Frederick Douglass and Stephen King


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I had to compare and contrast a modern author and a classic author.

SlideShare messed up the font I used. D:

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Frederick Douglass and Stephen King

  1. 1. Fred erick D ouglass and Stephen K ing By wintercool61 2
  2. 2. Early L ife Fred erick D ouglass Stephen K ing• H e was born in • Born in M aine in 1 947 February 1 81 8 • Raised by his m other in• H e d ied in 1 895 d ue to a Ind iana, but m ostly m assive heart attack lived in M aine• H e escaped slavery and • After college, he was a m arried Anna M urray- teacher before he could D ouglass write full tim e• H e is a strong • H e m oved a lot as an abolitionist and is a ad ult, but he lives m ost fem inist of his life in M aine
  3. 3. C hild hood Fred erick D ouglass Stephen K ing• H e was taught the • H e watched his friend alphabet by the wife of get hit by a train his owner • This m ay have• After that he taught psychologically inspired him self to read and him to write horror write stories• The C olum bian O rator • H e also wrote a lot in helped d efine his views school on hum an rights
  4. 4. Ad ulthood Fred erick D ouglass Stephen K ing• William L loyd Garrison • In 1 999 K ing got hit by inspired him a car• H e joined m any • H is pain alm ost caused abolitionist m eetings him to retire and clubs • H e d id n’t retire, but the• After he gave his first event d id slow d own his speech he was writing encouraged to be an anti-slavery lecturer
  5. 5. Im portant L ife Events Fred erick D ouglass Stephen K ing• D uring his two years in • H is first novel C arrie Ireland and Britain, he was only finished gained support outsid e because his wife took it of the U .S. out of the trash and• H is child hood shaped asked him to finish it his autobiographies • This started his career as• L ysand er Spooner a writer helped red efine his id eology
  6. 6. Influence From World Events Fred erick D ouglass Stephen K ing• H e m ad e plans with • The start of the L incoln to get freed popularity of cell slaves out of the south phones inspired his• H e served as a recruiter book C ell for the 5th M assachusetts • C ell is about every cell Regim ent phone user becom ing a• H e spoke at L incoln’s m ind less killer funeral
  7. 7. M ajor Them es O f Their Works Fred erick D ouglass Stephen K ing• Ignorance as a tool of • H e used every possible slavery them e, in the horror• Treatm ent of slaves as genre, that he could property think of• K nowled ge as a path to • Realistic d etail freed om • Forceful plotting• Slavery’s d am aging • H is ability to involve effect on slavehold ers and scare his read ers
  8. 8. Public’s Responses Fred erick D ouglass Stephen K ing• H e received alm ost • C ritics have given him entirely positive reviews m ostly positive reviews• M agaret Fuller claim ed : • O ne of the few “We have never read [a exceptions is S.T. Joshi, narrative] with m ore he d oesn’t find K ing’s sim ple, true, coherent, characters to be and warm with genuine believable feeling.”
  9. 9. Influences Fred erick D ouglass Stephen K ing• D ouglass only wrote • Richard M atheson about him self in his influenced him m ost as published books a writer• H e was never • K ing d oesn’t claim to influenced by other be influenced by any authors because he other writers, but he is a d id n’t get to read as fan of John D . m uch as a child M acD onald
  10. 10. Bibliography• D ouglass, Fred erick. Life and times of F rederick D ouglass. H artford , C T: Park, 1 883. Print.• "K ing, Stephen." Britannica Biographies (201 1 ): 1 . Middle Search Plus. Web. 2 M ar. 201 2.• "Stephen K ing." Wikipedia. Wikim ed ia• Found ation, 03 Feb. 201 2. Web. 02 M ar. 201 2. < http:/ en.wikiped / wiki/Stephen_K ing> .