DiscoverYourself!“Youd be surprised atwhat you can achieve”      
Table of Contents                                    Table of Contents                 1. WinFord Essentials              ...
WinFord                                                                            Essentials...                          ...
About    WinFord...    WinFord High School is a premier online    institute which offers a highly flexible and    convenient...
Our                                            We are Everywhere..                                            Global Locat...
Student Advisors                                                                                                          ...
Study at                                                                                                                  ...
Paying for                                      Fee Structure                                                             ...
WinFord                                                                                                              Schol...
Students of                                                                                                               ...
Meet The Students...                                                                       Life After                     ...
Student and                                                 Alumni Services...                                            ...
My WinFord -                                                               Transfering credits                            ...
Free Credentials     Verification     Service                                                  You can be sure             ...
Apostile &                                                                                              Connect with     E...
Corporate                                                                                              Your WinFord Diplom...  Call Toll Free: 1-866-460-4375
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WinFord High School- An Introduction


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WinFord High School is growing popular among students worldwide because of the accredited, affordable and self-paced high school diploma offered by the school. You can study from anywhere in the world at anytime you want and choose your own payment plan. Earn the high school diploma that is recognized worldwide and enhance your employability by several folds.

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WinFord High School- An Introduction

  1. 1. DiscoverYourself!“Youd be surprised atwhat you can achieve”
  2. 2. Table of Contents Table of Contents 1. WinFord Essentials 17. Students of WinFord 3. About WinFord 19. Meet the Students 4. A Supportive Faculty Base 20. Life after WinFord 5. Global Locations – We Are Everywhere! 6. Our Graduates Succeed 7. Corporate Alliances 8. Accreditation 9. Academic Offerings 10. Student Advisors 21. Student and Alumni Services 23. My WinFord - Personalized Student Area 24. Credits Transfer Facility 25. Free Credential Verification Services 10. Study at WinFord 26. 27. Student Consultancy Services Apostile & Embassy Legalization Services 11. Admission Procedure 13. Paying for School 28. Connect with Us 14. Fee Structure 14 15. Fee Payment Options 15 16. WinFord Scholarship Program
  3. 3. WinFord Essentials... Youd be surprised at what you can achieve... Ideas Start Here... DISCOVER We changed the face of education. YOURSELF AT WINFORD* Whether you already know what youd like to studyor you want to explore whats possible, WinFord is the place where you can develop your ideas. WinFord has always been an original. With its history spanning over 10 years, WinFord has come a long way with the school becoming one of most renowned in the field of online education. From helping students get a job to enabling working adults get a promotion, WinFord has changed lives throughout the world.1 2
  4. 4. About WinFord... WinFord High School is a premier online institute which offers a highly flexible and convenient high school diploma program. As a student of WinFord High School, you will pursue education that is extremely affordable, at your own pace, without having to attend classes or interrupting your work and personal life. WinFord High School helps you successfully earn a high school diploma as a first step towards your career advancement. The Most Innovative School Globally! 1. Benefit from WinFords reputation The most Innovative School 2. Jump Start your Career A Supportive Faculty Base.. Corporate recruiters rate WinFord #1 for career preparation. Best source for leaders of tomorrow 3. Be valued by Employers WinFord students have made WinFord High Schools faculty has years of experience in their respective fields of study. Along with an expert full-time faculty and administrative staff, WinFord also has a team of A+ reputation with employers important contributions to adjunct professional educators. Our high school teachers are eager to share their real-world "The students are bright, motivated established companies knowledge with each and every student and contribute to the course development along with providing academic advice to students. capable individuals; year over year products and culture while they are the most sought after students." gaining incomparable work - Jeremy James, Group Head esperience.3 4
  5. 5. Our We are Everywhere.. Global Locations WE ARE ALL OVER THE WORLD... Graduates Succeed... WFHS is accessible to students in six continents of the world, making it Where are they now? one of the most geographically diverse high schools online. With our 24/7 available classrooms and Universities assessment rooms, students can Business Groups now acquire a recognized diploma Research Labs from the comfort of their home, at their own pace and conveniently. Corporations A WinFord diploma opens doors- to success and to making dreams a 95% OF WINFORD GRADS reality. Our graduates can do CONTINUE FURTHER EDUCATION OR GET anything they put their mind to. EMPLOYED WITHIN 6 MONTHS Theyve gone on to... be the ones to use the MRI scans to track cancer. develop softwares 95% OF WINFORD create online marketin strategies APPLY FOR GRADS CONTINUE to build brands JOBS AT THE FURTHER EDUCATION OR GET WinFord BEST EMPLOYERS study at world renowned universities WORLDWIDE EMPLOYED WITHIN produces what as scholars 6 MONTHS the worlds create business processes business has always said it wants - smart, motivated, relevant graduates.5 6
  6. 6. Student Advisors WinFord High School has a dedicated team of student advisors that is ready to assist students round the clock regarding your academic and professional problems. Our team of professionals has years of A HIGH-SCHOOL experience through which they aptly guide you to the best possible DIPLOMA CAN solutions for your requirements. They can be reached through a GET YOU A number of different methods including phone, chat and email. JOB! Whether you are a visitor looking for information, a student or alumni, WinFord student counselors are available 24/7 for you to 95% OF OUR reach. Whats great is that all these consultancy services are Our academic STUDENTS provided absolutely free of cost! advisors are CONTINUE available 24/7 THEIR FURTHER to assist you Academic Offerings STUDIES AT WELL-KNOWN with anything! UNIVERSITIES You Deserve a Diploma... Not a GED! High School Diploma According to research, employers and colleges throughout the United WinFord High School offers complete online diploma program for prospective States prefer a high school diploma holder to a GED holder. This is due to a students aging above 14 years. Our internationally accredited and affordable variety of reasons. For starters, a high school diploma requires at least 3 diploma ensures success of students because of our comprehensive courses that years to complete, while a GED is just a 7 hour test. equip students with necessary skills needed to have a bright future. Whether your goal is to enter the corporate workforce, go to college, or Some of the courses offered in WinFord High School diploma include: enlist in the military, you will be limiting your options for the future if you get anything less than a high school diploma. GEDs may carry less weight than diplomas in the business world and are not accepted at a few colleges and universities. In general, however, the GED serves as a high school English World Religion diploma equivalent. Geometry Economics This is why WinFord High School encourages students to earn a high Introduction to Computers World History school diploma, instead of a GED. Earn your actual high school diploma from WinFord High School with convenience, affordability and at your own Health, Fitness and Nutritions Geography pace! Biology Art Appreciation9 10
  7. 7. Study at Admission Procedure WinFord... Step 1 Fill out the Form At WinFord we are all Once you have decided to enroll at Makers... WinFord High School, fill out the apply now form and tell us a little about yourself, including your name, contact details and the program you are interested in. 2 Step Our admission Choose Credit Transfer procedure is easy and and Scholarship simple. You dont have to go through any tough Select the courses you wish to transfer DISCOVER credits for. You can earn credits up to 75 % admission formalities in YOURSELF of the total program courses, from which a order to be be part of AT maximum of 25% of courses can be had WinFord. WINFORD* from prior learning credits. You could apply for a scholarship too. I AM A MAKER! 3 Why WinFord? Step View Program Overview WinFord High School was established with the aim of providing high school education to students who wish to pursue their education Once you complete your admission without compromising on their professional formalities, a program awaits you. Program commitments. Here are a few reasons why overview provides you relevant WCHS is the first choice of students and I Think Work Should Be About Making Things Work. Better. Faster. Smaller. Smarter. So I Build Bridges information about your finalized credit working adults around the globe. transfer courses, prior learning credits, Between Whats Known And Whats Not. I Tinker. I Toil. I Write Poetically In An Abundance Of financial aid and total program fees. Accredited high school diploma that is Languages. I Create. I Dissect. I Have An Insatiable Desie To Un-complicate The Complicated. I Am recognized nationally Easily Inspired. I Believe Thatjust Because It Hasnt Been Thought Of Doesnt Mean It Wont Be. 4 Potential Is My Thrill Ride. Imagination Is My Most-used Tool. Step Affordable fee plans I Am A Maker, And I Am What Moves Forward. We Are WinFord. Pay Enrollment and Convenience oriented education Makers, All. Tuition Fees Host of student services provided To start your studies right away, you have Scholarships available for deserving to pay the enrollment fees and the total students programme fees. After which, you will be given access to our virtual classrooms where you can finish your programme at11 12 your desired pace.
  8. 8. Paying for Fee Structure The fee structure of the WinFord High School diploma program has been designed to meet the budgets of a diverse set of demographics. School... Degree Programs Program No. of Courses No. of Credits Tution Fee Apply Now What does it cost? How High school Diploma Porgram 16 16 $1900 Apply will you pay? These are major questions when youre planning to Fee Reduction Options WE COVER YOUR HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION complete your As a part of its philosophy to inculcate diploma... afforadble education, WFHS offers students with a number of options through which they can reduce their fee further. This allows students to easily finance their high school diploma, without being burdened by hefty fees. Following are the PAY FOR ways through which you can reduce your SCHOOL diploma fee. For more information on any EASILY AT of these options, you can always contact WINFORD our advisors at 1-866-460-4375. Grand Lake Scholarship WE FINANCE YOU! Complete your entire program in $ 599. Credit Transfer Reduce your fee using past educational credited. We cover your Educational Expenses... Prior Learning Assessment Program We cover your education to ensure your future is Stable. At WinFord high school, you are the priority! Convert your piror work experience into a diploma. Full Program Discount Pay entire fee at once and avail a 14% discount13 14
  9. 9. WinFord Scholarship Program At WinFord High School, we are commited to provide quality education at the most affordable rates. A number of scholarships 80% of our and grants are available to make education more affordable. Students qualify for Scholarships and Grants WinFord Financial Scholarship Program The Financial Scholarship Program is available to all those students who At WinFord we qualify for the scholarship. The scholarship allows students to complete cover all your their high school diploma for as less as $599! 80% of all our students who Finances! Fee Payment apply for a scholarship end up qualfifying for one. Military Tuition Assistance Program Options.. The military served the nation and WinFord aims to serve themby providing a 50% discount on a high school diploma for military personnel and their families. WinFord provides students with fee payment options to make financing easy for students. Full Tuition Fee Payment Plan Pay your complete tuition fee at once and get a discount of up to 14.5% (this discount is other than financial aid) Installment Payment Plan You can choose to pay your full fee in 2 easy installments. Using this option will entitle you for a 7% discount on your full program fee.15 16
  10. 10. Students of WinFord... WinFord is home to all the Ideas People... Home to The Ideas People... Apply to 3,500 employers all over the world Thought of a new way of using technology? Dream about turning it into a business? We are different. WinFord is home to new ideas since the school encourages students to develop and At winford , you will not find us to be conventional. We have a different, more implement new ideas that work well in the real market. mordernistic approach to education. You will be surprised at how much fun learning can be.17 18
  11. 11. Meet The Students... Life After WinFord... WinFord students excel professionally. "Im really glad I enrolled "WinFord was an excellent experience at WinFord!" and i learnt alot. The education system WinFord John Olford was really great and helped get rid of Students are my reservations regarding online accepted education. It was a totally new orldwide! experience for me, but it was definitely worth it. " says Jenna James 95% of our "WinFord taught me a lot. I grads either owe my job to this high school. Thanks WinFord!" continue further Rylie Craig education or get employed "The great thing about WinFord was that i enjoyed studying and looked within 6 "I would like to thank WinFord for making a high school forward to it. It was affordable as well diploma possible for me. I since I earned their scholarship. The would have never found time high school diploma really helped me for regular school." at my job when i could finally move up on my career ladder. I really needed a Mario Joseph Gomez high school diploma and WinFord made it really easy for me." says Keith Orlando19 20
  12. 12. Student and Alumni Services... WinFord offers services to its existing students as well as the alumni. For All The Students... WinFord is there for all students. WinFord provides services to support and enhance the academic experience of existing and prospective students. The school focuses on the Alumni as well, ensuring enough support to build the overall value of their degree.21 22
  13. 13. My WinFord - Transfering credits is not a problem. Personalized Life Experience credits are also accepted! Student and Alumni Area Our centralized Credits area allows you to Transfer Facility When students enroll at WinFord High School, they are given access to their personal account area through which they can manage their have everything in courses, activate their classrooms and take their exams, all in one place. They can also benefit from one place! scholarships, credit transfer facility and make Students at WinFord High School have the facility their course payments. to transfer credits that they might have previously studied for a high school diploma. Whats more is Once the students graduate, they are provided that you can also transfer credits for your prior access to alumni area. The alumni area allows work or life experience. them to take advantage from our several services such as career placement services and apostle This facility enables students to complete their legalization services. program in less time and at the same time reduces your diploma fee. The account area can be accessed through the login details that are provided to the students and Students can transfer credits by submitting their alumni. transcripts for the previously studied courses at the time of filling out the admission formalities. Our Academic Review Committee will then analyze your transcripts and allow the transfering of credits. To transfer their prior life experience credits, students have to submit their previous job experience letters or contact our academic advisors at 1-866-460-4375 for further assistance. Students can get up to 70% of their credits transfered.23 24
  14. 14. Free Credentials Verification Service You can be sure that your At WinFord High School, students have the facility of getting their credentials verified credentials are from their employers or colleges. This recognized, no service is provided absolutely free and assures our students that their diploma will matter receive international recognition. where you When a WinFord High School graduate are! requires such verification, our management sends the required educational documents to his/her employer(s) through the following methods. Student Consultancy Services Phone WinFord High School advisors are available 24/7 throughout the year to assist students and alumni alike. Our consultants are available to attend to students queries and concerns and can be reach via phone, email or live chat! WinFord offers three types of consulting services. Fax Enrollment Advisory Our enrollment advisors will guide you through the complete enrollment process, and answer We are always available for any questions you may have before you start with your classes. Letters you, no matter what! Academic Advisory The academic advisors at WinFord are there to assist you throughout your academic experience. Our consultants are available to attend to students queries regarding our financial aid programs, technical assistance or the course material. Email Career Advisory As a feature of our career placement services, WinFord also provides you advisory regarding your employability by helping you draft your resume, build your professional network, give you interview tips, improve your salary negotiation skills etc.25 26
  15. 15. Apostile & Connect with Embassy WinFord Legalization WinFord student advisors Services are available 24/7 for assistance! WANT TO GET Apostile & Embassy Legalization Services are YOUR yet another feature that make WinFord High DOCUMENTS School stand out internationally. These LEGALIZED? services have been introduced keeping in LEAVE IT UP TO view the international use of documents and US! students can benefit from this after earning their diploma. Getting your documents legalized according to your country of residence is very important, especially if you are planning to start a career in that country. A diploma that is not legalized will not be recognized, if the country is a member of the Hague Convention. You should therefore have an experienced professional have your diploma legalized since it is a very complex and time Lets talk. Connect With Us! taking procedure. We at WinFord ensure we provide you the best, quickest and reliable legalization services, including: WinFord is always available to its students no matter where they Exceptional 24x7 customer support when are. Students can contact us using a number of different methods you consult us for diploma legalization services including phone, fax and email. Complete verification of documents at nominal cost Please visit or call us toll free on 1-866-460-4375. Free delivery of your documents on your doorstep free of cost27 28
  16. 16. Corporate Your WinFord Diploma is Internationally Accepted! Alliances Earn an internationally accredited High School diploma.. Partnership with top national and multinational When you earn your high school diploma from employers benefits both our students and the WinFord High School, an accredited institution, organizations as well. While partner organizations you can be sure of a prosperous and fulfilling provide our students with rewarding career career. opportunities all over the world, we offer their employees a chance to further their education by WinFord is accredited by NACFOE taking advantage of our partner employer tuition reimbursement program. WinFord High School is accredited by NACFOE (National Accreditation Council For Online Education). Accreditation by the prestigious Career Placement Services for WinFord Students accreditation body is proof that WinFord High Our partner employers value our graduates School successfully meets the NACFOEs because of their strong analytical, problem solving and managerial skills and offer them with various Contact our requirements and criteria for conferring high school diploma. internship and full-time job opportunities. While consultants today at NACFOEs global outreach enables it to enhance the internships they offer can be paid and non- paid, the full- time jobs they provide our graduates 1-866-460-4375 if and implement the defined educational standards across the globe. Fully dedicated to its mission, are well paid and career-oriented. you are interested in the agency believes in the fair evaluation of universities and has therefore awarded becoming a WinFord accreditation to WinFord High School for its Preparing a More Effective Workforce Corporate Partner quality online education programs. Accreditation If you have any employee who has not finished his from NACFOE is a symbol of recognition that school, you can help him nourish his skills further ensures the High School meets the international by enrolling him/ her at our high school. Hundreds standards with regard to academic programs, of small and large organizations and their faculty, admissions, student support and services employees are benefiting from our comprehensive and hereby is certified as an accredited member and up-to-date curriculums as well as flexible With our of the committee. course schedules. Our self-paced diploma allows Thanks to the accreditation, the high school is your employees to pursue their education at their international entitled to certain privileges, such as the own convenience. Your employees can study with provision of financial assistance to its students in us at a 35% discount on their tuition fees. accreditation status, form of grants and scholarships. The credits of the Become WinFord Corporate Alliance you dont have to be high school diplomas earned from WinFord High School can be easily transferred to the other high As our partner, you will not only be able to hire worried about your school. In addition, renowned private, national some of the best graduates, but will also get a and multinational organizations seek out WinFord chance to have your employees trained through diploma being graduates for their excellent profile and strong our high school diploma. leadership and problem-solving skills. recognized.7 8
  17. 17. Call Toll Free: 1-866-460-4375