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Suny ulster real_worldclassroom_onlineteacherpresence

  1. 1. When You Teach Your Presence, Technology is Your Friend Sean Nixon Real World Classroom Hope Windle SUNY Ulster Instructional Design
  2. 2. Agenda • Curriculum development • Online construction • Running and summation of an online course. We will address: • obstacles, disappointments, challenges, • revelations, • student expectations and reactions to technology. + =
  3. 3. Inception of the project Wanted the interaction of the classroom The effervescence of the teacher’s presence My presence was vital to learning to occur
  4. 4. Will my personality be lost online?
  5. 5. 20th Century Design curriculum development Evaluative Measures History 15-Scrapbook &Discussion = 35 Prof S. Nixon 5-Quizzes(1)=5 Fall ‘09 1-Presentation – Arts & Crafts (1) = 10 1 -Presentation – Bauhaus(2) = 10 ART (politics, meaning, aesthetic, vision) 1-Presentation -World Fair (3) = 10 1-Presentation –50-60-70 (4) = 10 + TECH (form) 1-On location project Final = 25 + COMMERCE (function in society and for the person) Overall Student To do’s: Online Activities: Link Browsing, - ART (politics, meaning, aesthetic, vision) + TECH (form) Google Earth, + COMMERCE (function in society and for the Weekly Activities Video, Audio, person) 9-12 hrs RSS feeds -Examine how design is used to improve human 1 hours-Reading condition 2 hours-Watch Clips & audio -Human Presence in craft of Design, how humans Links: factor in Weekly Scrap Book WIKI Museum sites: -Nostalgia of craft> improve human condition 1 hour- -Collect & Post Images MOMA, Tate -Look at Links Google Earth -Develop appreciation for design -Look around the environment, and see the history 2 hour- of what they look at Discussion/Activity &/or - Apply analytic skills to everyday design Voice thread environment -Place within historic context their present 1 hour: environment Visual quiz- describe this -Exposed to wide range of design that is detail historically, interconnected aesthetically -- Graphic Designers to recognize design regardless of dimension -- Interconnectedness of Design throughout all mediums
  6. 6. 20th Century ART (politics, meaning, aesthetic, vision) Design + TECH (form) History + COMMERCE (function in society and for the person) 4. 5. 6. 7. Bauhaus & Design 8. Holistic approach to Film, Propaganda, H Photography versus Education, Pre WWII 1920- Design, Print, Architecture Typography, New 1933 1920-1950 Role in Visual istory/Documentary Painting, Fine Arts Communication , again Time & 1930 Bauhaus Modernism -Gropius Photo Montage 1920 Space 1926 -Corbusier Falling Water Moholy Nagy -Meis Cubism Technology of photography -Marcel Beuer Battleship Potemkin - Public Housing Constructivist Typography “People’s Language” Narrative Editing Type How view info Bauhaus Metropolis Swiss Style Presentation – Bauhaus(2) Art: Futurist> Art: Constructivist Art: Politcal Propaganda Art: Propaganda Socialist Art: Anti-Establishment Group Think Type as Visual Language Commercial Design/Art Houses as machines Intro to graphic design Hygiene for all Tech: Editing as story POV, Tech: Tech: Tech: Time + Space Photography enamored by Tech: San-serif got rid of -Welding technology Manufacturing of the parts embellishments, machine like -Glass generic for all -Metal -Tubular steel plywood, poured Comm: -Photography concrete Govt. Commissioned by Bolshevik Govt -Typography Comm: tool used by Govt as Mass Comm: Mass Production Comm: Media Tool Comm: Mass produce housing; pre-fab Moveable type, mass reach Advertising is the Commerce parts. Discussion/Activity: Discussion/Activity: Discussion/Activity: Discussion/Activity: Design consciousness; Discussion/Activity: Design consciousness; Design consciousness; Design consciousness; Designer scissors Design consciousness; Designer scissors Designer scissors Designer scissors Simple question Designer scissors Simple question Simple question Simple question Photograph & draw house Simple question Photograph & draw house Photograph & draw house Photograph & draw house Photograph & draw house
  7. 7. online construction
  8. 8. taped conversations, lectures Hyperlink
  9. 9. Hyperlink
  10. 10. Link to lecture audio clip Week 7 Clip 1 Clip 2 Clip 3 Clip 4 Clip 5
  11. 11. Run video from week 11
  12. 12. Run video from week 13 weeds
  13. 13. surveys
  14. 14. video, websites
  15. 15. Student interaction
  16. 16. Obstacles, student expectations and reactions to technology  3rd semester students  3 out of 15 withdraw for time management reasons  Tech related, Disappointed with totally online  Didn’t like ANGEL, Wanted some face to face time  Didn’t like posting  Attachments didn’t attach  Server went down  Text didn’t look right in Powerpoints
  17. 17. Revelations  Hardest and most interesting class they ever took  Inspired them to be a part of their profession  Wanted the course to be a year long.  Liked the volume of information gathered  Liked to see what each other posted  Interact with each other so much, don’t have that in face to face class  Liked the scavenger hunts  Liked the difference in having male and female voices  Never met so many students who wanted to learn
  18. 18. More and more each day, I find myself studying items closer and trying to make a connection to a specific time in history. This class and the visit to Hudson exposed me to designs from the seventeenth to the twentieth centuries. It is important to recognize the way different countries and cultures adopted ideas and techniques to develop modern designs in the past and in the present.
  19. 19. Overall, I am extremely glad that Professor Nixon assigned us to travel out there. I had a really memorable time and I think that I took a lot out of the experience. And it ultimately made me more of a complete person. At first, I was unhappy that I had to travel so far out of my way, But in the end, I thank Professor Nixon because I wouldn’t have Ever travelled out that way if not for his instructions.
  20. 20. Made the activities relevant In years that I taught face to face this course. Deep down I always desired that the students would share my excitement about this subject and to my surprise I got that in the online course. I had been over- compensating for myself My presence had been overdone in the room
  21. 21. All ways in which technology enhanced the vital flow of information When taught 20th century art face to face I shifted responsibility / onus to be on the student Through spontaneous scavenger hunts and spontaneous Presentations discussion and In computer lab with 20 machines Online but all together. Had the lecture, youtubes and links open a few days before coming into the room So they knew what you were going to talk about It was a different discussion because they weren’t taken by surprise Lecture notes were always available. Posted before meeting again Review their posts In the past, So frustrating to have a face to face class and Have to generate face to face discussion constantly