Social Media case study of Emerson


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This social media case study highlights the work done by Windchimes Communications is promoting the Emerson Cup and generating participation with the users with the brand

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  • Social Media case study of Emerson

    1. 1. A Social Media Marketing Case Study July 15th to September 30th , 2010
    2. 2. Background An initiative by Emerson Climate Technologies to recognize outstanding innovations and designs in the air-conditioning and refrigeration industry Target audience included HVAC professionals, architects, and students amongst others 5 award categories were judged by an international panel of judges Reached out to various countries like India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia
    3. 3. Objectives
    4. 4. Challenges
    5. 5. Stages of execution
    6. 6. Stages of execution •Connected with influencers •Used industry related contests Engagement •Shared information related to HVAC and Energy Efficiency across platforms •Shared case studies highlighting Emerson products and solutions Thought Leadership
    7. 7. Stage I Established Presence
    8. 8. Built a Facebook Fanpage
    9. 9. Created a Twitter handle @TheEmersonCup
    10. 10. Launched a YouTube channel
    11. 11. Created presence on Slideshare
    12. 12. Stage II Created Awareness
    13. 13. Platforms Utilized
    14. 14. Used Social Networks to create awareness
    15. 15. Disseminated information about the Cup online Received over 1000 views Got the release published on heavily moderated Social Media release sites
    16. 16. Other sources of news dissemination tapped into World News pulled up videos from The Emerson Cup’s Youtube channel giving the videos more visibility
    17. 17. Participated in conversations on discussion forums Indian Architecture net Participated on Architecture and Energy Efficiency discussion forums Targeted both Indian and South East Asian forums
    18. 18. Commented on blog posts with information about the Cup Commented on Blog posts related to architecture and energy efficiency to reach relevant audience
    19. 19. Stage III Engagement Built relationships, engaged in online conversations
    20. 20. Tapped into the power of influencers Blogger Sevenby3 put up this information in a permanent sidebar which lists events
    21. 21. Engaged with Technorati recognized bloggers A professional architect from Philippines who writes about sustainability, and architecture
    22. 22. Posts from more South East Asian architects A builder and a green advocate did an elaborate write up to highlight everything about the Emerson Cup and also mentioned our social media efforts
    23. 23. Customization on Facebook Apply Now Tab The Cup Tab
    24. 24. Beat the Heat Contest to engage with fans Industry based contest to directly reach niche audience
    25. 25. Phenomenal participation received 328 new fans in 15 days and over 436 responses on 25 posts! Participation generated across South East Asia and India
    26. 26. Winner announced on the Tab Winner announced prominently on tab to generate excitement Created the Wall of fame to give recognition to the runner-ups
    27. 27. Win a Netbook Contest takes engagement to the next level HVAC based contest to reach students and professionals
    28. 28. User Participation based contest Over 355 responses generated over 44 posts
    29. 29. Overwhelming queries for Cup application Enquiries generated through Facebook contests and posts
    30. 30. Wide spread awareness via retweets and listings Got 72 retweets translating into more visibility across larger audiences Featured on relevant lists: 1.Anthropogenic (man-made) Global Warming 2.HVAC 3.Overseas
    31. 31. Acknowledged contest winners Photo Albums and photo posts fetched 32 responses over 4 albums.
    32. 32. Stage IV Established Thought Leadership
    33. 33. Used Facebook to create thought leadership Industry updates and information shared to establish Emerson Cup as a thought leader and knowledge provider
    34. 34. Used hashtags to capture trending topics
    35. 35. Results
    36. 36. Rapid rise in interactions Registered a 7x increase in no of interactions per post in 3 months
    37. 37. Increase in the number of fans Steady increase to 1010 in 3 months!
    38. 38. Growth on Twitter
    39. 39. Unique visitors achieved to the micro site More than 250% rise in unique visitors to the micro site after Social Media activities began
    40. 40. Total hits achieved for the microsite Almost 500% rise in the hits achieved to the micro site once Social Media was used
    41. 41. And Finally.. Application for the Emerson Cup were double this year!!!
    42. 42. Thank you