The death punishment


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The death punishment

  1. 1. Ploy Phataraprasit<br />26/02/09<br />English 10 Period 4<br />Mr. Stefan<br />The Death Punishment<br />In this world, capital punishment has been decreasing the population of countries using this method. People therefore have the right to abolish this severe punishment that cause suffering and pain for the family of the victim or the victim themselves. Therefore, the Amnesty International policy on the Death Penalty should be implemented by all countries, because capital punishment has been proven to harm innocent victims, it doesn’t allow prisoners the opportunity to make restitution and it does not reduce crime.<br />The Capital Punishment has shown the results of harming innocent victims who they found out later was not to blame even though they were sentence as guilty. Mpagi Edward Edmary was accused of murdering a man who was later found to be alive and well, he mentioned that the “life is terrible on death row” and that “no one was ever given any notice that they would be executed” (Stop the Death). As a result this has shown that capital punishment does not exactly bring justice but can kill innocent peoples. Next on charge of murdering two people, Sakae Menda a Japanese guy who the court decide to sentence him to death. He have “saw off many death row inmate to their end” and waiting for his turn to come (Stop the Death). This shows the result of suffering and painful to the victim in experiencing the life of the executioner. Last punishment a guy name Ray Krone, a man who was suspect of murdering a waitress who fall in love with him; which in the end he was “sentence to death for a crime which [he] did not” commit (Stop the Death). This punishment demonstrates the ideas and decision of how the court treat penalty on each people, even if the victim has got nothing to do with it. These three men “was sentence to death for a crime they did not commit - and each shared a brutal experience of living on death row,” and still survive from the punishment that harm them, as a result the capital punishment is harming victims who is ultimately innocence (Stop the Death).<br />The Punishment that harms the innocent is harsh and cruel; making the victim loses the chance to reform themselves by killing them. This judgment human being causes from their mind and instinct effect the other whom doesn’t have the opportunity to make restitution. An Egyptian national, Mustafa Ibrahim “was beheaded in Saudi Arabia…for the practice of sorcery” which they didn’t even gave him chances of reform and also with only this little error; they have killed him (Secrecy). This shows the unfair judgment human being can be; they can kill even one little mistake one causes and take away the life of one person who done something wrong in a period of time. In addition, next on the role a father of two kids name Ja’Far Kiani “was stoned to death for adultery in Iran,” this incident is normal for nowadays period furthermore it is not natural to put this as a crime and kill them (Secrecy). This shows that the punishment is too, cruel and harsh; it doesn’t also take away the like of the victims, but it also take away the opportunity for the kids to lead a normal life. In North Korean a 75 year-old “factory manager was shot by firing squad…for failing to declare his family background investing his own money in the factory, appointing his children as its managers and making international phone calls” (Secrecy). This significantly expose the result of an unfair judgment; killing someone with these kinds of fact, even if they have been in debt or having a problem, they shouldn’t be kill with some small problem like this. Overall, death penalty is cruel and harsh enough to make the victim loses the chances to reform, furthermore a lot more criminal still wandered around the world waiting for their turn to come.<br /> Crime happening nowadays doesn’t reduce it number at all; people still cause crime even though they know that in the end their punishment would be severe. “Countries with capital punishment do not have lower levels of serious crime and when countries abolish the death penalty the crime rate doesn’t not increase” (Capital Punishment). This shows that abolishing the death penalty does cause good effect on the people mind and doesn’t cause people to use violent nowadays. As the death penalty was “introduced by a country the crime rate does not fall” furthermore “in some cases this has even resulted in an increase in the rate of serious crime” (Capital Punishment). Therefore the capital punishment happens to make the crime rate increases and causes bad vision for normal people who happen to choose the wrong path; causing them to cause crime. An example can be “the reintroduction of executions—has been “an abrupt and lasting increase in the level of stranger homicides”” (Capital Punishment). This may be the influence of the death penalty, human being has an instinct of a hunter from ours ancestor therefore the use of violent when the time come are normal. In conclusion, this death penalty doesn’t not decrease the crime rate but do the opposite effects by increases the number of criminal. <br />“Life and Death are in the hand of God, the Creator of life. Not institution has the right to kill others for whatever reason” (Nurrohman). As a result, the Death Penalty only causes bad view to children whom lost their parent from the death penalty or to teenage who was influence by it. Even if the death penalty help revenge or cleaning the world by punishing victims or criminal who causes trouble or problem to the world, they still have the right to be reform and use their last life they have to live peacefully in the world.<br />Word count: 977<br />