Viafo - Making Your App Social (mHealth Summit 2012 WIPJam)


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Viafo - Making Your App Social (mHealth Summit 2012 WIPJam)

  1. 1. Always Socially ConnectedToo difficult to achieve? Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  2. 2. PEOPLE LOVE TO TALK ABOUT WHAT THEY ARE DOING in 2010 in 2011 via Facebook via Facebook 38% 56% Other ways Other ways 51% 27% via Twitter via Twitter 17% 11% Content is king, a social currency for users where Social Networks act as the digital exchange. And this exchange is growing ever more valuable… Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  3. 3. User Satisfaction A SIMPLE PRINCIPLE Users commit time to engagement through a mobile device when the effort is rewarding and painless… Brand Performance Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  4. 4. GETTING THERE By prioritizing userUser Satisfaction engagement, ensuring it is a valued experience and making it social, you have the best chance of winning over the audience… Social …and earning more of their time Context Brand Performance Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  5. 5. THERE ARE A FEW HURDLES Step 1 is getting there  Ensure that any user action is simple to  It’s your product, but it can fall victim to carry out outside influences  Overcome any dependencies on third  There are multiple third party Social parties that impact the user experience Networks meaning lots of integration effort  Make Social an integral part of the app  These third parties often make changes to and/or site design their code, meaning you have to revisit  Build a brand(ed) experience yours  Remove unnecessary development costs  E.g. any change to your app means re- as this money is better spent elsewhere publishing through the app stores  Changes may mean a complete rethink of how things work in your app or site Step 2 critically, is staying there Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  6. 6. WE’VE SOLVED THE PROBLEM What is the Viafo Gateway? An integrated social services platform that means you no longer have to anticipate what those big social network players are doing in the background. Quite simply, your social gateway. Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  7. 7. HOW VIAFO WORKS ViafoThe Client Service Gateway Localization & Gamification Plug-Insintegrates Viafo Service Usage and Analytics CollectionGateway code into yourproduct once, either within theAPI or directly into theirapplication codeClient’s audiencecan use their favorite social andlocation services seamlessly fromwithin the app. and many more! Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  8. 8. VALUE TO BRAND 73% of mobile app usersYou have the user in the palm of agree that they expect aYOUR hand: companys mobile app to be easier to use than its Strong brand positioning website. Empowerment to react to user sentiment Strengthens management of cross Harris Interactive Survey 2011 channel comms Increases user sessions Increases inventory valueBrands create social value through the way they design theirproducts and the way they communicate with consumers. Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  9. 9. WHAT WE’RE WORKING ON… Regional Controls to adapt for local Regional Social Networks markets. For instance, in China you can remove China, Russia, RoW Facebook and add RenRen ‘Game your App’ by adding badges, scoring for social actions, leader boards incl tracking Additional Stats with integration to existing analytics services More APIs incl carrier APIs Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  10. 10. BloodSprint – Social Blood Donation Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  11. 11. BLOODSPRINT – MAKING BLOOD DONATION SOCIALBringing social and gamification to an alerts and notification service for blooddonation.Currently seeking sponsors to take the app to market. Powering the SoLoMo app economy
  12. 12. DAVID O’NEILL – CEO VIAFO206 972 1140DAVID@VIAFO.COM Powering the SoLoMo app economy