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 Domestic violence presentation by maitri india
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Domestic violence presentation by maitri india


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  • Physical Abuse:Injuries include black eyes, cut lips, bruising, fractures, deafness, blindness, internal bleeding, missing teeth, persistent ill health, miscarriages, and injuries to a foetus and death. It can include slaps, shoves, pushing, being thrown across the room or down the stairs, kicking, stamping, strangulation, burns and scalds, being attacked with weapons such as knives, household objects, firearms etc internally as well as externally. Sexual Abuse: behavior that is intended to intimidate and Persecute. takes the form of threats of abandonment or abuse, confinement to the home, surveillance. threats to take away custody of the children destruction of objects. isolation, verbal agression and constant humiliation.Economic Abuse: coerced sex through threats intimidation or physical force forcing unwanted sexual acts or forcing sex with others. Forcing a woman to look at pornography or any obscene pictures  Any act of sexual nature to abuse, humiliate or degrade a woman's’ integrity.Verbal Abuse: Name calling.  Any kind of accusation on a woman's character or conduct.  Insults for not bringing dowry. Preventing a woman from marrying a person of her choice. Any form of threat or insults for not producing a male child.Psychological/Emotional Abuse: behavior that is intended to intimidate and Persecute. takes the form of threats of abandonment or abuse, confinement to the home, surveillance. threats to take away custody of the children destruction of objects. isolation, verbal agression and constant humiliation.Economic Abuse:Acts such as the denial of funds.Refusal to contribute financiallyDenial of food and basic needs.Controlling access to health care, employment, etc.
  • Transcript

    • 1. m DOMESTIC VIOLENCE by: Winnie Singh Executive Director, Maitri
    • 2. MAITRI is committed to facilitate Citizenship Rights, Human Rights of the vulnerable, Dignity and Respect to the abandoned, Destitute and elderly widows in Vrindavan Maitri is committed to End Violence Against Women. Maitri’s aim is to reduce domestic violence against women, and promote happy and healthy homes ABOUT MAITRI
    • 3. Understanding Domestic Violence Any form of abuse causing harm or injury to the physical and/or mental health of the woman or compromising her life and safety. Any Harassment for dowry or to meet any other unlawful demand Threat to cause injury or harm Forms of Domestic Violence 1. Physical Abuse 2. Sexual Abuse 3. Verbal Abuse 4. Psychological/ Emotional Abuse 4. Economic Abuse
    • 4. Abusive Behaviour Chart Power and Control Wheel
    • 5. Myths About Domestic Violence Myth 1 Men who abuse their partners are uneducated, socially inept and outwardly aggressive Myth 2 Women often provoke violence Myth 3 Alcohol and drug abuse cause abusive behavior Myth 4 Men abuse their female partners because they are mentally ill Myth 5 Women who stay in abusive relationships are crazy; they must enjoy being abused, otherwise they would leave
    • 6. RISK FACTORS • Isolation from family and support systems • Witness to violence during childhood/at the field • Prior history of violence within the family • Financial dependency • Incompatibility (change in the outlook) • Alcoholism • Mismatch of career options • Role expectations • The anxieties about control, and consequently the violence, flare up most before and after deployments, as soldiers lose and then try to reinstate control.
    • 7. Challenges -Women often hesitate to report abuse because they fear the impact it will have on their family life -Many women still don't know that the law gives financial and physical protection as well as a right to live in her marital home her under the domestic violence act 2005
    • 8. Dealing with Domestic Violence • Identification: Victim has to identify herself • Accessing help through forums, support groups, help lines • Talking to trusted families and friends • Taking the help of a NGO or police • Protecting their rights by using the “Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005”.
    • 9. Impact of Domestic Violence • Overall health of the woman and the family • Aggression impacting children’s mental health • Abusive and violent home can give children wrong messaging ‘that it is OK to be abusive- For Boys’ and ‘it is ok to accept abuse- for girls’
    • 10. PROTECTION OF WOMEN FROM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT, 2005 • Section 14: Counseling • Section 18: Protection Orders • Section 19: Residence Orders • Section 20: Monetary Relief • Section 21: Custody Order • Section 22: Compensation Order • Section 23: Interim/ Ex parte Orders • Section 31: Penalty for breach of protection order by respondent
    • 11. IPC 498 A Passed by Indian Parliament in 1983, Indian Penal Code 498A, is a criminal law (not a civil law) which is defined as follows, “Whoever, being the husband or the relative of the husband of a woman, subjects such woman to cruelty shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years and shall also be liable to fine. The offence is Cognizable, non- compoundable and non-bailable.” • IPC 498A was introduced to save women from harassment.
    • 12. For more information, please contact: Maitri India J -92 Anant Ram Diary RK Puram Sector 13 New Delhi 110066, India email: 24 hour Helpline: 8010512345/ +91.9810132908