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  • 1. TOUCHMEDIA-DRIVING YOUR MESSAGE HOME Taxi advertising is the medium thats set to revolutionize the outdoor advertising market in Bangkok. Imagine a billboard ad thats double–sided, and thats constantly at eye level, constantly on the move, constantly the centre of interaction, and a major focus of the business and tourism worlds. It is also stunningly different and unique. Intrusive enough and targeted enough to grab a lot of attention. No other Media can command as many impressions for the AD Baht Spend. Over 40% of the Outdoor Ad Budgets in the US and Europe are spent on Transit Advertising with Taxis being the biggest component! Taxi advertising is now available in Thailand with Touchmedia.The Outdoor Advertising Association in the US promotes the concept of the Third Space— the time we spend out–of–home and out–of–office. Taxi advertising fills this Third Space perfectly, connecting with consumers whilst theyre out and about, and engaging with them during their down–time between activities.
  • 2. THIRD SPACEBangkok lifestyleData source: Consumer Research 2010
  • 4. PRODUCTION / INSTALLATION Our Goal in managing your Taxi Advertising Campaign is simple — produce results ON TIME, ON BUDGET. The actual Production Process begins about 4 weeks before Roll Out — the actual Post Date on your Contract. After Creative Conferences and Design Selection / Changes, and Review of Proofs, you giveus your Approval of Final Art. Thats the Trigger Date. From that point, everything must occur correctly in order to meet Roll Out and fulfil your Placement Agreement.From the Start Date, your Taxi Media will be Ordered from Printing. We review all software image files of the Final Proof with our Printers to assure correct Pantone Colour Matching and CMYK subtractions / conversions. Test runs are made on actual Roof tops for sizing adjustments and assessment of maximum Colour Impact. Our Production Manager must approve all Pre–Press prior to the Production run of your Ads. Once Roof tops and stickers have been printed, we prepare an Invoice billing you for Printing andInstallation costs. For new clients, we also prepare, at the same time, a second Billing representing your Ad Space Invoice for your initial Taxi Ad Flight. Upon receipt of confirmation of payment, we commence the Install Process. Discounts are available for Early Payment. Subsequent Ad Space Billings, when approved, can be on a Net 30 basis . Once the roof tops have been fitted and plastic frames installed photos are taken showing the taxi number. This process is repetead every two weeks free of charge to ensure our commitment to you. This can be done on a weekly basis for an additional fee.
  • 5. AUDIENCE MEASUREMENTWhat Advertisers want (and need) from an Advertising Campaign are potential impressions expressed as CPM (Cost per Thousand), CPP (Cost per Rating Point) and GRP (Gross Rating Points per Ad Buy). CPM is a function of how many potential viewers saw the Ad; CPP expresses cost as a percent (Points) of a givenpopulation; and GRP represents the Total Number of Rating Points achieved with a given Ad Buy. Each element of a MultiMedia Buy has its unique CPM, CPP and GRP. More importantly, each element of a Multi Media Campaign has its unique Audience and Relevancy to that Audience, or Target Market. Generally speaking, Advertising Weight is a desired GRP. Advertising Managers are constantly challenged to increase GRP and reduce CPM / CPP. Taxi Advertising has a remarkable ability to produce those results — sometimes over Ten Fold! NUMBER OF VIEWS PER MONTH PER 100 TAXIS: 1.3 PASSENGERS X 36 TRIPS X 30 DAYS X 100 TAXIS = 140,400
  • 6. AREA MAPManaging your campaign - target your customer
  • 7. TAXI VIEWER USER PROFILE Occupation Income others 8.0 Less than 25,000 14.0 Student 12.0 25,000-50,000 32.0Employee 36.0 More than 50,000 54.0 PMBEs 44.0 Data source: expressway authority of Thailand
  • 8. TAXI VIEWER USER PROFILE Gender Age 18-25 12.0 Male 55.0 26-35 26.0Female 45.0 36-50 44.0 50 up 18.0 Data source: expressway authority of Thailand
  • 9. NUMBER OF VEHICLE IS VIEWING TAXI ON EXPRESSWAY 1,400,000 Cars per Day 43,000,000 Cars per Month Data source: expressway authority of Thailand
  • 10. Average Passenger 1.9 persons/car Seen by 81,700,000 viewers Data source: expressway authority of Thailand
  • 11. GROWTH RATE - NUMBER OF VIEWERS RISING BY 10% THIS YEAR Average Average Average Growth Day Month Year Rate2551 1.1 M. 33.482 M. 401.779 M. 1.4 %2552 1.234 M. 37.514 M. 450.163 M. 3.7 %2553 1.321 M. 40.165 M. 481.972 M. 8%2554 1.4 M. 43 M. 505.359 M. 10 % Data source: expressway authority of Thailand
  • 12. TAXI FACTS• Low cost per thousand impressions.• High reach, high frequency inescapable viewing.• Advertising you cant throw away like newspapers or magazines.• Advertising you cant switch off like TV and Radio.• Dramatic illuminated signs providing visible Ads both night and day.• Prime location, location, location — taxis go where people go.• Takes your message to the consumer.• Taxi advertising is targeted, intrusive and highly effective.• Illuminated advertising increases audience impact by 16%.• Taxis area the only public transport vehicle operating 24 hrs/day, 7days/wk with access to all areas of the City
  • 13. Touchmedia - drivingyour message home Thank You!