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With the advance of digital media, consumers are engaging with brands using fundamentally different behaviors.

Wingman is a Digital Consulting firm. Working with our clients on their most challenging issues, we are able to develop well defined strategies for all digital media, be it on the web, mobile devices or social platforms.

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Wingman - Digital Consulting

  1. 1. asfa
  2. 2. A real impact in the life of everyone 4.6 BDigital media is today a part of everyone’s life, since the moment we awake up until we go back to sleep. Mobile phones around the world asfa
  3. 3. An entire Generation adopting new behaviors 500 MMKids nowadays are growing up with brand new behaviors, without being able to imagine how it is to live in an analog world. Facebook Users asfa
  4. 4. The way we live our lives as changed, and companies need to adapt themselves.The way they sell, communicate and interact with their clients has completely incorporated digital platforms. asfa
  5. 5. At Wingman, we help our clients to incorporate Digital in their strategy. asfa
  6. 6. We begin with a thorough understand of how each client’s business works.We believe that without a detailed knowledge about our client’s business, it is impossible to achieve high performance asfa
  7. 7. We then study the behaviors of our client’s customers.To know everything about a client’s business is not enough if you don’t try to know the end-user, and how he behaves in the several digital platforms. asfa
  8. 8. Finally, we create and develop digital strategies that work.Combining the knowledge about business, consumer and technology available, we are able to find the best digital solutions for your business. asfa
  9. 9. Wingman is a global digital consulting firm.At Wingman we are interested not only about the way you communicate, but also with your sales, operations and human resources. We are the digital partner of our clients.. asfa
  10. 10. Digital Consultingasfa
  11. 11. We are a digital consulting firm offering services in five different segments: 2.  User  Experience   1.  Strategic  Consul2ng   3.  Design   4.  Technology   5.  Digital  Contents   Consul2ng   asfa
  12. 12. 1. Strategic Consulting   Strategic  Digital  Consul1ng     Compe11ve  Analysis     User  Research  (Focus  Groups,  Card-­‐sor1ng,  KJ,  6  Hats,  ...)     Web  Intelligence  (Analy1cs  &  SEO)  asfa
  13. 13. 2. User Experience Consulting   Content  &  Func1onali1es  Mapping     Informa1on  Architecture     Visual  Specifica1on  (Wireframing)     Func1onal  Specifica1on     Usability  Testes  (High  &  Low  Fidelity  Proptotypes)  asfa
  14. 14. 3. Design   Visual  Concept  Design     Interface  Models  Design     Interface  Development  (XHTML/CSS/Javascript)  asfa
  15. 15. 4. Technology   SoVware  Architecture     Systems  Integra1on     Server-­‐side  Development  (PHP,  .NET,  ...)     Mobile  Development  (iPhone,  Android,  Windows  Mobile)     Content  Management  Systems  (Joomla,  Drupal,  Wordpress,   Sharepoint  &  Umbraco)     Tests  &  Deployment"asfa
  16. 16. 5. Digital Content   Content  Strategy  (Inventories,  Hierarchies  &  Taxonomy,   Editorial  Calendars,  Migra1on  Strategies,  …)     Produc1on  of  Text  &  Image  Content  for  the  Web       Produc1on  of  Video  Content  for  the  Web  asfa
  17. 17. All this services are available for the most important digital platforms nowadays: WEB + MOBILE + SOCIAL asfa
  18. 18. Our Process STRATEGY   USER  EXPERIENCE   DESIGN   TECHNOLOGY   CONTENT   STRATEGY   •  Tracking Analysis!•  Organization Objectives! •  Measures of Success•  User Objectives! Evaluation! •  Content Population! •  Future Enhancements Plan! •  On-Page Optimization! •  Content & Functionalities Map! •  Refinements! •  Information Architecture! •  Code Development! •  Visual Specification! •  Form Validations! •  Functional Specification! •  Cross-Platform Tests! •  Visual Concept! •  Design Models! •  Template Production! asfa
  19. 19. Portfolio.asfa
  20. 20. Client: TAP PORTUGAL Project: Commercial Website Launch: 2011 Services: Strategic Consulting, User Research, Information Architecture, Visual & Functional Specification, Visual Concept & Web Design, XHTML/CSS/JavaScript Development, SEO & Content Optimizationasfa
  21. 21. Client: TAP PORTUGAL Project: Corporate Website Launch: 2011 Services: Information Architecture, Visual & Functional Specification, Concept & Web Design, XHTML/CSS/JavaScript Developmentasfa
  22. 22. Client: CARRIS Project: Corporate Website Launch: 2008 Services: Strategic Consulting, User Research, Information Architecture, Visual & Functional Specification, Concept & Web Design, Web Intelligence, Content Production, SEO & Content Optimizationasfa
  23. 23. Client: GALP ENERGIA Project: Corporate Website Launch: 2010 Services: Strategic Consulting, Information Architecture, Visual & Functional Specification, Project Management, Content Developmentasfa
  24. 24. Client: VODAFONE Project: Benchmarking & Usability Audit Execution: 2010 Services: Strategic Consulting, Usability Testsasfa
  25. 25. WEB + MOBILE + SOCIALasfa
  26. 26. website: facebook: email: telephone: (+351) 210 160 075asfa