Windows Backup Software

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This presentation gives an overview of some of the types of Windows backup software, as well as some features to look for. …

This presentation gives an overview of some of the types of Windows backup software, as well as some features to look for.

It discusses some advanced backup solutions like disaster recovery software and continuous data protection.

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  • 1. Windows Backup Software
    • Learn how to choose Windows backup software
    • Presented by: Windows-
  • 2. When shopping for computer backup software, it is easy to become confused by all the various backup types that are available on the market.
  • 3. Before choosing a product, you will want to consider your specific computer needs, and select a backup product that is the best fit for how you work on your computer.
  • 4. Virtually every backup software package will allow you to do a full backup. After this is done, the process going forward will only require you to incrementally back up the files that have changed since the last time a backup was performed.
  • 5. Ideally, the backup package that you choose will allow you to both do a manual backup, as well as provide the capability for you to schedule backups to run on an automatic basis. Some packages provide continuous data protection by backing up files immediately after they are edited.
  • 6. Some software also provides block level backup. This means that only the changed pieces of any given file will be backed up, instead of the entire file. If your backup software provides this functionality, backups are performed much faster.
  • 7. Another feature to look for in backup software is Disaster Recovery. Using this feature, you can backup not only the files, but the entire contents of your computer.
  • 8. Disaster Recovery is extremely handy if you need to quickly recover from any type of computer disaster such as a hard drive crash since you will maintain your Windows operating system, all of your applications and settings along with your files.
  • 9. Another handy feature to look for in backup software is media spanning. This will allow you to span your backup over several devices, such as two smaller backup drives or even CDs or DVDs. This can be very handy if you send your backups to off-site storage.
  • 10. There are a number of other types of things to take into consideration when choosing backup software. For example, you will want to make sure that it supports various types of backup media.
  • 11. Lastly, you also need to make sure that whatever software you choose supports the version of Windows operating system that you are currently using.
  • 12. Windows Backup Software
    • Visit Windows-
    • Learn About:
    •  Standard Backup Solutions
    •  Advanced Backup Solutions
    •  Continuous Data Protection
    •  Disaster Recovery Software
    •  Choosing The Right Software