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Witail credential web

  1. 1. The truth The whole truthAnd nothing but the moment of truth
  2. 2. for true shopper insights WI•TAIL®
  3. 3. Line ‘em up against the wall and shoot 3A substantial percentage of the marketing budget is spentinstore because marketers know quite different dynamicsare at work influencing the consumer, and ABL is notenough.So, why do we still see research co’s advocating FGD’s,CLT’s etc away from the shopping environment whilstpurporting to achieve shopper insights?Impulse purchasing accounts for significant levels of spend.Do we really think that research methods that rely onrecall ,or that can’t “red flag” the subconscious, will allowus to uncover all that matters?People innately send signals to others to ensure theyconvey the right image about themselves. If certain socialrituals are not acknowledged, the observed shopper willassume a role, and not exhibit their real behaviour.Why then do we see so much emphasis on accompaniedshops as a methodology to uncover shopping reality?
  4. 4. WI• TAIL® - giving you a lot more of the truth. 4On-site recruitmentNon-intrusive observations WI.TAIL is a protocol that seeks to improve on the limitations of other types of shopper researchQuantitative survey methodsQualitative depth exploration
  5. 5. Methodology 5 WI•TAIL® is a protocol including the following elements: ON-SITE RECRUITMENT Compared with pre-recruitmentNon-intrusive observations (a commonly used approach for accompanied shopping), on-site recruitment has the benefit ofQuantitative survey ensuring no preemption to the shopper so that the research can capture both impulsive andQualitative depth exploration planned purchases
  6. 6. Methodology 6 WI•TAIL® is a protocol including the following elements: NON-INTRUSIVEOn-site recruitment OBSERVATIONS With the help of video recording glasses (capturing both visual and audio), consumers can do the shopping at their own pace with zeroQuantitative survey interference from researchers. It also allows the capture of behaviors and environmental stimuli live from the first person angle – rather thanQualitative depth exploration relying on “recall” of consumers afterwards
  7. 7. Methodology 7 WI•TAIL® is a protocol including the following elements:On-site recruitment QUANTITATIVE SURVEYNon-intrusive observations To grasp the overview of behavioral patterns – after all, shopper research is meant for understanding and modifying behaviors (instead of attitude and perceptions)Qualitative depth exploration
  8. 8. Methodology 8 WI•TAIL® is a protocol including the following elements:On-site recruitment QUALITATIVE DEPTH EXPLORATIONNon-intrusive observations Follow-up in-depth interviews on the shoppers to dig out theQuantitative survey reasons and factors behind the exhibited behaviors based on video
  9. 9. WI•TAIL® 9 How well do you understand SHOPPERS?Shopper Quiz #1 Look at the video next page, do you know why the shopper kept on looking through the stocks at the back of the roll?
  10. 10. WI•TAIL® 10 How well do you understand SHOPPERS?Shopper Quiz #1 Do you know why the shopper kept on looking through the stock at the back of the roll? Answer: she tries to look for the PACK (not the product) that is in best condition, no damage or deforming…etc.
  11. 11. WI•TAIL® 11 How well do you understand SHOPPERS? Q1: What does the shopper Shopper Quiz #2 consider when making the purchase? Brand vs. flavor vs. priceBackground: (promotion)? Q2: Do they notice the promotion message? Q3: Would they really calculate the monetary benefit or just a general “good value” message”? To what extent?With a promotion campaign of the TWIN PACK:•Extra 100g in TOTAL, i.e. 50g each per tube Check out the video•AND selling at a discounted price, $19.9 next page
  12. 12. WI•TAIL® 12 How well do you understand SHOPPERS? From the video we also noticed that being 225gShopper Quiz #2 (175g + 50g) in size was the source of confusion – too similar to the 250g SKU and shoppers immediately compared the promotion offer with the 250g rather than 175g So, somewhere in the 100g label, better to put down “Original at 175g only” And TRY TO MAKE YOUR PROMOTION MECHANISM EASIER – 100g (actually 50g per tube), and then on top of it a price cut – better to think about something more simple and straight forward
  13. 13. WI•TAIL® 13 How well do you understand SHOPPERS?Shopper Quiz #3 We often hear respondents saying… M: Why did you buy this? R: Well, at the time the sales recommended me M: Oh really? R: Yes! She said this is good M: What she said good about this? R: Well, just it is good, I can’t remember exactly… Conventional deduction from the above: Shoppers NEED sales RECOMMENDATIONS (advice)
  14. 14. WI•TAIL® 14 How well do you understand SHOPPERS? The truth is (as demonstrated by the previous video) for mostShopper Quiz #3 interactions with the sales/promoters, the conversation tends to be limited to checking/confirming the promotion mechanism The Lesson: The following scenario is more representative: Promoter notices a shopper feels interested in a product Shoppers (picked up, examining the pack…etc.) and then approaches DON’T NEED the shopper RECOMMENDATIONS (ADVICE); Sales: Yes! (agreeing on the shopper’s pick) This one is good (confirming the shopper having a good choice), and now with promotion /actually a good price, not expensive at all they just NEED RECONFIRMATION Shopper: Oh?...m…(the shopper like the product initially) Well, not bad, okay, I will have it
  15. 15. Who really benefits from cashier proximity promotions 15 Cashier push…or cashier crash!? Cash register shelving + cashiers push probably one of the most expensive in-store touch point Based on 2 assumptions: The area where shopper MUST pass through and that they spend idle time there – ideal for your product visibility and accessibility And, there money is coming out….They are just in the moment of paying, prompted to impulsive purchase if something interesting Well, it is reasonable, is it?
  16. 16. thank you