Design and qualification approvals final2011


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Design and qualification approvals final2011

  1. 1. 8/18/2011 Design and Qualification Approvals 1DESIGN AND QUALIFICATION APPROVALS The Market Balance by Sectors By Wilson Coffman 4800 Whitesburg Dr. PMB354 Huntsville, AL 35802 256-400-1063-Office 256-797-4707-Mobile 256-400-1063-Fax Email: Email:
  2. 2. 8/18/2011 Design and Qualification Approvals 2Wilson Coffman Marketing and Business Development Sales EngineerBillion Dollar Seller with over 20 years of Management, Marketing, Design and ManufacturingExpertiseObtained sales by cultivating strategic alliances with key industry leaders across Fortune500 companies in the following by DESIGN and AVL QUALIFICATION APPROVALS
  3. 3. 8/18/2011 Design and Qualification Approvals 3 • ComputerThe Market • Consumer goodsBalance by • Automotive Sectors • Medical technology • TelecommunicationsMarket Sectors • Military • Industrial electronics • EMS Providers
  4. 4. 8/18/2011 Design and Qualification Approvals 4 Market by Sectors Computer Consumer goods• Designed in for AT&S the Intel Wi- • Supplier & Manufacturer of 1 Fi PC card in HDI Technology construction 1+2+1 $1M Million units for EchoStar• Apple computer built over 100k Communications satellite Set- Apple Notebooks$1M Top Boxes$5M • Designed in the HDI (High• Built the Printed Circuit Boards Density Integration) circuit over 1 Million units of IBM Monitors and Design in the IBM board for Apple iPhone $1M ThinkPad PC$10M • Designed products to be RoHS• Secured AVL approval Sun Micro System on high end compliant and manufactured in server business 24 Layer certified ISO 9001:2001 facilities mother board $50M for a Secure commitment from PGA Tour Championships
  5. 5. 8/18/2011 Design and Qualification Approvals 5 Market by Sectors Automotive Medical technology• Design in the windshield wiper • Supplied circuit boards over relay for Chrysler Automotive sales from zero to $3M in one a Million units in the blood year glucose monitor machines for Roche Diagnostics $1M• PPAP the PCB Instrument Cluster Panel for BMW & Chrysler Automotive • Secured AVL approvals for• Delphi attained HDI AVL for Hewlett-Packard standard for PCB panels and JIT status. their defibrillators/ monitors• Attained AVL approval for AT&S India for Siemens Automotive under PPAP specifications ISO / TS 16949
  6. 6. 8/18/2011 Design and Qualification Approvals 6 Market by Sectors Telecommunications• Motorola- designed and • CISCO gained HDI AVL assembled over Million approval & Market share of modems and cell phones 2% Design Support for 2 HDI $10M Projects• Manufacturer over 5 Million units channel bank cards for • Skyworks Solutions gained ADTRAN $10M Vender AVL Approval and gain market share in HDI 10- 20% of there potential• Designed the Circuit board • layout and built over 1Million units of the caller ID boxes • Intel – secured the first HDI and call restriction boards for orders and AVL approval for AT&S. AT&T
  7. 7. 8/18/2011 Design and Qualification Approvals 7 Market by Sectors Military Industrial electronics • Assembled a 1$Million• Gained AVL approval under the electronic control panels for following specifications Military ThyssenKrupp Elevator Specifications -Mil-P-50884 / previously Dover IPC-6013, MIL-PRF-55110, MIL- PRF-31032, ITAR- manufacturing Printed Circuit Boards• Raytheon • Electric (GE) into a multi-level• Boeing technology, multi-million• GTE Corp. dollar PCB account by• UNISYS CORPORATION cultivating relationships and• Sanmina-SCI facilitating presentations• Lockheed Martin Corp. across GE locations in the US• Teledyne increasing capacity.
  8. 8. 8/18/2011 Design and Qualification Approvals 8 Electronic Manufacturer Service Providers in the Top 50 World Secured AVL Approval• Flextronics • Celestica• Jabil Circuit • Universal Scientific• Sanmina-SCI Industrial Co., Ltd.• Elcoteq (USI) • EPIC Technologies• Benchmark Electronics • DRS Technologies• Plexus • Kimball Electronics Group