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  • 1.  WHAT HAVE WE DONE SO FAR : WE HELD THE FIRST TRANSNATIONAL MEETING IN ELAZIG TURKIYE ON 10-11TH OCTOBER. We met and loved each other very much. Established a base line , Revised workplan, Scheduled trans-national meetings, and Set tasks.
  • 2. Presented our countries, cities and schools. ECOLE MATERNELLE BOURBON L’ARCHAMBAULT, FRANCE
  • 3. Presented our countries, cities and schools. KINDERGARTEN NUMBER 240 WARSAW, POLAND
  • 4. Presented our countries, cities and schools. RUBERY NURSERY SCHOOL BIRMINGHAM, UK
  • 5. Presented our countries, cities and schools. PAOLA GUARNERI PRE-SCHOOL BRESCIA, ITALY
  • 6. Presented our countries, cities and schools. CENTRO ESCOLAR ASSENTIS E CHANCELARIA TORRES NOVAS, PORTUGAL
  • 7. Presented our countries, cities and schools. ELAZIG PRE-SCHOOL ELAZIG, TURKEY
  • 8. Pre-school education (3-6 YearsOld) comprehends two components: Pre-primay school (age 3-6 years –one educational, which is the not compulsory, but attended by 99%responsibility of the Ministery of the of childrenEducation, with a daily lenght of fivehours and another of family supportwhich is the responsibility of themunicipalities, with a daily.
  • 9. A child at the age of 3 to 5 may Attendance at French nursery school is optional, chilcare being compulsory fromreceive pre-school education, which age 6. However are welcomed about 23%is not compulsory, but all six year-old of children aged 2 years, 95% of childrenchildren attend either kindergartens or 3 years and almost all children ages 4 andpre-school classes organized in 5. They are free and secular publicprimary schools schools
  • 10. In Turkey, preschool education, which isoptional, includes the education of childrenin the 3-4 years of age group, Preschooleducation is given in kindergartens,preparatory classrooms, applicationclassrooms, nursery schools and day-carehomes by various ministries and institutions,and by the Ministry of National Educationmost of all. Pre-school education iscompulsory for 6 years old children .
  • 11.  Turkey prepared the project brochure
  • 12.  Poland designed the web-site of the project. http://littleeuropeansknoweachother.blogspot.comLITTLE EUROPEANS KNOW EACH OTH
  • 13. Italy designed the logo for the project.
  • 14. Thank you for your participation and contributions