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Au Psy492 M7 A3 E Portf Lara R.Doc

  1. 1. 1<br />Undergraduate Studies ePortfolio<br />Robert Lara<br />Psychology, 2010<br />
  2. 2. Personal Statement<br />    As a young child I always felt different than other kids.  I never could understand why I just had an intuitive feeling that I was not like the other kids in my neighborhood and school.  These feelings scared me and I thought there was something wrong with me.  I was too scared to talk to anyone about it.  I lived in a rural area and I knew that you were not supposed to have these feelings.  I tried to keep to myself and not cause any attention to myself.  <br />
  3. 3. Personal Statement<br /> The first time someone called me a sissy or a fag I realized with a sense of doom that what was wrong with me on the inside was beginning to show on the outside.  When the bullying became constant the emotional hurt and turmoil started to manifest physically.  My parents took me to a doctor who then referred me to a psychologist.  <br />
  4. 4. Personal Statement<br /> When I spoke with my psychologist he told me that I could talk to him about my feelings.  When I felt like I could trust him I started to talk to him about the bullying that I was receiving at school.  He asked me if I was gay.  They way he asked me gave me the inclination that to answer yes would not be a good idea.  When I said no he looked relieved and said that was good.  He said that kids were just going to be kids and that I needed to ignore it and stick up for myself.  Again I was alone and did not have anyone who could help me.   <br />
  5. 5. Personal Statement<br />    After that experience I never wanted another child to have to go through that.  As an adult I have had great experiences with other psychologists who were caring and showed empathy for my diversity.  That experience as a child made me realize that there are other kids out there that could be having the same experiences as me and I could help them.  Watching what is going on in the news with all the suicides I realize that could have been me.  <br />
  6. 6. Personal Statement<br />    In my studies toward a Masters Degree I hope to put an emphasis on gender and sexual identity issues.  In my studies for my Bachelor’s Degree I found a passion for the study of child psychology and sexual/gender identity issues.   I want to be able to give someone a place where they feel safe and accepted as we both work together through their issues.    <br />
  7. 7. Personal Statement<br />     I want to use my Bachelor’s Degree to help put myself through graduate school.  I have chosen to get my accreditation for a substance abuse counselor.  I am sixteen years sober and have had a lot of experience running AA meetings.  I have sponsored other alcoholics and am very familiar with the twelve step program.  I have taken training in my bachelors program for substance abuse counseling.  I will be able to incorporate this with my master’s degree as many people who are dealing with sexual/gender identity issues also suffer from substance abuse issues.  This will be a great added skill to offer my future clients.    <br />
  8. 8. Personal Statement<br />     I am greatly aware of your high reputation at your institution.  The research I have done has only deepened my resolve in attending your school.  I hope that you will consider me for your program.  <br />
  9. 9. Resume<br />1709 West C Street 970-290-6029<br />Torrington, Wyo.<br />82240<br /> <br /> <br /> Robert Lara<br />Objective To work in an environment that promotes growth and leadership. To learn new tasks and keep up with the ever changing world. I want work with people and try to make a difference. Working with the public is something that comes natural to me. I have great people and leadership skills that I learned through training and school. I am comfortable around a computer and Microsoft windows. I use one every day for work and school.<br />Summary of 08/08-Present Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska Health Center Gering, Nebraska<br />Qualifications Customer Service Manager<br />Responsible for all phases of operations within the clinic; customer service, HR functions and documentations, and personnel recruitment, revenue, patient flow.  <br />Responsible for the patient experience at the clinic. <br />Manage a team of sixteen employees.  Manage the Medical Receptionist desk, Phone operators, Medical Records Department, Customer Service Representatives Department, Customer Service Assistant Manager, and Social Services Coordinator Department. <br /> Coached and promoted two employees to management.  <br />
  10. 10. Resume<br /> <br />02/06-8/08 Harbor Freight Tools Greeley, Colorado<br />Assistant Store Manager<br />As Assistant Store Manager I was responsible for all phases of operations within the store; customer service, HR functions and documentations, inventory management, and personnel recruitment.<br /> Responsible for all merchandising planning and implementation. <br />Responsible for inventory management. Never received a score lower than 96% on company audits of stores operations. Received a 100% on Weights and Measurer audit.<br /> <br />06/04-09/05 Shopko Ft Collins, Colorado<br />General Merchandise Manager<br />
  11. 11. Resume<br />As a General Merchandise Manager I was responsible for all phases of operations within the store, planning, customer service, payroll tracking, HR functions and documentations, and inventory management. <br />Was responsible for sales volume of 12 million. <br />Responsible for all merchandising planning and execution for the General Merchandise side of the store. <br />Managed three different teams, twenty-five people, in the store; General Merchandise sales floor team, Price accuracy team, Overnight Merchandising team. <br />Was in charge of all backroom functions and organization. Had three Assistants and five Specialists working under me. <br />05/01-06/04 Sears Ft Collins, Colorado<br />Assistant Store Manager of In-Store Marketing<br />As an Assistant Store Manager I was responsible of all phases of operations within the store; planning, customer service, credit solicitation, merchandise agreement solicitation, and inventory management.<br />
  12. 12. Resume<br />Responsible of look and feel of the entire store.<br />My team made sure that Sears upheld its high standards of price integrity.<br />Had never received a score lower than 99% on a state audit for price integrity.<br />Coached, mentored, developed, and promoted two associates to management positions.<br />Responsible for all merchandising throughout the store.<br />Was in charge of remodel of the store which included working closely with contractors, and corporate staff. <br />Responsible for sales volume of 20 million.07/00-02/01 Montgomery Ward Greeley, Colorado<br />General Manager<br />General Manager responsible for all phases of operations within the department; merchandising, personnel recruitment, training and development, customer service.<br />Hired, developed, mentored and promoted three lead associates.Finished Christmas 2000 with an 11.3% sales increase (#1 in district) <br />Received award for largest sales increase in the district (13.2%) for the summer 2000.<br />Responsible for credit, CSP solicitation (was ranked #1 in the region) <br />Responsible for sales volume of 3.8 million.<br />11/98-07/00 JC Penny’s Ft Collins, Colorado<br />Senior Merchandising Assistant<br />Responsible for personnel recruitment, training and development of sales staff for store.<br />Responsible for all store promotions and associate functions.<br />
  13. 13. Resume<br />Developed selling and customer service clinics for new and long term associates.<br />Developed and implemented new hire orientation process for store.<br />Responsible for Catalog Book sales and Referrals (#1 in the district for two years in a row<br />Responsible for Credit Solicitation (was ranked #1 in the district) <br />Responsible for a sales volume of 7 million in my home department.<br />02/97-10/98 Artifax Norfolk, Virginia<br />Assistant Store Manager<br />Responsible for personnel recruitment, training and development.<br />Responsible for all phase of store operations: planning, buying, customer service, inventory management.<br />Designed and implemented all front store window displays (won two awards from Chamber of Commerce for this) <br />Responsible for sales volume of 2.2 million.<br />Education 09/06-12/10 Argosy University Denver, Colorado<br />Psychology BA<br />Anticipated Graduation Date 12/10 <br />References Jeff Tracy Director of CAPWN Health Center 307-575-2518<br /> Laura Murrell Clinical Assistant Director of CAPWN Health Center 308-641-7043<br />
  14. 14. Reflection<br />   My first class was Industrial Psychology.  It really should not be the first class someone take when beginning your bachelors program in psychology.  It was a tough class and I was thinking maybe I made mistake in this venture.  I toughed out the course and passed with a B in the class.  I thought I would keep going and give this a chance.  My next class was cognitive psychology.  The professor was knowledgeable and fascinating.  He made the material come out of the book and into reality.  I was riveted throughout the class.  It was at that moment that I knew I was on the right path.  I knew I had found the place I was supposed to be.  <br />
  15. 15. Reflection<br /> After that the classes seemed to flash on by very quickly.  I found that I had aptitude for writing and a good understanding of psychology theory.  I was especially drawn to cognitive and behavioral theories.  Both those theories work well together and compliment each other.  Cognitive behavioral therapy is derived on the concept that our thoughts affect our feelings and behaviors about a situation.<br />
  16. 16. Reflection<br />   I also had great success working with case studies.  It was so interesting to assess the client and make up treatment plans for them.  Diagnosing the psychopathology of the client and planning out the best treatment plan for them was very useful for my future desires to be a clinical psychologist. <br />
  17. 17. Table of Contents<br />Cognitive Abilities: Critical Thinking and Information Literacy<br />Research Skills<br />Communication Skills: Oral and Written<br />Ethics and Diversity Awareness<br />Foundations of Psychology<br />Applied Psychology<br />Interpersonal Effectiveness<br />
  18. 18. Critical Thinking<br />The Killer Within<br /> When someone commits murder and is caught tried and convicted of the crime there is a sense that justice has been served. There is the question if one can say all people who commit murder are responsible and should be punished under law. Is it always easy finding someone guilty without reasonable doubt or is there a gray area in the law. When someone is mentally incapable of understanding their crime is it right to punish them? There is also the question what makes someone kill. Is it a planned decision or is there something in their past or psyche that makes them snap at that moment and causes them to commit those horrid crimes. <br />
  19. 19. Critical Thinking<br /> Andrea Yates on the morning of June 20th, 2001 drowned her five children because she felt that they weren’t developing correctly. (Comer, 2007) Andrea had suffered from mental illness for many years and unfortunately through missteps from her family and the behavioral health community slipped through the cracks and was not treated continuously. She truly believed that her children were a sin because she was evil. <br />
  20. 20. Critical Thinking<br /> She wanted her head shaved so that she could see the 666 mark on her head. (Comer, 2007) She told jurors that Satan had commanded her to kill her children and that only through the death penalty would she be rid of him. (Roche, 2002) Prosecutors needed to convince the jurors that she was in her right mind that she knew what she was doing. The prosecutors needed to bring in expert witnesses that would testify there was nothing wrong with her. They called in celebrated Psychiatrist Dr. Dietz. He interviewed her and was able to persuade the jurors that she was not insane when she killed her children. (Roche, 2002) <br />
  21. 21. Critical Thinking<br /> In the trial of Danny Rolling a move of the defense to prove that he was the monster he was because of the abuse he suffered as a child. This abuse had caused the personality disorder and stilted his mental and emotional growth to where he could not function properly in society. (Steel) Danny Rolling had been put on trial for the grisly serial killings of college age students in Gainesville Florida. Though the prosecution had blood stained pants matching the blood of Manual R. Toboada and semen specimens found at other murder scenes, the testimony of Danny’s mother on his abusive childhood moved the jury and judge. (Steel) The prosecution however counteracted this by showing how Danny would talk to his victims telling them what he was going to do to them before he would torture them. (Steel)<br />
  22. 22. Critical Thinking<br /> The murder trial of Michael McDermott, who had slain seven of his co-workers with high powered rifles, said he did so because a heavenly voice had told him to do it to kill Natzis. (Horrigan, 2002) Among the dead a few of them were working to garnish his wages for back taxes. (Horrigan, 2002) McDermott had a history of mental illness through out his life which included depression, suicide, and a personality disorder. The defense used this argument that he was not sane during the shooting. The prosecution used high tech animation to show the jury how McDermott went through the complicated hallways of the renivated mill where McDermott worked. (Horrigan, 2002) This helped the prosecution show how he moved through the halways and assinated his co-workers without showing the shocking actual pictures that might put off a jury. <br />
  23. 23. Critical Thinking<br /> The Robert Blake trial was a hollywoodspecticle close to the noteriaty of the OJ Simpson trial. In 2001 Robert Blake’s wife Bonney Lee Bakley was murdered outside a resturant in Studio City after Robert and his wife had dinner. (Law Center: Blake found not guilty in wife's killing, 2005) The relationship between Blake and Bakley had always been stormy. Prosecutors said that Bakely had tricked Blake into marrying him by getting preagnant. They said he hated her so much that he wanted to get rid of her. <br />
  24. 24. Critical Thinking<br /> She lived separatly from him in a bungalo next to his house. (Law Center: Blake found not guilty in wife's killing, 2005) Having to be with her and to feel so much anomosity toward had to put a strain on his stablity. The denfense could have used this that he just finally snapped and killed her in a insane rage. In this case however the ability to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt was in the hands of the prosecution. They could not establish the murder weapon and they could not put the murder weapon in Blake’s hand. They was also no eye witness. (Law Center: Blake found not guilty in wife's killing, 2005) Though Blake did seem the logic choice for the murder they couldn’t bring the physical evidence to make the verdict stick. <br />
  25. 25. Critical Thinking<br />References<br />Comer, R. J. (2007). Abnormal Pscychology. New York: Worth Publishers.<br />Horrigan, D. (2002, June). Presenting Murder Without Gore. Retrieved July 3, 2009, from Law Technology News:<br />Law Center: Blake found not guilty in wife's killing. (2005, March 16). Retrieved July 4, 2009, from CNN:<br />Roche, T. (2002, March 18). Andrea Yates: More to the Story. Retrieved July 4, 2009, from Time:,8599,218445-4,00.html<br />Steel, F. (n.d.). Savage Weekend: Danny Rolling. Retrieved July 4, 2009, from Tru:<br />
  26. 26. My Future in Learning<br />  I truly love the process of learning new ideas and concepts.  I plan on going on to graduate school to become a licensed counselor.  After I get through my graduate training I would like to go on if possible to get my PhD in clinical psychology.   Psychology is an ever changing field with all the research that is being done with genetics and cognitive functions.  I will be forever gathering knowledge as things change.  To be a good psychologist to my clients I will need to keep abreast of all the new research findings and treatments. <br />
  27. 27. Contact Me<br />Thank you for viewing my ePortfolio.<br />For further information, please contact me at the e-mail address below. <br /><br />