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How To Light A Fire With Your Phone
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How To Light A Fire With Your Phone


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  • 1. Can Your Phone Save Your Life?
    By Whitney Newlands
    Image by Enrique Dans
  • 2. Many people say they couldn’t survive without their cell phone. Today, a person’s smart phone could literally save lives.
    Image by TTC Press Image
  • 3. Smart phones, such as the Blackberry and
    iPhone, have become our new lifelines
    Image by brykmantra
  • 4. With available applications such as Phone Aid, GPS, Family GPS tracking, Real Time Warning and Emergency First Aid Guide,
    a cell phone could be the most importantaddition to any families’ emergency kit.
    Image by Global X
  • 5. Image by Phoneapp
    Phone Aid is a free app created by Apple, which provides voice led instructions and slideshows.
  • 6. image by clevercupcake
    Phone Aid can guide users through proper CPR procedures,
    treatment of burns, bites and broken bones
    within it’s A-Z guide covering
    24 of the most common and urgent first aid situations.
  • 7. Image by Gletham
    GPS is available on most smart phones and
    can guide individuals to the nearest
    hospital or shelter during an emergency.
  • 8. GPS helps people who are lost…
    image by Hamed Saber
  • 9. Family GPS Tracker and Family Locator app was
    named the Top 10 App in the world by Google.
    image by Guzman Lozano
  • 10. This app allows individuals to see their family member’s location on a map and provides easy access to their medical information and history in case of an emergency
    image by Robert Scoble
  • 11. This app is crucial for keeping tabs on family
    members following disasters or emergencies.
    image by coolinsights
  • 12. The app can locate a person who may be trapped under rubble, unconscious or unable to call for help.
    Image by isgcp
  • 13. Image by NOAA
    Real Time Warning alerts users of
    natural disasters on a local and global scale
  • 14. The app monitors for earthquakes,
    cyclones, hurricanes, floods and volcanic eruptions.
    Image by Marlin Harms
  • 15. Image by Alan Cleaver
    Real Time Warning will set off a customized disaster
    alarm for local natural disasters warnings.
  • 16. Image by David Berkowitz
    Emergency First Aid Guide is a musthave app for survival
  • 17. Image by Admen
    Covering emergencies such as CPR,
    heart attack, shock, frostbite, insect stings, drowning,
    emergency births and head injuries.
  • 18. The clear and specific instructions on this app
    make it easy for anyone to save a life
    Image by iphone tool box
  • 19. Both the Emergency First Aid Guide and the Phone Aid do not require internet access. They are designed so users
    can access these apps regardless of location or internet availability
    Image by curiouslee
  • 20. Image by cuttlefish
    Find yourself stuck in the woods?
    With the right tools you can start a fire for warmth
    and cooking just by using your phone.
  • 21. How to start a fire with your cell phone
    Proof that a cell can do more than just talk and text!
    To create your fire you will
    need a cell phone battery, steel wool/wire and tinder
    Image by William Oskay
  • 22. Image by Uwe Hermann
    • Take the battery and find the contact points and roll a chunk of steel wool into a cylinder.
    • 23. Bend the wool in half and press the ends to the contact points.
    • 24. The wool will heat up and begin to smoldering, bring wool to tinder till it catches fire.
    • 25. Add more tinder and your fire will start to grow.
  • With lots of debate and attention surrounding cell phones and mobility, it is easy to forget all the positive aspects of
    smart phones and how much they can make a difference in our lives…
    Image by MykiRoventine
    Image by MykiRoventine
  • 26. Image by Andrew King
    Maybe tomorrow your cell phone will save your life…
  • 27. Image by HakanDahlstrom
    All images are licensed uner the Creative Commons Non-Commecial
    Share-Alike 3.0 agreement, and sources from flickr
  • 28. Reference List