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Presentation by Patty Scheeler, Integrity Networker Owner on how to gain Twitter followers the right way. This presentation goes over the basics of how to set up your Twitter profile, how to get the right audience to follow and connect with you.

I also cover some great ideas on what to tweet and how to stay active.

Included are these Great Twitter Tools:

Connect with Anastacia and Patty on Twitter here:

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Increase twitter followers

  1. 1. How To Increase Your Twitter Followers Fast! Follow Me!
  2. 2. Why Get Twitter Followers? • You want to brand yourself • It will create tons of traffic to your blog • The more you are social, the better the SEO
  3. 3. Should I Buy Twitter Followers? • No! This is a really bad idea • You will get people that follow you but are not engaged with you or your content • This is against Twitter Terms of Service • You want followers that want to read what you tweet, re-tweet your tweets, and visit your site and leave comments 
  4. 4. First Steps To Getting Followers • Make sure you put a nice picture on your profile – Remember you are branding yourself – I use the same one for all my social sites – Make sure it looks professional • The profile picture is the first thing Twitter users see before following you – Having a great profile picture can increase your Twitter followers
  5. 5. First Steps To Getting Followers • Write a short but very descriptive bio – This will appear right below your picture – You have 160 characters to shine  – Make sure to include personality traits, hobbies, interests – You can use #’s in your bio so you will appear on Twitter search – Do not sell
  6. 6. What Do I Tweet? • Funny or interesting stories • Motivational quotes • Trending topics on Twitter site • Tips to help solve problems in your niche • News about your city, state or country • Tweet a good Pinterest board • Links to inspirational videos • Photos of you having fun  • Ask a question that requires more than yes or no • Share tips on a hobby listed in your bio • Share your journey on reaching a goal you set • Tweet a good G+ community Tip – only tweet one promotional tweet out of 10
  7. 7. Start Following Others • Follow other users with similar interests – Check to see in a few days if they follow you back (about ½ will follow back) • Follow leaders in your industry and follow their followers Tip – only follow 20-50 users per day to start. Twitter only allows 1000 per day.
  8. 8. Ask People Outside Twitter To Connect • Display your Twitter profile on your blog – Add a link on your “About Me” page – Show recent tweets live on your blog • When you connect with someone on another social site like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, etc. Ask them to connect with you on Twitter and give them the link • Add a “Let’s Be Friends” message into your autoresponder
  9. 9. Re-tweet & Reply Publicly • People love it when we re-tweet or reply to their tweets • If someone re-tweets your post make sure you visit their profile and follow them! They are active 
  10. 10. Great Twitter Tools • • • • •
  11. 11. Connect With Me! Click on the Tweety Bird To get your Free Twitter Beginners Guide Chrome works best 
  12. 12. Thank you for taking the Time to invest in your future And your business by Attending this training For more online marketing information visit: