Pajo cyber internet isp wireless business plan


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Pajo cyber internet isp wireless business plan

  1. 1. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless company PAJOCYBER GRASSROOTS WIRELESS BUSINESS PLANExecutive SummaryPajoCyber Grassroots Wireless is an innovative start-up company that provides wirelessbroadband Internet connections to several Juba neighborhoods. Utilizing Wi-Fi technology andproprietary antennas and repeaters, PajoCyber Grassroots will be able to serve a large areawith broadband Internet connections.PajoCyber Grassroots was founded by Wilton Mark. an undergraduate Computer Sciencedegree holder, Wilton has the skills to execute on this well-researched business plan. Wiltonspent two years in the Information Campaign project work, which gave him not only anincredible and reasonable boost in confidence to accomplish a business venture, but alsoprovided him with solid project management skills and experience.The market for wireless broadband Internet connections is wide open. Demand for traditionalbroadband connections is surpassing conservative forecasts. The wireless market is even moreexciting due to the significantly lower costs needed in terms of delivery infrastructure. AsPajoCyber Grassroots customer base grows, costs decrease through scales of economy,creating an even more compelling argument for PajoCyber Grassroots existence in the area ofSouthern Sudan.PajoCyber Grassroots has targeted three distinct groups. The first is College students, marketsegments that uses the Internet the most and also have high expectations regarding the speedof the connection. The second group is professionals, people with disposable income, not a lotof excessive time on their hands, and a group that uses the Internet a fair amount, bothpersonally as well as professionally. The last group that will be targeted is techies. This group isthe early adopters of any type of technology and spends incredible amounts of time immersed inInternet technology.PajoCyber Grassroots is a compelling business concept that leverages advances in technologyand proprietary tools to offer a market need at below market prices. In addition to earning greatmargins with low infrastructure costs, margins increase as the customer base increases. Thisexciting business plan has a high likelihood of success with Wilton Mak responsible for theexecution of it. The business will earn modest profits in year two, increasing exponentially inyear three. Net profit is forecasted to be commensurate in years two and three.1.1 MissionIt is PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless mission to provide fast, wireless Internet access at areasonable price to the whole area of Southern Sudan. Remember; with PajoCyber GrassrootsWireless the most important thing is that every customer must be satisfied with our services.1.2 PajoCyber Keys to Success PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-1
  2. 2. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless company • Practice disciplined growth. • Reach profitability by year two. • Ensure that the customers needs are met and maintain a 90% customer retention ratio.1.3 PajoCyber Objectives • Provide, fast, reliable, wireless Internet access. • Treat customers with the upmost respect. • Become profitable within two years.Our Company SummaryPajoCyber Grassroots Wireless will be formed in 20012 to offer an inexpensive, wirelessbroadband Internet connection to compete with DSL or cable offerings. Using Wi-Fi technology,it is inexpensive to set up a neighborhood network. The company was founded by Wilton Mark.Wilton will rely on outside investors for the necessary start-up costs.2.1 PajoCyber OwnershipPajoCyber Grassroots Wireless is a Pajoforum network, With Wilton Mark as the principalfounder.2.2 Start-up SummaryEquipment that will be needed is as follows: • Three computer workstations; • Wireless access point; • Five repeaters; • Five antennas; • Assorted office equipment and supplies.2.3 PajoCyber start –up expensesStart-up FundingStart-up Expenses to Fund $9,500Start-up Assets to Fund $60,500Total Funding Required $70,000 PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-2
  3. 3. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless companyAssetsNon-cash Assets from Start-up $5,000Cash Requirements from Start-up $55,500Additional Cash Raised $0Cash Balance on Starting Date $55,500Total Assets $60,500Liabilities and CapitalLiabilitiesCurrent Borrowing $0Long-term Liabilities $0Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) $0Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) $0Total Liabilities $0Planned Investment CapitalProspective Investor 1 $15,000Prospective Investor 2 $55,000Additional Investment Requirement $0Total Planned Investment $70,000Loss estimates at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) ($9,500)Total Capital $60,500Total Capital and Liabilities $60,500 PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-3
  4. 4. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless companyTotal Funding $70,000Requirements t-upStart-up ExpensesLegal $2,000Stationery etc. $100Consultants $1,000Insurance $200Rent $200Research and Development $1,000Expensed Equipment $5,000Total Start-up Expenses $9,500Start-up AssetsCash Required $55,500Other Current Assets $0Long-term Assets $5,000Total Assets $60,500Total Requirements $70,000 PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-4
  5. 5. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless companyServicesPajoCyber Grassroots will offer wireless broadband Internet access. The service is DSL speedwith customers only needing a Wi-Fi card and to live within range of the signal which will coversa thirty block radius initially. There will be plans to enlarge the coverage area as morecustomers sign up in various areas of Southern Sudan.Wi-Fi technology is based off of 2.4 MHz spectrum wireless transmissions. Using the samewave lengths that some cordless phones use, the Internet signals are broadcasted out throughthe neighborhood. With the supplied password and a Wi-Fi receiver in each customerscomputer, customers will have fast, wireless Internet connections.Market AnalysisWithin the last three years there has been a proliferation of broadband Internet connections.With so many people enjoying fast connections at work, they are no longer willing to deal with adial-up connection at home. With the advent of Wi-Fi technology, customers can now enjoy afast connection without having to lay expensive cables since the signal is sent via radio waves.The targeted market segments are: Private Local Institutions, Local NGOs, students,professionals, techies.4.1 Our Market SegmentationThe market can be segmented into three distinct groups:• Students: these are people currently in academia and are accustomed to fast connections and are willing to pay for it. This group uses the Internet the most, whether they are trading MP3s or downloading videos.• Professionals: this group conducts a fair amount of business over the Internet, whether banking, e-commerce, or communications.• Techies: this group embraces technology as they enjoy challenging themselves with technology and the complexity it brings.Other than the students, PajoCyber Grassroots customers are fairly affluent (household incomeof (1,000 SDG) and spend their money on technology offerings, whether it is digital cable,cellular service, or broadband Internet connections. The target customers are also generallywell educated with 45% having a college degree and 20% having a graduate degree.Combining several demographic factors, PajoCyber Grassroots arrives at the following primarycustomer profile:• Spends 10 hours a week on the Internet away from home.• Has purchased something or services from a website at least once within the last two months.• Educated with at least some course work for an undergraduate degree.• Household income of at least SDG 1,000. PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-5
  6. 6. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless company Local NGOs Professionals Students Techies Local Institution4.2 Target Market Segment StrategyPajoCyber Grassroots chose the three aforementioned target markets due to our adoption ofbroadband Internet technology. It is these three groups that are most likely to use a fastconnection and the most willing to pay a premium for the connection in whole Southern Sudan.4.3 Our Service Business AnalysisThere are three main participants within the consumer broadband Internet market services.• DSL (digital subscriber line). A connection that utilizes the copper phone lines as the method of transmission.• Cable. A connection that uses cable TV wiring for transmission.• Satellite connections. These use satellites, in orbit to provide "cable" TV as well as Internet connections to residential and remote consumers.4.3.1 Competition and Buying PatternsAs we mentioned in the previous section, DSL, cable, and satellite access are the competitors inthe broadband market. Consumer buying patterns are based on two factors: Availability: not every type of broadband connection is available to every consumer inSouthern Sudan. PalyeCybercom Company has witnessed that in Juba the so called boomingcity center, Consumers often pick service providers based on what is available to them. Convenience: this is often based on where the outlet cords are based in the house, whetherthe computer will be located closer to the cable TV or nearer to a phone jack we hope to make itas convenient as possible.Strategy and Implementation Summary Simply put, PajoCyber Grassroots strategy is to offer a service, demanded by customers,at a price that undercuts the competition. This will be accomplished, not by accepting below-market margins, but by leveraging technology, to help drive PajoCyber Grassroots costs down.Awareness regarding PajoCyber Grassroots services will be generated effectively andinexpensively to the specific target segments that PajoCyber Grassroots has focused on. PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-6
  7. 7. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless company5.1 Competition PajoCyber Grassroots competitive edge is the effective and efficient use of Wi-fi technology.Wi-fi, while a fairly recent technology, has been adopted by several different service providersas well as used for home-based networks.What provides PajoCyber Grassroots with a competitive edge is its efficient use of thetechnology. PajoCyber Grassroots has developed a proprietary antenna that allows for signaltransmission over great distances with less signal loss.Additionally, PajoCyber Grassroots has significantly reduced administrative costs by havingmost administrative activities like marketing, sales, and service details administered via theInternet.5.2 Marketing StrategyAs the name implies, PajoCyber Grassroots will be using a PajoCyber Grassroots approach todeveloping awareness of the offered services. PajoCyber Grassroots will adopt a multi-prongedmarketing approach:• Advertising/postings with local retailers and commercial businesses. This will provide PajoCyber Grassroots with great visibility in the exact community that it operates in.• Mailings. PajoCyber Grassroots will adopt a targeted mailing campaign to local residents.• Website. PajoCyber Grassroots will leverage its website as a comprehensive and efficient source of marketing/sales information.5.3 Sales StrategyThe sales strategy that PajoCyber Grassroots will adopt is based on developing an awarenessof PajoCyber Grassroots service as a viable alternative to Cable and DSL within thecommunity. The message used will be that you can receive broadband speed connections toyour computer, wherever it may be, even your laptop on your front lawn, at a price that is afraction of the current competitors. This will be done with targeted advertising with localretail/commercial establishments in the whole southern Sudan.Additionally, PajoCyber Grassroots will rely on mailings to get the word out. Lastly, PajoCyberGrassroots will have a website for marketing, sales, and administrative purposes.5.3.1 Sales ForecastWe have developed a conservative sales forecast. Adoption rates of customers are fairly steadyand will be so still from one month to the next. Aconservative approach has been adopted by us to minimize any external variables that mayaffect future operations. PajoCyber Grassroots believes that it will experience extensive growth for several years forseveral reasons in Southern Sudan, as well as to all part of Sudan and gradually cover the PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-7
  8. 8. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless companywhole East African region.The first is the general adoption of broadband connections, Another reason PajoCyberGrassroots believes their forecast to be accurate is it offers a viable, less expensivealternative to current broadband connections.5.4 Milestones Milestones are a very important aspect of this plan to us. It provides concrete, achievable,yet lofty goals that we know PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless must concentrate on. By targeting lofty goals, PajoCyber Grassroots ensures that it is aiming high; therefore it ismore likely to achieve more. The milestones that we have chosen are very specific to thecompany and will be embraced by all employees in our company as well as our prospectivecustomers and investors.MilestonesMilestone Start Date End Date Budget Manager DepartmentBusiness plan completion 1/6/20011 2/1/2012 $0 Wilton ManagementFirst 10 customers 1/1/20012 3/30/2012 $0 Wilton SalesProfitability 5/4/20012 2/1/2013 $0 Wilton OperationsEnlargement of thenetwork 5/5/20012 2/1/2013 $0 Wilton OperationsTotalsWeb Plan SummaryThe website will be used for: • Marketing/sales; • Administrative functions.6.1 Website Marketing StrategyAll of PajoCyber Grassroots marketing information will be present on the website for viewingand for downloading/printing. Awareness regarding the website will be accomplished by PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-8
  9. 9. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless companyinclusion of the website address on all printed materials. Additionally, the website will have acomprehensive submission procedure to all of the popular search engines.6.2 Development RequirementsThe website will be developed in-house by leveraging interns.Management SummaryWilton Mak, founder and president will be the anchor of the management team. Wilton is anAptech Certified professional graduate in Computer Science. While Wilton enjoyed the coursework he recognized that it was not something that he was interested in pursuing as a career.Wilton decided that it would be in his best interest to study for an MBA, however, he was notimmediately ready to do this. So Wilton headed off to Cairo with the Business Administrationcareer. Prior to this he has been working in Khartoum to develop community-based organizationsystems. Wiltons Organizational experience was invaluable, providing him with extensiveproject management experience as well as giving him confidence that he could accomplishanything he set his mind out to do.Joining CTC Academy, Wiltons course of study concentrated on entrepreneurial ventures,recognizing at some point his desire to start his own business. Near the end of his second year,Wilton began to hear about Wi-Fi technology. He became interested in what he saw was astrong market need for inexpensive broadband Internet connections transmitted wirelessly,thereby significantly decreasing delivery costs. Wilton formed PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless tofulfill this market need and mainly to serves his countrymen with the cutting edge technology.7.1 Personnel PlanThe two main employees beyond Wilton are: • Technician: this position is responsible for the smooth operation of the wireless network as well as the website. • Administration: this is a general customer service position, assisting in sales and support.Personnel Plan Year 1 Year 2 Year 3President $24,000 $36,000 $48,000Technician $19,800 $21,600 $21,600Administration $15,000 $18,000 $18,000Total People 3 3 3Total Payroll $58,800 $75,600 $87,600 PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-9
  10. 10. PajoCyber Grassroots Wireless companyEnd.By wilton Mak YovanCtc Academy -Cairo PajoCyber Grassroots wireless-10