Expressions of asking and giving opinion


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Expressions of asking and giving opinion

  1. 1. Expressions of Asking and Giving Opinion English Course By Shinta Windyaningrum 10131016 SECOND GRADE IN FIRST SEMESTER SMP NEGERI 2 GODEAN YOGYAKARTA GO
  2. 2. Lesson • Definition of expressing opinion • Asking opinion in formal situation • Giving opinion in formal situation • Asking opinion in informal situation • Giving opinion in informal situation • Refusing things • Example of asking and giving opinion • Students’ worksheet GOBACK
  3. 3. Expressing opinion - Opinion is including the words of opinion and argument/reason. - In expressing dialogue have two situations; formal and informal.  Formal expressions are used in a situation where you are talking in a formal situation, such as in the office or school between the teacher and students.  Informal expression are used in a situation where you are talking between friends or close friends. The expressions usually respond to something that you discuss in an informal situation. NEXTBACK
  4. 4. Asking for opinion Formal Situation Have you got any comments on...? Do you have any idea? Do you have any opinion on...? Would you give me your opinion on...? What is your reaction to...? What is your opinion about...? What are you feeling about...?  What are you views on...? Please give me your frank opinion? NEXTBACK
  5. 5. Giving opinion Formal situation - I personally believe ... - I personally consider ... - I personally think/feel ... - I hold the opinion ... - My own view of the matter is ... - Well, personally ... - If I had my view, I would ... NEXTBACK
  6. 6. Informal situation Asking for opinion • What do you think of...? • What do you think about...? • What is your opinion? • Why do they behave like that? • Do you think its going? • How do you like? • How was the...? • How do you think of ...’s idea? • How do you feel about this...? BACK NEXT
  7. 7. Giving Opinion Informal situation - I think I like it. - I think it’s good/nice/terrific ... - I don’t think I care for it. - I don’t think much of it. - I think that awful/notice/terrible... - I think that ... - In my opinion, I would rather... - What I’m more concerned with.. - What I have in my mind is... NEXTBACK
  8. 8. Refusing Things Thank you for your offer, but I don’t want to…… No, thanks No need to bother, thanks NEXTBACK
  9. 9. Example: Bella : How are you? Ricky : I am fine, how about you? Asking opinion Bella : Fine too thanks Ricky : Hey, what do you think about my new bag? Bella : Wow, I think it is a good bag with the newest style. Where did you buy it, Ricky? Giving opinion Ricky : My auntie bought it for my birthday gift. What’s your opinion about the color? Bella : Hmm in my opinion, it has a bad color asking opinion Ricky : Why? You know it's my auntie's choice Refusing Bella : Because the color is glamour and look too over for boy like you, but I appreciate it Ricky : Yeah. Thanks for your opinion, Bell Bella : No problem NEXTBACK
  10. 10. Students’ Worksheet Listen to your teacher and complete the following dialog based on what you have heard! Donny’s pen is running out of ink. He borrows a pen from Tania. Donny : Hey, Tania, _______________? My pen is running out of ink. Tania : Umm,__________. I think I have got one spare pen. Here you are. Donny : Wow, you have got one nice pen. I like it. Tania ; Really ?__________, you know. That’s why I never use it. Donny : Why ? It has got a nice pictures on it. I like pens and pencils with the pictures on them. Tania : Not the pictures______________, instead. Donny : I see. Unlike you. _________ ballpoints. Well, thanks for lending me the pen. Tania : No problem. NEXTBACK
  11. 11. Answer these questions based on the dialogue above ! 1. Where do you think the dialog takes place? 2. What does Donny say to borrow the pen? 3. What does Tania answer to lend the pen? 4. Why does Tania dislike the pen? NEXTBACK
  12. 12. Work in pairs. Choose one of the following topics. Please make a dialogue consists of asking, giving and refusing opinion expressions! 1 2. BACK NEXT