measure the success of your CRM And it will continue to run afterwards, to ensure You’ll also focus on loyalty trends in 2009: What strategy, as well as tips on how to avoid wasting you catch up with people you’ve missed. signals should you be looking out for – and money on the wrong technology. what do you do the moment they arrive? Hear We’ve also put special measures in place, to too about key CRM predictions that will lead to ensure you hear only from potential partners. new opportunities. We’ll also discuss how CRM No spam! is maturing and give you a range of innovative “I found all of the ideas to help you energize and refresh your CRM strategy in these difficult times. presentations very insightful and valuable. Having insights “I think the conference Customized Communications: In this phase of the event, you’ll focus on genuine one-to-one from other travel industry was great in bringing many relationships and customers’ experiences across players with many years in the diverse experiences under one varied customer databases. loyalty business was great.” roof in an attempt to share You’ll learn how to prioritize what you want to Judy Richards, WestJet best practices” deliver – and to whom – and understand why being consistent is so central to improving the Shailja Gulati, American Express customer experience. How do you measure 2 customer experience? What criteria do you have to measure the success of your initiatives? And how high qualiTy speakers, much can you personalize customer experience without infringing on someone´s privacy? Expert sharing a wealTh answers to these and other questions. of experience This event brings together more than 20 speakers, all of them eager to share their knowledge, “It was great to learn from experience and predictions. and interact with the best CRM marketers in travel” Profit from real life case studies from the biggest and most profitable companies. Jeff Rosenzweig, Travelocity Come learn from their successes – and their mistakes. Call the Booking Line on: 0044 207 375 7551 (UK)
  • 3. Everything you need to know to energize your CRM strategy Day 1 - Wednesday 4th March 9:00-17:30 3rd march: SESSION 2 SESSION 4 PRE-COnFEREnCE Transform Your Website into How To Use Data-Driven WORKSHOP 18:00-19:00 a Customer Retention Tool CRM Strategies To Drive CRM For Beginners: Your • How can you out-think reduced marketing budgets Transactions and Loyalty step-by-step Guide to Creating by driving free traffic to your website? • Get tips on using customer data to deliver a a Profitable CRM Strategy • What’s the best way too optimize your website personalized service to your loyal customers so it appeals to the right customers & potential • Where do you start? customers? • What factors should you look for in identifying • What are the key steps of implementing a your most valuable customers? • How do you synchronize your website with your CRM strategy that fits your organization – CRM strategies and capabilities? • See how to present a different website and leads to the systematic creation of • What are the secrets of presenting a different experience to different customer segments loyal customers? website experience to different customer • How can you use CRM data to leverage • Which departments are most responsible segments? marketing strategies? for implementing CRM – and how can you • Web 2.0 as a CRM tool: Why exactly are your • What tools do you need to analyze and segment ensure they work successfully together? customers so keen to share their travel experiences your customers data effectively? • Once the customer relationship is – and how do you create a website tailored to Michelle Bozoki, Director of Marketing established, how do you nurture it? their needs? Communications, marriott & Renaissance • What common obstacles are most likely to • Is measuring frequency in website visits a good Caribbean and mexico Resorts prevent you from successfully developing way to measure loyalty – or are there better criteria? Paul Briggs, Director of Customer Loyalty and and implementing a powerful CRM strategy? Natasa Christodoulidou, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Travelocity • Which pitfalls must you avoid at all costs? Marketing, California State University - Dominguez Hills NETWoRkINg DRINkS RECEpTIoN • Why do programs sometimes fail? Dan Miller, Director of Newsletters, Cheapflights Max Starkov, Chief eBusiness Strategist, SESSION 1 Hospitality eBusiness Strategies NETWoRkINg LUNCH BREAk Creating a CRM Strategy That Enables SESSION 3 You to Fight Back CRM Technology for Travel: Against Recession How to Analyze Your • How can you successfully deploy CRM initiatives in a tough economic climate? Technical Needs and Manage Last year attenDees • Does value create loyalty – even in times Your Data Effectively Full list on of crisis? • Is CRM fundamentally a business philosophy or a • What can you do to reduce the cost of technology system? Regional Director, AAA Western US General Manager, Cayman implementing –and operating – your • Is your CRM program over-reliant on technology? & Central New York Islands Department of loyalty program? • What are the challenges – and limitations – of Manager, Customer & Web Tourism • In the face of an impending recession, implementing new CRM technology? Analytics Alaska Airlines Website Administrator, Cayman what tools do you have to retain customers • How do you avoid wasting budget on misguided Team Leader, Functional Islands Department of and boost conversion rates? Analyst, Amadeus Tourism technological investments? • Given the credit crunch, how far can you Marketing Database Manager, Director, Newsletters • Do you already have the optimum communications Amadeus North America Cheapflights go with increasing prices? technology and data to keep customers loyal? Managing Director, Stategy Newsletter Director, • Airlines: How should your CRM strategy • What technology do you use to collect, manage, American Automobile reflect the airlines crisis? And if customers segment and integrate your customer information – Association VP Choice Privilages, Choice are reluctant to spend money on long and is it all working together as well as it should? Snr Manager, Interactive Hotels distance flights, should you switch your • What are the key performance indicators for CRM? Marketing, Consumer Travel VP, CRM solution, Comarch Inc focus to regional markets? American Express • What technology and analytic tools are available for Manager, eBusiness Data • Hotels: In the face of an impending Marketing Manager, AmericInn you to measure the success of your CRM strategy? Management, recession, what tools do hotels have to International LLC • Web 2.0 as a social marketing tool: How can Disney Destinations, LLC retain customers and boost conversion National Director, Marketing you best engage this technology to grow your Aramark Harrison Lodging VP Travel, Leisure & rates? business? Entertainment, Marketing, Aruba Bucuti Kristen Manion, Director of Direct Marketing Echelon Marketing Sumeet Bahl, Director of Sales Technology, Beach Resort and CRM, Delta airlines american airlines Diector & General Manager, B2B CRM Director, Expedia Vicky Stennes, VP- Inflight Experience, Commerce Director, ThankYou Program on Sandeep Govil, Director of Revenue Management JetBlue airways Director, Hotel Marketing, Expedia, Expedia and Science Analytics, Wyndham Hotel Group Bellagio CRM Specialist, Expedia Brian Goehring, Associate Partner of IBM Gregory Hopkins, Co-Founder & CEO, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Canada Global Services, iBm libra OnDemand California State University - Business Development NETWoRkINg CoffEE BREAk NETWoRkINg CoffEE BREAk Dominguez Hills Manager, Experian Book now at:
  • 4. and release maximum value from your customer relationships Day 2 - Thurdsay 5th March 9:00-16:00 SESSION 1 SESSION 2 Roxanne Ong, Director Brand Marketing and CRM, Luxury Brands Group, Starwood Hotels and Resorts Loyalty trends 2009: Customise your Ken Bott, Director of Consumer Marketing and Build Customer Loyalty in Communications To CRM, intercontinental Hotels Group a Disloyal World Improve Your Customer Kulin Strimbu, President, TripTelevision • What are the key CRM predictions for 2009 – and what kind of new opportunities do they present? Experiences Beatrice Robbins, Corporate Director of CRM, morgans Hotel Group • How do you develop true one-to-one • What upcoming trends should loyalty marketers relationships and customer experiences across NETWoRkINg LUNCH BREAk be on the alert for? a varied customer base? • What can we learn from CRM best practises • How do you prioritize what you want to deliver in other industries – and how do we apply the and to whom – and why is it so vital to be SESSION 3: lessons to travel? consistent in order to improve the • How is CRM maturing? customer experience? Ready, Set, Action: Learn • What new channels are emerging for • To what extent can you personalize customer What Your Customers loyalty marketers? experience without infringing on an individual’s personal privacy? Really Think and then Put • How easily can you create loyalty via mobile marketing? • Do you allow guests to customise their it to Work for You experiences with your brand? • Does web 2.0 really work as a CRM tool – and • Learn how to tap into user generated content and how easily can you integrate it with your other • Are the voices of your customer being other social media to put your finger on the pulse CRM initiatives? clearly heard? of customer thoughts • What’s the best way to use the e-mail channel • What works best when it comes to increasing • You’ve heard what they’re saying... Now hear how from a CRM perspective? loyalty by building an emotional connection with to take the next step and join the conversation your customers? Lincoln Barrett, VP of Marketing & CRM, • Gather your weapons: tools and technologies to • Do you provide members of your loyalty scheme enable you to create a whole legion of raving fans intercontinental Hotels Group with a unique alternative for redemption? Alison Cripps, Consultant, loyaltyone Consulting Nathan Clapton, Senior Director of Brand • How can you successfully target the right Contributing Editor, Colloquy Distribution, Tripadvisor customers with ancillary products that are Bill Hayden, Associate Vice President, Marketing destined to boost revenue? Planning & Strategy, • How do you measure customer experience? SESSION 4 Royal Caribbean international • What criteria do you have to measure the NETWoRkINg CoffEE BREAk success of your initiatives? Choreograph Your Digital Director, Marketing, SVP, Helmsbriscoe Director of E Marketing, President, Tripit Customer Communications ExpressJet Airlines International New York palace Director Mileage Plus, • How can you leverage ‘intelligent’ triggered Director, Marketing Systems, Regional VP of Revenue & Business System Analyst, United Airlines communications that engage, motivate and ExpressJet Airlines Distribution, Highgate Hotels Norwegian Cruise Line sustain customer interaction? Managing Director/Customer Marketing Manager - Fairmont CEO, Hotel Concepts Director, Business Intelligence Experience, United Airlines • How easy is it to deliver automated, President’s Club, fairmont Principal, Infosys Systems, Norwegian customized CRM campaigns that positively VP Customer Service, Hotels & Resorts Technologies Limited Cruise Line United Airlines impact your bottom line? Sales & Business Development, Account exec, Ingenio Manager, Business Intelligence Systems, Norwegian VP Mileage Plus, • To what extent can you ‘choreograph’ the google Business Development, Cruise Line United Airlines dance of customer communication in an Corporate Director of Revenue, Integrative Logic Marketing Dir of Loyalty Marketing, Associate Dean of Research, efficient and effective way? great Wolf Resorts group omni Hotels University of Houston • How important are elements such as timing, Brand Analyst, great Wolf Director of Global Consumer Resorts, Inc. Marketing, Intercontinental Director of Revenue, eCommerce Business Analyst, sequence, frequency, and pacing? Hotels group prism Hotels Vantage Hospitality group • What kind of results can programs like COO, great Wolf Resorts, Inc. Revenue Analyst, Interval Intl. Marketing Manager, Database Analyst, these deliver? Dir of CRM Development, Red Lion Hotels Walt Disney World Corp Dir of Marketing, great Janet Baratz, Account Director, ClickSquared Wolf Resorts, Inc. Intrawest Director of Marketing Account Executive, Assistant Vice President Programs, West Interactive GrupoPosadas, speaker to be announced shortly VP of Brand, great Wolf Marketing Strategy, Red Lion Hotels Corporation Director, Sales, SuperClubs, speaker to be announced shortly Resorts, Inc. JAL Hotels Co Ltd CFO, Robinson Rancheria West Interactive VP of Sales & Marketing, Resort Associate Analyst, Customer Director of Marketing great Wolf Resorts, Inc. Service & Support, Marketing Manager, Programs, WestCoast Director of Quality Assurance, Jupiter Research Robinson Rancheria Resort grupo posadas Hospitality Corp. Manager, LUo Corp Director of Marketing I.T Director, grupo posadas Director Product Development, Guest Relations Manager, RockResorts, Vail Resorts Manager of Quality Assurance, WestJet Meyer Real Estate Hospitality grupo posadas Director, World Wide SVP Customer Marketing Loyalty Programs Director, Marketing Director, grupo The Americas Division, Sol Country Tours & Revenue Management, posadas Morgans Hotel group Melia Hotels & Resorts SVP Loyalty & Direct Marketing, VP Marketing, Harrah’s Marketing Manager, Morrissey Director of Customer Insight, Wyndham Entertainment Hospitality Companies Starwood Hotels & Resorts ...and more Register online:
  • 5. To book online visit EARLY BIR D OFFER EXPIRES O N JANUARY 21 CRM and Loyalty Strategies for Travel March 4-5, Sheraton, Atlanta 3 EASy STEpS TO REGISTER NOW! 1. Your Choice of Registration Package Hotel Discounts EyeforTravel have negotiated a special rate for Please tick the package price box you require below: “This was great to learn how other conference attendees wishing to stay at the brands in different industries approach early Normal CRM and how they overcome obstacles hotel. More information will be sent to you upon BirD PriCes PriCes and take advantage of opportunities” registration. By 21st January 2009 After 21st January 2009 Mike Strong, americinn international Group Discounts GOLD The sooner you book the more you save! Early bird “The conference has been extremely offers could save you $100, so book soon to get the Includes: insightful and provided cross-industry best possible price. Plus the more people you bring, • 2 Day conference pass perspective on growing trends. This is the more you will save! If you buy 3 conference • North American Online $2565 $2665 my first EyeforTravel conference and I passes you will receive one free pass. Travel Report will most likely attend another” For more details on group discounts please call • CD-Rom (audio & Vicky Ogbogu, ata airlines Paul Lane on +44 (0) 207 375 7597 or presentations) email “Enlightening to listen about the vast SILVER directions towards which CRM is going Cancellation Policy Includes: for the travel industry” All conference places are fully transferable without any • 2 Day conference pass $1695 $1795 Diana Kopel, Copa airlines charge. Cancellations received before 5pm (GMT) time • CD-Rom (audio & on 15th February 2009 will not incur a penalty (credit card presentations) “The strength of the speakers at registrations are subject to a 5 % administration fee). this event has been unmatched at If written confirmation of a cancellation is not received any other travel events in delivering BRONZE real-world shared insights into travel by 5pm (GMT) time on 15th February 2009, we will be Includes: $1495 $1595 obliged to charge the full fee. Please note - you must marketing and CRM” inform the conference desk in writing of any cancellations 2 Day conference pass Mike Fitzpatrick, Cohorts on: Whilst every effort is made to maintain the advertised agenda, the organisers Buy a Gold Pass and Get eyefortravel’s North american online market report 2009 reserve the right to make changes without notice. This report will provide with up to the minute data leading companies, this report will help to strategically 3. Payment and strategic analysis of the US online travel market. position your company. Exploring historical data from Incorporating and overview of the market, as well 2002 and looking forward to 2010, this is an essential Please tick the package price box you require above: as detailed sector analyses which uncover trends of source of market intelligence that will enable you to Choose one of the following payment options: airlines, hotels and intermediaries, plus the insight into define your online strategy for 2009 and beyond. I enclose a cheque/draft for: $___________________ 2. Delegate Details (payable to First Conferences Ltd) Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations Please invoice my company: $___________________ Purchase Order No.:_____________________________ Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First Name: Please charge my credit card: $__________________ Last Name: Amex Visa Mastercard Company: Position/Title: Credit card number: Telephone: Fax: Expiry date: Email: Security Code (3 digits on the back of the card): Address: Name on card: State: Postcode/Zip: Signature: Country: NB: Full PaymeNt must Be reCeiveD BeFore tHe eveNt REGISTER ON SECURE WEBSITE:
  • 6. North America’s premier meeting place for CRM and Loyalty Marketers Register b e 21st Janua fore Part of EyeforTravel’s Sales and Marketing Series ry and SAVE $100 CRM and Loyalty Strategies for Travel 2009 March 4-5, Sheraton, Atlanta See who attended it last time! Learn from CRM leaders in travel CRM and Loyalty Strategies for Travel is the only travel-specific conference to give detailed insight into all top priority CRM issues. With networking as a key element of To see the full speaker list go to our this event, you will have ample time to meet your industry peers who are facing the website: same complex challenges as you. Just have a look at breakdown of our past attendees: Lincoln Barrett, VP of Marketing & CRM, 35% Director intercontinental Hotels Group 26% Manager Previous Attendees by Job Title 35% Director President 22% Vice Roxanne Ong, Director Brand Marketing 26% Manager 13% CEO/MD/President 22% Vice President 4% SVP/EVP and CRM, Luxury Brands Group, 13% CEO/MD/President Starwood Hotels and Resorts 35% Director 4% SVP/EVP 26% Manager Paul Briggs, Director of Customer Loyalty and 22% Vice President 13% CEO/MD/President Marketing, Travelocity 4% SVP/EVP Previous Attendees by Job Title Michelle Bozoki, Director of Marketing Communications, marriott and Renaissance Previous Attendees by Job Title Caribbean and mexico Resorts Sandeep Govil, Director of Revenue Management Previous Attendees by Job Title and Science Analytics, Wyndham Hotel Group Previous Attendees by Sector Alison Cripps, Consultant, LoyaltyOne Consulting Contributing Editor, Colloquy 35% Hotels/Resorts/Accommodation Providers 35% Hotels/Resorts/Accommodation Providers Kristen Manion, Director of Direct Marketing and 22% Technology/Marketing Solution Providers 22% Technology/Marketing Solution Providers 17% Other Suppliers (Airlines, Car, Car, Cruises) 17% Other Suppliers (Airlines, Cruises) CRM, Delta airlines 14% Press/Academics?Consultants 14% Press/Academics?Consultants 12% Online Travel Agencies Janet Baratz, Account Director, ClickSquared 12% Online Travel Agencies 35% Hotels/Resorts/Accommodation Providers Ken Bott, Director of Consumer Marketing and CRM, 22% Technology/Marketing Solution Providers intercontinental Hotels Group 17% Other Suppliers (Airlines, Car, Cruises) 14% Press/Academics?Consultants Bill Hayden, Associate Vice President, Marketing 12% Online Travel Agencies Previous Attendee by Sector Previous Attendeessby Sector Planning & Strategy, Royal Caribbean international 5 EASy WAyS TO REGISTER Vicky Stennes, VP- Inflight Experience, JetBlue airways Natasa Christodoulidou, Assistant Professor of Previous Attendees by Sector Marketing, California State University - Email Patrycja Bobek at - We will need Dominguez Hills your full contact details to process your registration Dan Miller, Director of Newsletters, Cheapflights Sumeet Bahl, Director of Sales Technology, Fax Back this form to 0044 207 375 7200 american airlines Kulin Strimbu, President, TripTelevision Call The booking line: 0044 207 375 7216 Nathan Clapton, Senior Director of Brand Distribution, Tripadvisor OnlinE Go to and submit your details Brian Goehring, Associate Partner of IBM Global for instant for instant confirmation. You can pay directly Services, iBm on the secure website or request an invoice. Greg Hopkins, Co-Founder & CEO, libra OnDemand mail This form to: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 7-9 Fashion Beatrice Robbins, Corporate Director of CRM, Street, London E1 6PX, United Kingdom morgans Group Hotel Call the Booking Line on: 0044 207 375 7551 (UK)