Michael B. Winters1041 Euclid Ave, San Gabriel, CA 91776626-319-6776winters_michael@sbcglobal.netLinkedIn http://www.linke...
APPOINTMENTS AND BOARD MEMBERSHIPSAppointed and served one two year term for the City of San Gabriel California as a Plann...
Member of two Discipline Work Groups for the Office of Academic Senate for CommunityColleges in development of a State of ...
CEO, Water Solutions for Life 2010-PresentGeneral Partner, Great Lakes Green Energy Solutions 2008-PresentChief Learning O...
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Michael Winters Resume 4 2013


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I provide contract, and direct employment service temporary and semi permanent services for private sector companies in developing public sector relationships. I provide educational instruction, curriculum development, and professional development training for educators in Middle school and High School in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math (STEM) in common core standards collaborative project based implementation. I provide analysis of corrective solutions for water, energy efficiency, and renewable energy solutions.

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Michael Winters Resume 4 2013

  1. 1. Michael B. Winters1041 Euclid Ave, San Gabriel, CA 91776626-319-6776winters_michael@sbcglobal.netLinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=44959616&trk=tab_proOBJECTIVEEducate and consult to public sector institutions on sustainable environmental/social/economicsolutions by integrating technology, science, and innovation. Provide instruction in communitysettings on interdisciplinary opportunities in existing careers for sustainable solutions for improvingour impact on the earth.SUMMARYRun and operate in the position of CEO two organizations part time, Water Solutions for Lifeand the COO of Sustainable Collaborative Sustainable Solutions (both non-profitorganizations).Certified and trained presenter for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project on the science behindcurrent climate issues.Grant writer, research project writer, and environmental issues policy writer.For 12 years was a teacher teaching in a public high school teaching courses in construction,engineering, architecture, and technology, with an emphasis in energy generation,environmental issues, waste management, water, and urban planning.Former Chief Learning Officer and General Manager for a Los Angeles based nonprofitorganization focusing on environmental education and workforce development through energyand water related projects.Co-founder of Great Lakes Green Energy Solutions, a company in the great lakes region whichimplemented urban wind solutions using Architectural Wind technology.Appointed and served the City of San Gabriel in the capacity of a planning commissioner onetwo-year term during the development of an updated general plan.Trained and obtained journeyman status as a carpenter in residential and commercialconstruction and retrained as a fitter in pipe and structural steal obtaining journeyman status inindustrial and commercial construction. Management positions and field installation positionsheld during the 33 years of working in and associated with the construction industry: Secondaryeducation credential in construction trades, operations manger, project manager, projectorganizer, foreman, journeyman, pipefitter, and carpenter, working in industrial petro-chemicalconstruction, as well as commercial, and residential, construction.Network IT computer manager, PC assembler, and PC technician of computers and networksfor CAD, engineering and construction companies.EDUCATIONMaster of Arts in Organizational Management - Azusa Pacific UniversityBachelor of Science in Applied Management - Azusa Pacific University
  2. 2. APPOINTMENTS AND BOARD MEMBERSHIPSAppointed and served one two year term for the City of San Gabriel California as a PlanningCommissioner on a mandated Brown Act appointment from 2001-2003.Appointed and served one two year term by the San Gabriel Unified School District SchoolBoard to the San Gabriel Board Advisory Improvement Committee (BAIC) on a mandatedBrown Act appointment, serving in the capacity as a teacher member assisting in writing thebylaws for the newly formed committee and providing community input on upcoming schoolboard action items from 2006-2008.Appointed and served the California Conservation Corps Southern California as a volunteer inthe position of educator representative on the Green Board of Directors for the State of CaliforniaConservation Corps, Southern California division, providing guidance to the corps for green jobworkforce development program implementation from 2009-2011.Appointed and served the California Public Utilities Commission as a volunteer member for theWorkforce Education and Training working group to develop and implement the CaliforniaEnergy Conservation Strategic Plan Workforce Education and Training element from 2009-2011.Appointed and severed on two California Statewide Career Pathways Projects Discipline WorkGroups developing and completing articulation pathways from secondary education into postsecondary programs in Green construction from 2007-2008 and Green/ EnvironmentalTechnology from 2008-2009.Appointed and served in the capacity of teacher representative for the California Green SchoolsAdvisory Board in Sacramento under the Green Action team lead by Rosario Marin- Chairperson and David Crippens- Program Development Coordinator creating the K-12 Teachers andstudent summit portion of the inaugural K-12 Green Schools Conference in 2007.Appointed and severed two, two year terms as a teacher representative in the capacity of ViceChair of the Gabrielino School Site Council from 2003-2007.Appointed to various San Gabriel Unified School District and Gabrielino High Schoolcommittees on Technology, Carl Perkins Career Technical Education advisory committees,articulation agreement committees with local Pasadena City College, and WASC accreditationplan development for Gabrielino High School and Los Angeles County Regional OccupationalProgram.ORGANIZATIONAL ACTIVITIESFounded and currently operate a non-profit corporation that develops water, energy and wastesolution projects in K-16 public institutions, engaging and empowering students in the projectdevelopment and implementation phases, providing them with a productive work experienceand resulting in positive workforce development.Founded and currently operate a humanitarian organization that provides clean drinking waterfor individuals in Pakistan. Personally traveled there several times for a total of three months toPakistan from September 2010 through May 2011, working on flood related relief, floodrestoration and science education focusing on environmental and water related activities.Initiated, wrote intent language, and testified on behalf of AB2679 (2010) regarding grid neutralschools in California.Developed, and implemented for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, water studyof 120 Los Angeles Unified School District middle and high Schools. Coordinated and hiredforty-three 14 to 25 year olds who audited all interior bathrooms, and all outdoor irrigationsystems. Analyzed results and created a comprehensive water conservation plan.Created a UC approved course in science for LAUSD in Environmental technology.
  3. 3. Member of two Discipline Work Groups for the Office of Academic Senate for CommunityColleges in development of a State of California Articulation template in Green and SustainableConstruction and Environmental Technology.Co-wrote and obtained a grant from BP for the purchase and installation of urban wind turbinesat Gabrielino High School in the San Gabriel Unified School District. Instructed students andprovided oversight of the students in performing the installation of three turbines.Classroom educator that organized and advised extra curricular activities in community service,and technology. Wrote grants and received $83,500 for energy related projects. In spring of 2007prepared and presented a renewable energy and disaster preparedness K-12 proposal and gainedmatching fund support of $500,000.00 from the president of the California Public UtilitiesCommission, Michael Peevey.Classroom teacher and extra curricular student club advisor for Rotary International’s highSchool Interact program. Club advisor for five years on the Metropolitan Water Districts SolarCup solar electric boat completion where students finished in 2009 in third place overall.Implemented an integrated learning environment that combined engineering, architecture,technology, and construction into an environmental technology program in renewable energyrelated to Bio diesel fuel, solar photovoltaic’s, solar thermal, wind, and hydrogen. Supervisedwork on community based projects ranging from physical construction on and off the schoolcampus, research, development, fabrication and installation of new technologies related toenergy production, biodiesel fuel, hydrogen, wind, and solar.Applied and accepted as a research fellow at California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) inCal Tech’s Summer Research Connection inaugural summer program researching microbialGrowth in Biodiesel Fuel at Oak Crest Research Laboratory in Pasadena California.Lab coordinator and teaching support for John Hopkins University at Pasadena City Collegesummer session for John Hopkins Engineering schools Engineering 1010 course “Intro toEngineering”.Speaker and workshop presenter for the State of California Regional Occupational Program andLos Angeles County Regional Occupational Conferences training teachers in instructionalstrategies for community project based learning. Speaker and workshop presenter for the State ofCalifornia School to Careers Conference and California Industrial Teachers Associationcoordinator in instructional strategies and professional development training for CaliforniaDepartment of Education in Career Technical Education.Content author for San Gabriel Unified School District education related project plans,Gabrielino High School Digital High School Plan, San Gabriel Unified School DistrictTechnology Plan, and Curriculum and Instruction CTE portion of two Gabrielino High SchoolWASC accreditation Self Study reports.Operations manager for Irvine Welding the steel fabrication division of a Rehmann Constructiona general engineering contractor firm performing duties of allocation of materials, labor,overhead cost, and progress billing for up to twenty projects at one time varying in size, each upto $1 million dollars.Field supervisor in construction and maintenance projects, overseeing work performed bymultiple crafts and trades in petro-chemical and industrial construction, and succeeded withexplicit performance criteria and project timelines.EMPLOYMENT HISTORYCOO, Collaborative Sustainable Solutions 2011-Present
  4. 4. CEO, Water Solutions for Life 2010-PresentGeneral Partner, Great Lakes Green Energy Solutions 2008-PresentChief Learning Officer and GM,Infrastructure Academy Education nonprofit 2009-2010Generation Power, workforce development 2009-2010TeacherInfrastructure Academy/Los Angeles Ed Nonprofit, 2008-2010Gabrielino High School/San Gabriel Unified School District, 1997-2009Cal Tech Summer Research Teacher-Microbial Growth in Bio Diesel 2008John Hopkins University Teacher- Summer Engineering Innovation 2007Operation Manager R & S Excavation Inc. 1996-2000Project Management/ Project Organizer/General Foreman,Rehmann Construction / Irvine Welding 1992-1996Computer Systems Integrator/ Technician, Enhanced Technologies 1989-1992CREDENTIALSDesignated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential Secondary/Adult Ed Full TimeCarpentry, Computer Applications, Small Business Ownership and/or Management,Hazardous Material OccupationsCalifornia Basic Education Skills TestFormally Certified Hazardous Waster Operational Person Emergency Responder , Pitman CraneOperator, Forklift operator, Confined Space, Shoring supervisorReferences can be provided upon request.