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Zemoga Intro


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A top level intro to the work we do at Zemoga.

A top level intro to the work we do at Zemoga.

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  • 1. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved ZEMOGA COMPANY OVERVIEW
  • 2. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved ZEMOGA IS A FULL SERVICE DIGITAL INNOVATION AGENCY. Founded in 2001 Based in NY and Bogotá, Colombia Near-Shoring and “In-Sourcing” Collaboration More than 130 Employees
  • 3. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved Who We Are:  Full service, end to end digital innovation firm  Founded in 2004  Based in NY and Bogotá, Colombia  Near-shoring and “in-sourcing” collaboration  More than 100 employees  Direct and indirect client relationships  Specializing in pharmaceutical, retail/ecommerce, automotive, CPG, media & entertainment Who We Work With: Agency Clients (partial list):  BBDO  Palio Communviation  Kaplan Thaler   US Concepts  Renegade Corporate Clients (partial list):  Sears Holdings  The Mozilla Foundation/Firefox  HBO  IAC  Novo Nordisk  Rodale  Yahoo  Toyota  A&E Television Networks  Panasonic  Univision  Pfizer  Wise Foods What We Do: Innovation & Strategy  Interface Design  Application Design & Development  Smartphone & Facebook Applications  Game Design & Development  Online Contest Administration  Viral/Social Marketing  Animation & Motion Graphics  SEO & SEM Analytics ZEMOGA FAST FACTS
  • 5. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved INNOVATION LAB DIGITAL FOUNDRY MARKETING KITCHEN IINTELLIGENCE BUREAU IDEATE PRODUCE PROMOTE MEASURE Building a great product is only the first step in building a successful business. Creating awareness and promoting use are key factors in the success of any project. Offerings include Market/User Research, Campaign Design and Deployment. The Digital Foundry is our state-of- the-art digital production service. The Foundry works on a range of products, including enterprise applications, desktop apps, mobile (including iPhone and Droid), social media apps (including Facebook and Twitter), digital video, Flash, rich media and best-in-class web and game design The Innovation Lab is a set of proprietary tools and methods that enables Zemoga to identify new opportunities — and threats — In our clients’ business models. We then work together to use this knowledge to better service their customers’ needs. Whether it’s working with clients to identify KPIs, creating customized dashboards, implementing SEO, or providing data analysis and business recommendations, the Intelligence Bureau provides clients with an accurate, real-time picture of product and market performance. Armed with this information, customers can take the necessary steps to ensure product improvement, user satisfaction and a maximum return on spend. ZEMOGA’S SERVICE OFFERINGS
  • 6. OUR WORK View our reels at: General Reel – Creative Reel – Motion Graphics Reel – Gaming Reel –
  • 8. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved WE STRIVE TO DELIVER DIGITAL INNOVATION
  • 9. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved WE’VE HELPED SEARS DO A COMPLETE SITE OVERHAUL … (CREATIVE AND PRODUCTION LED)  (#4 retail site) brief to Zemoga was simple – update the look and feel of the site and integrate new technologies that would make the users’ shop- ping experience quicker and more enjoyable.  The team conducted user experience tests (including TOBII laser eye-tracking) and worked with SEARS’ internal design and development team to create an Information Architecture that emphasized simplicity.  The Zemoga team quickly moved from IA to the prototyping stage. In conjunction with the SEARS team, Zemoga developed a “liquid architecture” for the site that allowed the digital offering to automatically resize to fit the user’s screen. The result was a cleaner interface and expanded product offerings that improved speed of choice and ease of transition to new portions of the site. This, in turn, led to increased conversion and basket size.
  • 10. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved … AND FIND THE PERFECT PROM DRESS (E-COMMERCE/GUIDED SALE)  Zemoga has designed numerous “Guided Sale” applications for Sears including the “Prom Experience” microsite  A simple and engaging personality quiz helped teenage girls figure out the right prom look for them. If they were still undecided after taking the quiz, they could click on a trens section to see the most popular styles.  Social media formed a core component of the site. Users were able to share the dress they had selected with friends via Twitter and Facebook.  The campaign was a tremendous success for Sears. The only negative? Each SKU featured on the site sold out too quickly!
  • 11. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved WE’VE HELPED HBO STAY TRUE TO THEIR AFFILIATES … (B2B MARKETING)  Zemoga has worked with several divisions of HBO since 2008.  The partnership has included everything from digital asset management systems design to affiliate marketing campaign creations to branding & logo creation.  Zemoga acts as the digital creative shop for HBO’s affiliate marketing group creating Powerpoint presentations, e-mail campaigns and whatever other digital assets are required  Zemoga helped HBO totally revamp the way affiliates received marketing materials from the company. The result was a cleaner interface and expanded materials offerings that improved speed of choice and diversity of campaigns. This had led to more effective marketing at a local level and improved business relationships with affiliates.
  • 12. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved …AND NICKELODEON HAVE FUN WITH KIDS (GAME DESIGN) Zemoga worked with Nick to concept and design a first-person, sports-action casual game for their client, Mars Foods.The Skittles program was a multiphase promotion that includes on- pack codes for unlocking functions online, as well as a leader board for users to track their standings. Zemoga executed an advanced Flash game in 3-D with customizable features, including original character choices, “Choose your ride,” and a branded “desktop builder”. The site also included a collection of rich media banners and new functions and tricks launched in follow-on phases. The site was the most successful online promotion for Nick to date, with millions of unique visitors and code inputs. The site continues to be one of Nick’s top 10 promo sites, years after the completion of the initial marketing campaign.
  • 13. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved FROM HELPING YAHOO PROMOTE BIG BUDGET FILMS … (PROMOTIONS AND SWEEPSTAKES)  Zemoga concepted an interactive online gaming experience to promote the film “Nine” for our client Yahoo!  Zemoga developed an interactive Flash based game that reflected the sumptuous look and feel of the film. In addition, Zemoga created and administered a sweepstakes for the client that gave users a chance to win a trip to Italy. Zemoga handled all aspects of the contest from initial concepting to compliance and prizing This was a “soup to nuts” project with Zemoga handling everything from initial proposal to marketing and measurement for Yahoo!
  • 14. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved A&E wanted to empower their ad sales clients with digital tools that would help them plan their media campaigns and become more familiar with A&E’s multiple media offerings. Through a series of facilitated sessions, Zemoga identified A&E’s desire to have an online resource center that would allow users to easily find and purchase advertising space. Zemoga developed an easily navigable website with Flash features. Videos, descriptions, schedules, images, and logos of the network’s programs are all part of the website’s utility components. A Java application named the “Targeting Toolbox” was also created to help advertisers generate custom reports related to their desired target audiences. These reports contain data for A&E’s numerous different television channels in the United States. … TO EMPOWERING ADVERTISERS FOR A & E (PROMOTIONS AND SWEEPSTAKES)
  • 15. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved  Zemoga has been working with the IAC’s Daily Beast property since 2008.  The partnership includes the following scope of services: information architecture, strategy, feature development and strategy.  We have created a Facebook Connect page, we are involved with ad unit development and production, and we manage their advertising unit engine.  We have a hybrid staffing arrangement where we have dedicated resources manage all the technical and production requirements and we engage additional team members on a project basis for branding and creative work. WE’VE GOT THE CATEGORY EXPERIENCE … (CREATIVE AND PRODUCTION LED, BRANDING, SOCIAL MEDIA)
  • 16. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved  Wise Foods drafted Zemoga to redesign their Cheez Doodles presence online and engage with the brand’s teen and tween consumer base. Zemoga worked with Wise to create a new look and feel for the “Cheese Dudes” characters, including character creation, 3D renderings, Flash video and even original music. Zemoga integrated an Augmented Reality component driving a contest designed to encourage and capture user generated content. Users print out codes and see the Dudes appear and perform in 3D on their computer screens.  Zemoga supplemented these components with an integrated social media campaign including Twitter and Facebook components to help build brand awareness on launch! … AND THE DIGITAL CHOPS … (AUGMENTED REALITY)
  • 17. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved  Atmosphere BBDO wanted to expand Monster’s reach beyond North America to all of Europe. Their strategy focused on a strong online omnipresence via banner ads Zemoga presented different Flash-animated concepts for different target audiences. Some of the banner ads employed a simple and to-the- point aesthetic. Others were creative and entertaining games that challenged the viewer to “nail” the right job with a hammer, or “fill” positions within their company by filling a beaker with liquid, directing the user to the website.   Zemoga employed a unique approach for this execution First, English-language banners were sent to the client for approval. Once approved, the banners were customized for each target market by two teams: one to handle design elements, such as manipulating the size and layout of each banner, and another team to manipulate the text (which was translated into a multitude of languages).   …TO HELP YOU ACHIEVE YOUR BUSINESS GOALS (BANNER ADVERTISING)
  • 18. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved AND WE KNOW EMERGING PLATFORMS
  • 19. IPAD & IPHONE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Dedicated iPhone Application development:  iPhone Platform Architecture and SDK expertise  Animation and mobile interface expertise  Active in the iPhone Development Community
  • 20. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved DID SOMEONE MENTION SOCIAL MEDIA?
  • 21. FACEBOOK APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Understand and have experience in the Facebook Platform API including:  FBML development language  Facebook Platform Architecture  Tag Set Parameters  Members of the FB Developer Community Clients for Facebook applications and pages include AVANIR, WISE FOODS, WEISSCOMM, CONTINENTAL AIRLINES, TED Conferences & JAMIE OLIVER’S FOOD REVOLUTION Also utilize team of social media experts to leverage branding in the space with measurable results.
  • 22. TWITTER APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Understand and have experience in both Twitter REST and Search APIs including:  Ruby on Rails developers  Twitter Platform Architecture  UTF-8 Encoding, Special Parameters and Pagination Limits Clients for Twitter applications and pages include WISE FOODS, SEARS and PALIO Also utilize team of social media experts to leverage branding in the space.
  • 24. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved WE MAKE SURE OUR WORK DOES THE JOB
  • 25. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved Tobii uses complex image processing to identify exactly where the user’s eyes are looking while capturing the image the user is viewing •The system is so accurate the Tobii can detect movements known as microsaccades (the ultra-fast fixational eye movements that are important for the maintenance of visibility) •By understanding where people look and the choices they make, we can create more effective web designs. Designs that reflect natural behavior tendencies and help users achieve what they want (but cannot necessarily express). IN HOUSE USER ACCEPTANCE TESTING
  • 26. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved The Eye Tracking system produces reports in these formats: Heat Maps [Heat map Graphic] Gaze Pathways [Gaze Graphic] Visual Clusters [Cluster Graphic] Mouse click patterns, and animations of these maps Zemoga Researchers and Designers review the reports and animation data of specific web designs to determine what is working well, and what needs changing. TOBII EYE TRACKING SYSTEM
  • 27. © 2010, Zemoga Inc. All Rights Reserved HOW CAN WE HELP?