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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Smartphones
    • What is a smartphone
    • 2. Top ten smartphones
    • 3. What makes a smartphone smart?
    • 4. Sales forecast
    • 5. The big question
    • 6. Conclusion
    • 7. Sources
  • What is a smartphone?
    A smartphone is thought as a handheld computer integrated with a mobile phone.
    Or it is a mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity compared to other phones
  • 8. Top ten smartphones
  • 9. Apple iphone 3gs
    Rated by
  • 10. Apple iphone 4
    Rated by
  • 11. Blackberry 9700
    Rated by
  • 12. Htc droid incredible
    Rated by
  • 13. Htcevo 4g
    Rated by
  • 14. Htc hd2
    Rated by
  • 15. Motorola droid x
    Rated by
  • 16. Palm pre plus
    Rated by
  • 17. Samsung captive
    Rated by
  • 18. Samsung vibrant
    Rated by
  • 19. What makes a smartphone smart?
    Operating system that allows it to run productivity applications.
    Software that allows the editing or viewing of documents.
    Can access the web faster due to the growth of 3G data networks.
    Usually they have qwerty key pads.
    Its ability to send and receive emails.
  • 20. Forecast of sales for smartphones.
  • 21. The big question!!!!!!!!!
    Do smartphones affect productivity, communication in the work place, social engagement and education?
  • 22. Do smartphone affect productivity
    Due to the introduction of smartphones, productivity within businesses has been said to increase.
    Productivity is a measure of output from a production process, per unit of input.
    Employees can check emails, make presentations and type documents on their way to work therefore increasing productivity
  • 23. Do smartphones affect productivity cont
    Because of the smartphones software and operations system employees can:
    Telecommuting: this is where employees enjoy flexibility in working location and hours.
    Job sharing: this is when two or more people are hired to do a job usually down by 1 person.
  • 24. Smartphones effects on business communication
    Most business directors send information to employees via e-mail.
    Due to smartphones ability to receive and send emails, information can be sent to employees faster.
  • 25. Smartphones and its effects on social engagements.
    Due to smartphones ability to access the internet, more and more people can communicate with each other using facebook, bebo, etc.
    Because of the in built PDA people can be alerted when they have a social engagements.
    Also due to smartphones face to face confrontations have become less because people use the social network websites more rather then going to meet each othere.
  • 26. Smartphone on education
    Nowadays, most university students are distant learners.
    Smartphones ability to read documents means that students are able to read notes and assignments sent to them by lecturers.
    Smartphones can affect the quality of learning where students use their phones other then learning.
  • 27. Conclusion
    The innovations of technology has always changed society as a whole.
    Smartphones affect education, communication, society and productivity in both a negative and positive way.
  • 28. Sources