Production Surveillance Dashboard


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Integrated Production Surveillance Dashboards are gaining wider recognition and adoption in E&P organizations as an effective technology enabler. These have now become an integral part of operating philosophy for E&P companies.

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Production Surveillance Dashboard

  1. 1. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL1ProductionSurveillanceDashboardMaking them Work
  2. 2. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL2Production SurveillanceDashboardHIGHLIGHTSIntegrated Production SurveillanceDashboards are gaining wider recognitionand adoption in E&P organizations as aneffective technology enabler. These havenow become an integral part of operatingphilosophy for E&P companies.This paper describes various pitfalls whileimplementing Production SurveillanceDashboard, with their impacts which occur withalarming frequency across the organizationsand leading practices to avoid them
  3. 3. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL3Drivers for Wider Adoption of Dashboards1. Need for better production surveillance2. Improving engineers’ productivity(higher well to engineer ratio)3. Workflow standardization4. Constant push towards proactiveoptimization through better and fasterunderstanding of the asset performance
  4. 4. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL4Architectural Topology of Surveillance DashboardPresentation LayerBusiness Logic LayerIntegration LayerReal-TimeData SystemHydrocarbonAccountingSystemCorporateData StoreWellEngineeringSystemAlarmManagementSystemFoundational Data Source Layer
  5. 5. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL5Pitfalls and ImpactCOMMON PITFALLS PROJECT IMPACT AREACentrally-led “push” approach failing tocreate asset buy-inLack of Right Level of BusinessParticipationAdopting a big-bang approach to deliverlarge scope of workFailing to address data and ITinfrastructure quality issuesUnderestimation of skills required forproject executionBusiness Buy-InOrganization Buy-in,Scope, Quality & ScheduleScope, Schedule, Qualityand BudgetOrganization Buy-in andQualityQuality, Schedule andCost
  6. 6. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL6Leading Practices for Effective ExecutionCentral team should establish a mutually beneficialpartnership with assets based on common interests351Establishing business stewardship through rightproject organizational designAdopting an incremental delivery approach to mangerisks and demonstrate valueDetecting infrastructure and data issues early on andestablishing initiatives and funding within organization tofix them before or during project implementationStaffing project with right set of Business Analysts, TechnicalArchitects and SMEs with proven credentials in delivering similarprojects; seek outside help if skills are not available in-house24
  7. 7. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL7Conclusion E&P companies implementing surveillancedashboards should closely watch out for theseimplementation pitfalls. Organizations should adopt incremental deliveryapproach as an overriding leading practice. Thiswould allow building smaller functionalities,understanding the pitfalls, learning from them andmaking necessary course correction. Integrated Production Surveillance Dashboardsimplementation should be seen as businesscapability development and the business goalshould be on delivering a robust and scalableplatform that would accommodate future businessgrowth and accompanying organizational andprocess changes.
  8. 8. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL8For more details please visit the link below:
  9. 9. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL9Wipro set up the Council for Industry Research, comprised of domainand technology experts from the organization, to address the needs ofcustomers. It specifically surveys innovative strategies that will helpcustomers gain competitive advantage in the market. The Council, incollaboration with leading academic institutions and industry bodies,studies market trends to help equip organizations with insights tofacilitate their IT and business strategies.For more information on the Research Council or mail wipro.insights@wipro.comAbout Wipro Council for Industry Research
  10. 10. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL10About Wipro TechnologiesWipro Technologies, the global IT business ofWipro Limited (NYSE:WIT) is a leading InformationTechnology, Consulting and Outsourcing company,that delivers solutions to enable its clients dobusiness better. Wipro Technologies deliverswinning business outcomes through its deepindustry experience and a 360 degree view of“Business through Technology” – helping clientscreate successful and adaptive businesses. Acompany recognised globally for its comprehensiveportfolio of services, a practitioner’s approach todelivering innovation and an organization widecommitment to sustainability, Wipro Technologieshas over 140,000 employees and clients across 54countries.For more information, please visit
  11. 11. © 2013 WIPRO LTD | WWW.WIPRO.COM | CONFIDENTIAL11Thank You©Wipro Limited, 2013. All rights reserved.For more information visit www.wipro.comNo part of this document may be reproduced inwhole or in part without the written permission of theauthors.Wipro is not liable for any business outcome basedon the views presented in this document. For specificimplementation clients should take advise from theirclient engagement manager.
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