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Attention Small business in Illinois are you looking for answers about how the Affordable Care Act will effect your business? Then join the Small business Healthcare Consortium and let your voice be heard in Springfield. We are like you small business owners who are making our voices heard in the halls of power. Join us Today. Remember in unity there is strength

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Small Business Healthcare Consortium

  1. 1. Join Us! The Voice of Small Business Must Be Heard!What is the Small Business Health Care Are you a small business owner, self-employedConsortium? entrepreneur, or non-profit executive who isWe are a new, tax-exempt non-partisan coalition ofsmall businesses that serves to... concerned about health insurance?„„ enable the collective voice of small businesses to You are not alone! have a direct impact on controlling health care costs in Illinois. Did you know that…„„ educate about the impact of health reform, control „„ employees consider healthcare benefits one of the top reasons for joining the excesses of the health insurance industry and a company? Without access to affordable, quality healthcare your small improve transparency. business is at a disadvantage to attain and retain top talent.„„ encourage small business friendly health reform „„ the Affordable Care Act has many benefits, such as tax credits, already in legislation and regulations. place for eligible small businesses and non profits?„„ represent the broad diversity of small businesses „„ there will be a new state exchange (marketplace) that small business will throughout the state. be able to access? A governing board of the new State insurance exchange„„ foster health reform changes that enable will be established, and the insurance companies want a seat(s) at that more small businesses and their employees table and no cost containment measures. to access affordable health insurance. Why Should You Join? Because you need to be up to date on what is happening. We know you care about keeping your employees healthy, with access to quality treatment when necessary. And, even though you want to do the Who should join? right thing for your employees, it may be not be financially possible for you to provide employer sponsored health insurance. Small business owners with But did you know some small businesses, like yours, who do provide health 100 or fewer employees, insurance may be paying as much as 18% more than larger companies? Did you know that Illinois health insurance companies have amassed over $30 billion self-employed entrepreneurs dollars in reserves, beyond what is needed to cover medical obligations? and non-profits are encouraged Make no mistake, the Affordable Care Act will be implemented with many of to join. Our goal is to reflect the implementation decisions being made at the State level—with or without the collective voice of small businesses! the broad diversity of small By becoming a member of the SBHCC you will have the opportunity to shape businesses throughout the state how health care coverage for small businesses changes in Illinois. Insurance (e.g. type of business, geography, companies want a seat(s) at the table of the governing board of the new State insurance exchange. As a member of SBHCC you can help limit their impact ethnicity, gender, etc.) on the decisions that will determine the rates you pay for insurance.
  2. 2. What are your direct benefits of joining? If you want to work for„„ Participation in educational webinars that provide up to date information positive change through about important health reform changes, regulations and how they will impact you, your business, your employees and your peers. health care reform and you„„ Get timely information about health reform legislative and policy want your ideas and concerns changes and receive assistance in how and when to talk with your legislators or policy makers as changes are proposed, along with letter heard then you should to the editor templates.„„ Gain access to a small business web site that consolidates Illinois and join us! national health reform educational material and other resources. See Join with us at the SBHCC!„„ Network with other small businesses via the web and in person to share Your Name: your health care story and ideas for change – in person, through video on the small business web site or through the media and testify before legislative committees in Springfield. Business Name: Your Business Title: Street Address: City, State, Zip: Work Phone: Cell Phone: Fax: About Us Email: The Small Business Health Care Consortium is a project of the Illinois Campaign for Better Healthcare (CBHC). Website: CBHC is a grassroots coalition founded in 1989 on the belief that accessible, affordable quality health care is a basic human right. Yes, I want to join the Small Business Health Care Consortium. I authorize my name and business to be listed as a member and have It is a non-partisan, non-profit organization consisting enclosed my $100 annual, tax deductible, membership fee – payable to the Campaign for Better Health Care or I authorize my credit card charge: of more than 300 local and statewide organizations Donate Securely Online at: representing consumers, healthcare workers and providers, community organization, seniors, religious, labor and disability Credit Card Number (Master Card/Visa): rights organizations and, most importantly, --- small businesses just like you. / Security Code:  Expires: Check (Payable to Campaign for Better Health Care) Signature: Date: Visit our website to see our Steering Committee and health reform resources, such as fact sheets, legislation and current events. Please detach this signed, completed form, include payment check if applicable, and mail it to: Campaign for Better Health Care We welcome your questions and participation. Please contact 44. E. Main Street, Suite 414 Joyce Harant at 309-648-3035 or Champaign, IL 61820