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Math tubs presentation

  1. 1. Kori Winchell
  2. 2.  Extra independent practice with math concepts (counting, numerals, patterns, shapes, sorting, etc)  Squeeze in fine motor development opportunities  Small group math instruction  Individualized math re-teaching  Differentiated for the students
  3. 3.  4 Math Tubs – 1 tub for each table group  Rotated 1 per day Tuesday-Friday  2-3 games in each Math Tub  10 minutes per day
  4. 4.  Each game is put in a gallon Ziploc bag  A picture of the game completed is taped on the outside of the bag for reference.
  5. 5.  Each month I change out the math tubs with current themes or holidays. Also the concepts get more difficult throughout the year.
  6. 6.  Texas Pre-K Guidelines  Scope and Sequence of the Adopted Curriculum
  7. 7.  Think of holidays happening that month
  8. 8.  Ideas from my own classroom organized by the Pre-K Guidelines
  9. 9.  Anecdotal notes  Checklists  Photographs  Evernote
  10. 10.  You may download the free app to your iPad from the App Store and also get access from your computer at  It is very easy to make notebooks for each of your students from the homepage. Since I have 2 classrooms I label my folders by AM or PM and their name. Ex: AM Lacy or PM Joe
  11. 11.  Once you have a notebook for each child it is very easy to add notes for each child and tag their pictures for easy retrieval. Some note topics I make are writing, patterns, sorting, 1:1 counting, retelling, shapes, construction, letters, social emotional. Click on the desired notebook to add more documentation including text and pictures Click here to add more notes inside each student's notebook. Notes are organized by month created or updated. This makes it easy when seeing if you have recent documentation on a student.
  12. 12. Insert new photos using the camera on the iPad Share a child's note though email. You can also print if you have your iPad set up to a printer Add tags to your notes for easy sorting and retrieval when looking at the entire class. Type text here. I like to include the date of the documentation and dictation of the student or observations of what they were doing. Add recording to your notes, does not work well in a typical Pre-K classroom (too loud)
  13. 13.  Kori Winchell 