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  1. 1. CharactersLucy SpragganLucy Spraggan has a bubbly personally and creates song what people canrelate to, although she has a joke with the audience but the song is personal toher. She wears chilled out clothing when she is on stage but as she progressesto live shows she gets glammed up with makeup and clothing what would suiteher. On the audition the camera shots are either on the stage, behind thescene and before she come on the stage, after she has finished you saw hercrying so that empathised the emotion. She can controls the crowds with herwitty humour but has lot of passion to her music. In the clip the judges weresurprised that was coming out of her mouth. Dermot O’Leary is the confutedher to make sure that she is alright. In the third audition Lucy had her confidence quite low as in the secondaudition she didn’t do as well that she wanted. You see the flash back fadedand see the close up of her doing badly. But when she gets on stage and startssinging there is a close up of her face then going to the crowd crying as thesong are emotional. The judges are sympathetic but they second guessing thatshe might not be divested. ArthurJames Arthur is a down to earth person and tells his story about that happenswith his mum and day while he is outside. When he is on the stage the tell thejudges about his family, while James is singing there are close up of the judgesand his members of his family while they are listing to him singing. After he hasfinished the camera focused on the judges as they speak about hisperformance as, he gets the four yeses there is a close up of James to show theemotion in his face. The lighting on the audition is mainly on the stage where
  2. 2. James is singing and where the judges are sitting as they are the most importpeople in the show unlike the audience as they are in the dark. James dressescasually compared with the judges as they are fully made up with make-up andfancy suites and beautiful dresses. There are camera shot of the before theaudition at his flat as it has set up the seeing him beforehand.Rylan ClarkeRylan Clarke comes across as a flamboyant, comical entertainer what peoplemight find hard to get used to as he got a camp personally. When we first seehim there is a close up outside posing as like he was a model. When he getson the stage the audience are intently get entertain and the judges feed off hispersonality. They notice that he is very unique and more an entertainer than asinger. When he gets his 3 yeses Rylan get over the top as he jumps and down.The judges see him as a novelty act. You can remember him after theprogramme as he performanceAs he progresses through the show the of the live show after he has found ithard as he has been given death threats and bad criticism but he has pulled itoff. The judges are warming to him apart from Gary. Now in the live show hewears the most over the top clothing so it can match his personally. He stillcan’t sing.The Judges before the live shows
  3. 3. The Judges wear smart but casual clothing at the being of the show, within thejudges they have their own sort of personality and they have their own idea ofthe perfect act what they would like to mentor or they would like to make toimprove the act .Gary, has took over the role as being the serious character in the show as hehas been very successful with his music career and would like to mentor thebest act so he can win. Louie, enjoys the flamboyant entertainers than thegood singer, it is like he doesn’t take the compaction seriously. Tulisa is adown to earth person who has had to work from the bottom to the top as shewant to help people to become a star like her and give them tip, and Nicole isan sweet person and down to earth and make sure that the contested arealright.In the live shows there are a few conflicts with the judges as they called eachother petty and childish names what make the show more entertaining, as forexample Gary trying to offend Tulisa about her breath stinking like “Fags” thenTulisa come but with saying “Lay of the red wine cos I can really smell that aswell”. It comes across childish but the audience enjoys watching these sort ofclip as people might agree or disagree on what they are saying also it is funnyto see the emotion of the judges. Gary was out of character and can’t takecriticism Xfactor has been very successfully in the last ten years recently they haveproduce two extra shows what are “Xtra Factor and the “results show” alsothey have produce a YouTube page , Facebook page and their own Twitterpage. In their results show they have different artist who have made it fromxfator or people who are make a successfully care in the music industry andthen get make you wait to see who goes got. They do this as they get moreviewers to watch the main programme as it keep anticipation of not knowingwho is going home every week. On the other hand, the presenter “Dermotoleary” makes the show more entertaining as he is a down to earth personand kind. When the show starts Dermot O’leary all ways says “your Saturdaystarts here” this engages the audience to watch the programme also he takes a
  4. 4. long time to the say that goes home as that creates tension. They make theaudience vote your favourite contestant in.The vis