Windows Azure Media Services


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  • Netflix accounts for 33%of peak traffic today, doubling Google Inc.'s YouTubeAll of this needs to be encoded, hosted & delivered at a minimum which directly translates to Compute, Storage & Bandwidth & hence we care about media on Azure According to the NPD Group's Retail Tracking Service, “In the U.S., the Xbox 360 not only sold more than any other game console in 2011, it also outsold other individual TV-connected devices like DVD players, as well as digital media receivers and home theater systems."Comcast moving to adopt our video platform for OTTPortugal Telecom, Turkish Telecom, Telecom Italia, Swisscom, Telstra, Cable & Wireless, etc.Broadcasters moving to IP video platformNBC, CTV, CBS: Want to do more events onlineCanal+, BSkyB, NRK, RAI, TV2 Norway, France24: Already launched subscription services on our platform
  • Just like the availability of desktop media software tools rendered an entire legacy of single-purpose hardware obsolete, cloud-based content workflows will again revolutionize the content creation industry. On-premises and private network infrastructure that is expensive, inflexible, and complex will be reduced dramatically or eliminated due to the availability of full online media workflows via Windows Azure Media Services. From asset preparation to final distribution, Media Services will provide superior return on investment for all stakeholders of the media industry.
  • By “Media Services”, we mean a collection of components and technologies from Microsoft and third parties that are curated, ready-to-use, and integrated into a single platform to simplify the creation of end-to-end media solutions.
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  • Windows Azure Media Services

    1. 1. 90 Day Free Trial:
    2. 2. “Build-On” Media Partners and Customers Partner CDNs Azure CDN “Build-In” Partner Media Processors Origin Caching
    3. 3. Build-In Build-On• •• • •• • • •
    4. 4. Partner Category Partners (So Far) Ingest Aspera Digital Rapids, ATEME, Vanguard Software Solutions, Encoding iStreamPlanet, Dolby, etc.Content Protection BuyDRM, EZDRM, Civolution, etc. Origin Wowza CDN Akamai “Build-On” ISV’s deltatre, iStreamPlanet, Movideo, Origin Digital, etc. Broadcasters CTV, France Televisions, Terra, RTVE, KBS Authentec, Irdeto, LG, MStar, OpenTV, Pace, Roku, Sigma Clients / Devices Design, STMicro, Tatung, Vestel
    5. 5. Do-It-Yourself 3rd Party Solutions
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    7. 7. 90 Day Free Trial:
    8. 8. IMediaProcessorpublic void IMediaProcessorHostpublic TaskResult IMediaTaskpublic void Guid