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Win a car

  1. 1. WIN A CARPutting together a car raffle is not as hard as you think. The key ingredient is having a large group ofticket sellers who market the raffle chances to the general public.Everything besides ticket sales can be handled by just a few people.Divide the main tasks and focus onthree areas: design, product, and marketing.Design your raffle around a desirable car or SUV as the main prize. Include a cash equivalent option forpeople who dont want the vehicle.Product should be highly desirable with a considerable status quotient. Think dream car, nottransportation. The other part of the product equation is a clear statement of specific benefits the fundsraised by the raffle will produce.Marketing is key to your success. Your press release should sell the human interest story behind theraffle, not focus on just the prize.Whats the money raised going to do? Sales flyers should include a color picture of the car and bulletpoints of features and secondary prizes.You want to offer a vehicle thats highly desirable such as a Lexus or Mercedes. Raffling off a cheap car isactually more difficult then doing one with a luxury model.Approach the manager of a local car dealer with a win/win offer. You get a good deal on the vehicle, say25% off list. They get free publicity while still turning a small profit after all the dealer sales incentivesare factored in.Include multiple prizes besides the grand prize. They can be cash awards, consumer electronics items,gift certificates, vacation getaways, etc.The key is to broaden the appeal of your prize package and increase the perceived chance of winningsomething.Number of tickets offered times ticket price equals three times vehicle cost. Why? Becauseyou want to make 50% profit.
  2. 2. you might not sell all your raffle chances, youll need to cover additional expenses, and youll needtopayout your supplemental cash prizes.For example, when raffling a luxury car that costs $50,000 you want to gross at least $100,000, if not$150,000. Setting aside $15,000 of the gross to cover all other costs and prizes, you would still raise$35,000.Lower cost tickets will actually outsell higher-priced ones because they are more affordable to a widerslice of your target market.Get permission and setup sales tables outside high-traffic retail locations such as grocery stores, bookstores, home improvement stores, mass merchants, and anywhere else where there are a lot of peoplethere to spend money.Use large signs in front of and behind your tables that clearly explain why you are raising funds.Salessigns should say things like "Win a new Mercedes!" or "Imagine winning a new Lexus!" and not "CarRaffle - $50."Obviously, you still want each of your sellers to target family, friends, neighbors and co-workers with acarefully crafted sales script that assumes they want to purchase ticketsIts just a question of how many. For more tips, read my article on selling raffle tickets.The car dealersshowroom is a great place to hold your prize drawing. Make it as much of an event as possible byincluding a live radio station broadcast.Use a local celebrity to draw the winning ticket. Take lots of pictures and get your event in the papersthe next day.You can do this. The key is marketing your tickets to thousands and thousands of people.Go where they are already shopping.Repeat sales process every weekend until all tickets are sold. Your prize drawing should be fun eventeven without someone winning a new car.Include good food, music, radio station live broadcast, and local celebrities as master of ceremonies.And above all, have fun!Fancy winning a 2009 BMW 335i Coup? You are in luck! The "Win A Car Contest" is on right now and isopen to anyone who is looking to make real money online and wanting to find a system that can helpthem achieve their goals.Rest assured that we are not dealing with money making scams here. We are working with a reputablecompany who is celebrating their 1 year anniversary and sharing the joy with one and all.As the premier attraction marketing program on the internet, you can leverage on this proven systemwith cutting edge strategies to generate exclusive leads for your home business opportunity.This system has helped thousands of struggling online marketers generate over a hundred leads per day.
  3. 3. You not only get your own personalized customizable websites and capture pages to promote yourselfand brand yourself on the internet, you learn how to build your own database of laser targeted exclusiveleads.Whether you are an affiliate marketer, internet marketer, network marketer or home business owner,this is crucial to your success in the long run.You also get a streamlined sales funnel where you are able to promote additional income streams,valuable tools and resources and educational products that are going to help your prospects achievetheir goals and create multiple streams of internet income on complete autopilot.A training platform with a duplicatable marketing system also helps you save precious time andultimately increase your bottomline.What I like most about this competition is not the prize itself, but rather what it will do for peoplesbusinesses by simply taking part and taking huge massive action.For the grand prize, you stand a chance to win a car, more specifically a 2009 BMW 335i Coup, beforethe end of 2009.If you want to learn how you can start to make real money online, visit the "Win A CarContest" site.Massive action equals to massive results! So take action now and do something for yourself.You maycheck out my blog to see the other prizes that are available.Make them an attractive offer on a chanceto win the car of their dreams.Are you ready to win the car contest? At the same time, learn how to generate exclusive home businessopportunity leads to grow your business.Have you ever wondered the secrets people use to win online? Imagine if you could win money, win aholiday or even win a car just by entering online sweepstakes or online competitions!The good news is that you can win, you can win a fortune in prizes of all kinds, and ordinary people likeyou do it every day.Anyone can win prizes. There are thousands of competitions and sweepstakes available to enter onlineeach and every day, the secret is knowing how to recognize which competitions and sweepstakespresent the best opportunity to win.You may have noticed contests that require you to submit an answer in order to enter. Say for examplethe prize is a holiday, they might ask you to answer "who you would take with you on your holiday andwhy?".The great news about competitions and sweepstakes that require people to submit answers is that theentry rates are significantly lower than other forms of entry requirements.
  4. 4. This is great news, the more work involved to submit an entry, the less entries there are and the greaterchance of winning you have.Its true that there are thousands of legitimate chances to win prizes online, but there are also somehorrible scams that attempt to suck people in.These scams can cost you valuable money, so its important to look closely at terms and conditionsbefore entering a competition or sweepstake.If something feels wrong, then the answer is simple, dont enter any of your information and move on tofinding something else to enter.With hundreds of thousands of online contests and sweepstakes available to enter each year, there is nopoint entering something that may lead to spam or your details being "sold".Go for legitimate companies, with official policies, with creative entries required. There are lots of thingsto look out for, and ways to increase your chances of winning but these few basics will get you started.Car accidents often result in injury and financial loss. In fact, car accidents make up a good proportion ofpersonal injury claims.Common advice for those involved in car accident cases is to hire a personal injury lawyer. However,hiring a competent lawyer may not always be easy.This is because many lawyers are not interested in car accident cases where the injury caused is not tooserious or the financial sum involved is not big.Compile evidence. Your car accident case needs material evidence that proves the circumstances of theaccident as well as the extent of your loss.
  5. 5. Without a lawyer helping you, the onus of arranging and classifying documentary data-such as policereports and medical certificates-lies entirely on you.Brief witnesses. Even genuine witnesses may falter when cross-examined by your opponents. To avoidthis you will have to prepare your witnesses on how to respond to questions.Decide the claim amount. The amount you claim is intended not only to reimburse you for your financialexpense, but also make up for the trauma you suffered.Do not hesitate to file a claim for an amount that is higher than the sum of your medical and relatedexpenses, of course within reasonable limits.Negotiate wisely. In the absence of a professional lawyer, the outcome of your car accident casedepends on how you negotiate a settlement with the insurance adjuster.Always be polite and let the insurance adjustor make his point, and then politely put forth yourarguments to persuade him to see your point.You enter a car contest and then suddenly you win! It seems too good to be true. You have been tryingand finally you hit. Now what? Can you say "taxes?"A car contest are among the most popular prizes to win. After all, who would not love to win a car forfree? Nothing like a new "ride."Something to keep in mind when entering a car contest is the tax burden. Unfortunately all winningsfrom a car contest or sweepstakes is considered as a source of income.You are lucky enough to be the car contest winner amongst hundreds if not thousands of entries. Younow have a new car and it sounds so fantastic.However, a new car can be a nightmare if the winners dont prepare themselves for the taxes.The amount you will owe depends on your circumstances, but you can estimate taxes around 1/3 ofprize value. A $40,000 car for $12,000 is a great deal, but you still have to come up with the money topay the taxes.To start, you need to find a good tax account. Anytime you win a large prize like a car contest or cashamount you should always consult with a tax professional.A CPA or accountant can give you advice that is tailored to your specific situation, which is vital toensuring that you are properly prepared.Especially in the case of large wins like a car from a car contest or truck, it can take quite some time foryour win to be verified and your prize to be delivered.Here are your options: You can walk away from the car and wash your hands of it? Are you kidding me!Everyone is saying, "how could you walk away from it?"
  6. 6. That is an option as crazy as it may sound to some people. We know it does not seem right that whenyou win you have to share it, but you do unfortunately.Find out the Fair Market Value (FMV) of any contests, sweepstakes prize, including a new car win. TheFMV could be far lower than the Approximate Retail Value (ARV) listed by the sponsor - especially if ittakes a while for you to take possession of the vehicle.Car values drop after the new car models come out each year, so that model you won might be lessexpensive when you take possession in later that year.The minute a car is taken off the lot the value drops immediately. Make sure that your taxes are fair andaccurate by finding the lowest possible FMV.You know the accurate market value and exactly what it is worth and what the taxes will be. You stillneed to come up with a good chunk of change but do not want to touch your nest egg that you haveworking on for years.The other option is to sell it. Its better then walking away from it. Look at it this way, no matter whatyou can get for it, it is all free money.You will still end up with several thousand dollars. Your best bet is to try and get the car dealer yourgetting the car from to buy it back from you.Chances are you will get the best rate. Just make sure you get the market value and do not let them tellyou otherwise. Its new, it is on their lot, they know, enough said.This way you end up with money in your pocket and the taxes are paid. We strongly suggest getting themoney, and sending it out for the taxes before you have time to think about it.There are other possible options like getting a loan for the taxes but that is up to you. How much do youreally like the car or would you like some extra cash?Below are some examples of car contests and giveaway. To find more about these car contests simplydo a search online.Enter the Rotella Truck Giveaway Sweepstakes, for your chance to win a Ram 2500 ST Crew Cab 4×4 8Box valued at $36,000. In addition, you will receive $10,000 to help offset taxes! So, go ahead and enterfor your chance to win!In a new Modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimited & A Trip To Vegas! Enter the Omix-ADA 2013 JeepGiveaway, for your chance to win a modified Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4-door and a trip for two to theSEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.This prize includes one-way airfare for two and one night in a hotel and is valued at $46,000! Enter todayfor your chance to win!
  7. 7. Most of the time you will be dealing with the insurance company of the person that hit you (if they haveinsurance), but sometimes you will be dealing your own insurance company if that person did not carryliability coverage.You will be making an uninsured bodily injury claim.The process is the same, except that you will besettling against your own insurance company.There are many ways to handle and settle a bodily injury claims. However there are certain things youcan do to get the most of the process and settle for what you deserve.Your bodily injury claim starts when you go in to the doctor. If you are in a car accident and you believeyou are injured, it is prudent to go in and get checked out at the emergency room.If you carry personal injury protection in your policy, the medical bills will be paid by your own insurancecompany first. Going in to the emergency room will help you show that your injuries deserve immediatemedical attention.Go to the emergency room as soon as you can, even if that is two or three days after the accident(sometimes that is when the pain will be the worst).Disclose all your symptoms to the emergency room doctor. They will take close notes about yoursymptoms. If you forget or for whatever reason you do not disclose this information, they will never benoted in the initial report.You will find out that insurance adjusters will review those records very closely and will try to diminishthe value of your injury by telling you that "you did not report that type of pain or injury the day youwent to the emergency room".Be careful with what you say. Doctors like to ask open questions like "how are you doing" and "how wasyour weekend".Many patients just start talking about how they went golfing, boating, and they mowed the lawn. Allthese activities will be reported on the medical records.The insurance adjuster will review those and will point out that in such and such date; you stated thatyou went boating.This implies that you were not injured or your pain was not that bad to stop you from going out.Ask the emergency doctor for a work release even if believe you do not need one. Most whiplashinjuries do not appear until the next day or two.Coming back in to see a doctor to give you a work release can be a hassle. However, if you ask for it,most doctors will be willing to give it to you on the spot.If you do not need it, then that is great. But if you do, you will be happy you have one. This also helpsyou show that the doctors felt that your injury could keep you away from your work location.
  8. 8. Ask the doctor for a referral. Emergency doctors will only see you because of an emergency (caraccident). They will not continue treating you.Insurance adjusters are wary of people who just go straight to a chiropractor or a physical therapist. Soask for a referral or go to your primary practitioner and ask for a referral there.Go to that doctor. It is important that you follow up with the doctor soon after the initial visit. Any delaycould make things worst for your back and neck. Be sure to express all your symptoms, even depression(if that is present).Adjusters will review those medical records and will find exactly what you tell the doctor. If you keepyour pain silent, then the adjuster will assume that you did not have any.Stick to your treatment schedule. If you start skipping dates and not doing everything in your power toget better, adjusters will decrease the value of your claim.Adjusters will justify gaps in treatment as an injury that was not very significant. If you were in pain, thenyou would have gone to the doctor.Walk into any auto dealership and you will see this car salesman or that saleswoman sitting at a desk orwalking around the showroom floor attempting not to look bored because there is no one in thedealership except maybe some vehicle service customers.When I hear social media is a waste of time; does not bring in traffic; and does not work for autodealerships, I wonder how much traffic did all those newspaper ads, radio and television commercialsbring in?Far too many auto dealerships still adhere to the marketing philosophy they are selling to horse andbuggy buyers. In days long ago, travelers would come to the local livery stable seeking a horse or a horseand buggy.Many of these livery stables would have a blacksmith for repairs to horseshoes and buggies and a stablehand to curry the horses (think maintenance department).The selling and renting of the horses or buggies was the responsibility of the livery stable owner. He orshe communicated the stables marketing message through signage, referrals and the local daily onepage newspaper.Vehicles are the main transportation for millions of individuals especially when public transportation isnot available. Auto dealerships have replaced the common livery stables of years gone by.Through the advancements of technology, the old one page daily newspaper has been replaced withsocial media.To believe social media does not work especially for those businesses where sales peopleare forced to stay inside, almost chained to their desks, is complete and utter insanity.
  9. 9. A new car salesman or woman has plenty of time on his or her hands given how little traffic actuallycomes into the dealership especially during the weekdays.Just imagine how many interactions a salesteam of three to four could have in a couple of hours?Those auto dealerships who believe social media is a waste of time will soon discover their goal toincrease sales will be just the opposite.Of course, they could continue to spend thousands of dollars on outbound marketing when inboundmarketing costs next to nothing and truly live Einsteins definition of insanity.Leanne Hoagland-Smith is the heurist for the next generation of talent management. For todays smallbusinesses, those firms that can unit human capital with organizational initiatives will be ahead of theflow.Im a guy, and by social default that means I have to go out into the world and locate a mate. Where do Igo? What do I say when I find someone? How do I make it to the next level...Just like being hit on at a bar, youll hear every variation on every sort of pick up line possible. Do theywork? Yes! Why do you think auto repair scams are so prevalent and jerks get lots of dates?What do you do about it? Stop falling for jerks. You already know theyre going to tell you what youneed or want to hear, but does that mean you have to go to bed with them?Not at all. The trick here is to come up with some qualifying questions so that when they start the pitch,you can start the qualification process.Frequently, just like the computer geek you should be with who just doesnt seem to have all the sexappeal of the tattoo artist, so are the auto repair shops who tell you exactly what you need to hear.The geek may not know how to present himself, but when you look at the big picture, wouldnt yourather be with someone who will treat you like a queen?
  10. 10. Of course I will Sharon... or was it Susan... Stephanie? Whatever. You mind if I leave my jeans on yourcouch so I know where they are when I bolt out of here in 10 minutes?Just like the "hit em and quit em" boys in the bar scene, unscrupulous mechanics will be your best friendright up to the moment they pop you with a $2,500 repair bill on what should have been a $25 oilchange.Beezid auctions are interesting places to be. They offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire highvalue items - priceless goods, for a song.Take for instance, winning a car. If you never thought it possible, well, think again. Beezid auctionscontinue to surprise, delight and confound many. Recently, they have gotten into the habit of posting amagnificent automobile at the Beezid auction every now and then.Most recently, they posted a brand-new Ford Mustang for-sale. A dream car for most people, this carwas a hot red in color and anyone who landed on their site could not help but want to participate in theauction.To begin with, you must make sure that your account has adequate bids. You can get more bids bywinning bid packs in a big free auction or you can just navigate to the "buy more bids" section of thewebsite.Once you have adequate bids in your account, you are ready to begin bidding. High value items such ascars are normally sold off in a "reveal" auction. "Reveal" auctions are ot like "penny" auctions in that theprice reduces instead of increasing.This reveals the price of the item for a few short seconds. If the asking price of the item has beenreached, then the bidder is given the option to purchase the item at that price.Should the bidder opt to purchase the car at this price, then the Beezid auction end and the bidder isrequested to make full payment.You need to decide how much you want to spend on a new car. Once you set such a budget, this is themaximum amount you should spend on your bids.Invest in an application known as Beezid pro. The application would help you find out, who hasparticipated in similar Beezid auction in the past and how past auctions performed. With thisinformation, you are ready to begin.Once the Beezid auction price of the car reaches the price you are willing to buy the car at, click the "buynow" button. Navigate to the "my wins" section and claim your car. Drive off in style.