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H U F M A N Algorithm Index
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H U F M A N Algorithm Index



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  • 1. A ALPH_SIZE - Static variable in interface IHuffConstants The size of the alphabet given the number of bits per chunk, this should be 2^BITS_PER_WORD. B BitInputStream - Class in <Unnamed> Reads bits-at-a-time where the number of bits is between 1 and 32. BitInputStream(String) - Constructor for class BitInputStream Construct a bit-at-a-time input stream from a file whose name is supplied. BitInputStream(File) - Constructor for class BitInputStream Construct a bit-at-a-time input stream from file. BitInputStream(InputStream) - Constructor for class BitInputStream Open a bit-at-a-time stream that reads from supplied InputStream. BitOutputStream - Class in <Unnamed> BitOutputStream(OutputStream) - Constructor for class BitOutputStream Create a stream that writes-through to the OutputStream object passed as a parameter. BitOutputStream(String) - Constructor for class BitOutputStream Construct a bit-at-a-time output stream with specified file name. BITS_PER_INT - Static variable in interface IHuffConstants The standard number of bits needed to represent/store an int, this is 32 in Java and nearly all other languages. BITS_PER_WORD - Static variable in interface IHuffConstants The standard number of bits per chunk/word when huffing. C close() - Method in class BitInputStream Closes the input stream. close() - Method in class BitOutputStream Releases system resources associated with file and flushes bits not yet written. compareTo(TreeNode) - Method in class TreeNode Return value based on comparing this TreeNode to another. compress(File) - Method in class HuffMark compress(InputStream, OutputStream, boolean) - Method in interface IHuffProcessor Compresses input to output, where the same InputStream has previously been pre-processed via preprocessCompress storing state used by this call. compress(InputStream, OutputStream, boolean) - Method in class SimpleHuffProcessor
  • 2. D Diff - Class in <Unnamed> Diff() - Constructor for class Diff doDiffer(File[]) - Static method in class Diff doMark() - Method in class HuffMark doRead() - Method in class HuffViewer F flush() - Method in class BitOutputStream Flushes bits not yet written, must be called by client programs if close isn't called. H Huff - Class in <Unnamed> Main/launch program for Huff assignment. Huff() - Constructor for class Huff HuffMark - Class in <Unnamed> HuffMark() - Constructor for class HuffMark HuffViewer - Class in <Unnamed> The GUI/View for Huffman coding assignment. HuffViewer(String) - Constructor for class HuffViewer I IHuffConstants - Interface in <Unnamed> Global constants used in Huff/Unhuff. IHuffProcessor - Interface in <Unnamed> M MAGIC_NUMBER - Static variable in interface IHuffConstants Isolate the magic number in one place.
  • 3. main(String[]) - Static method in class Diff main(String[]) - Static method in class Huff main(String[]) - Static method in class HuffMark makeFileMenu() - Method in class HuffViewer makeMenus() - Method in class HuffViewer makeMessage() - Method in class HuffViewer makeOptionsMenu() - Method in class HuffViewer makeOutput() - Method in class HuffViewer markSupported() - Method in class BitInputStream Return true if the stream has been initialized from a File and is thus reset-able. myFile - Variable in class HuffViewer myLeft - Variable in class TreeNode myMessage - Variable in class HuffViewer myModel - Variable in class HuffViewer myOutput - Variable in class HuffViewer myRight - Variable in class TreeNode myTitle - Variable in class HuffViewer myValue - Variable in class TreeNode myWeight - Variable in class TreeNode O ourChooser - Static variable in class Diff
  • 4. ourChooser - Static variable in class HuffViewer ourOpenChooser - Static variable in class HuffMark P preprocessCompress(InputStream) - Method in interface IHuffProcessor Preprocess data so that compression is possible --- count characters/create tree/store state so that a subsequent call to compress will work. preprocessCompress(InputStream) - Method in class SimpleHuffProcessor PSEUDO_EOF - Static variable in interface IHuffConstants The value of the PSEUDO_EOF character. R read() - Method in class BitInputStream Required by classes extending InputStream, returns the next byte from this stream as an int value. readBits(int) - Method in class BitInputStream Returns the number of bits requested as rightmost bits in returned value, returns -1 if not enough bits available to satisfy the request. reset() - Method in class BitInputStream Reset stream to beginning. S setModel(IHuffProcessor) - Method in class HuffViewer Associates this view with the given model. setViewer(HuffViewer) - Method in interface IHuffProcessor Make sure this model communicates with some view.
  • 5. setViewer(HuffViewer) - Method in class SimpleHuffProcessor showError(String) - Method in class HuffViewer Show a modal-dialog indicating an error; the user must dismiss the displayed dialog. showMessage(String) - Static method in class Diff showMessage(String) - Method in class HuffViewer Display a text message in the view (e.g., in the small text area at the bottom of the GUI), thus a modeless message the user can ignore. SimpleHuffProcessor - Class in <Unnamed> SimpleHuffProcessor() - Constructor for class SimpleHuffProcessor T TreeNode - Class in <Unnamed> Utility binary-tree (Huffman tree) node for Huffman coding. TreeNode(int, int) - Constructor for class TreeNode construct leaf node (null children) TreeNode(int, int, TreeNode, TreeNode) - Constructor for class TreeNode construct internal node (with children) U uncompress(InputStream, OutputStream) - Method in interface IHuffProcessor Uncompress a previously compressed stream in, writing the uncompressed bits/ data to out. uncompress(InputStream, OutputStream) - Method in class SimpleHuffProcessor update(Collection) - Method in class HuffViewer To be called by model/client code to display strings in the GUI. W write(int) - Method in class BitOutputStream Required by OutputStream subclasses, write the low 8-bits to the underlying outputstream writeBits(int, int) - Method in class BitOutputStream Write specified number of bits from value to a file.