Successful partnerships with public libraries


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Successful partnerships with public libraries

  1. 1. Successfulpartnerships with public libraries
  2. 2. Plan for today• Chuck Adleman and Jill Glover will share about their space collaboration in Luck• Denise Anton Wright and Janis Merkle will share about a digital collaborative project in New Glarus• Stef Morrill will share survey results throughout! [73 responses, solicited from Wisconsin Historical Societies]
  3. 3. Are we collaborating?
  4. 4. Do we share space?
  5. 5. How do we share space?
  6. 6. Lucky Partners The Luck, Wisconsin Public Library and Historical Museum Working Together Chuck Adleman, Jill Glover
  7. 7. Luck, Wisconsin 70 miles from Twin Cities Population 1200
  8. 8. LuckPopulation stableat 1000 for 50 years Road Side Marker on Hwy 35 1885 First Co-op Creamery
  9. 9. Lake Country
  10. 10. In "Luck" to get 1/2 way
  11. 11. Luck Grows and Changes• Indian cession treaties open land for 1837 settlement• Logging era rest stop 1850s• Danish immigration brings dairy farming 1870s-1880s• Soo Line R.R. reaches Luck in 1902• Duncan Yo-Yo “capital” from 1946-1965• Family dairy farms give way to large farms• Recreation industry gathers importance• Wood products industry a main stay• Luck becomes tied to Twin Cities metropolitan area
  12. 12. Incorporated 1905
  13. 13. Luck Today (pop 1100)
  14. 14. The Small Old Library
  15. 15. Planning Begins in 2000• First interest in new library and museum building• Luck Historical Society formed• Site on Main Street chosen and purchased• Dormant period, brown site pollution mitigated• Steering committee of interested citizens formed 2006 1. Chairman chosen 2. Firm consensus that a new Public Library critical 3. General agreement that library and museum should be housed together in single building 4. Committees assigned 5. Fund raiser chosen 6. Committees assigned 7. Fund raising begins
  16. 16. Fund Raising Continues,Building Designed and Constructed, 2006-2008• Cedar Corporation chosen for design, engineering and oversight• Final design of building approved in 2007• Construction summer of 2007 to fall 2008• Mortgage (bridge loan from village) burned in fall of 2010
  17. 17. Building Plan
  18. 18. The Finished Building Design• Library space (main floor, meeting room, break room and office) - 47%• Museum (and work/storage) - 35%• Public areas (lavatories, lobby) – 17%• Mechanical – 1%
  19. 19. Ground Breaking 2007
  20. 20. Construction Begins 2007
  21. 21. Construction through the cold winter
  22. 22. Putting on the Lid
  23. 23. Completed Building, 2008
  24. 24. Other Things to Consider• The lot and building are owned by the village of Luck but were built with private donations• The public library is operated with local, county and state tax dollars• The Museum is self supporting through grants, donations and museum sales• Building decisions are made by a committee of the Luck Public Works Director and representatives of the Library and Historical Society Boards
  25. 25. Benefits of living together• Synergy of sharing space and ideas• Better drawing power for both• Cost savings by sharing space and equipment• Able to plan and offer better and more varied programs and activities• Large group programs possible with flexible space in the museum
  26. 26. Successful Things We have Done Together• Partner to show classic free movies• Cooperatively sponsored Civil War speakers• Offer shared seasonal events eg. Lucky Days, Winter Carnival, visit from Santa, etc.• Shared space for adult exercise classes• Provide space for census training• Make space available for community meetings (non political)• Provide location for Luck Senior Class Art Show• Give programs for school and community field trips
  27. 27. Working TogetherSanta comes to Luck
  28. 28. Spring High School Art Show
  29. 29. Polk County Genealogical Society Partners with Library/Museum• Library has and other genealogical resources online free• Monday afternoons museum is staffed by Genealogists• Many programs are co- sponsored by museum and genealogy group Danish immigrant history talk
  30. 30. Indianhead Gem and Mineral Society Supported Geology Exhibit
  31. 31. Large Group Meetings in the Museum Sound system, Video projectorMonthly Program
  32. 32. Key Elements of Success• Strong rapport established during building project• Friendly, cooperative staffs• Broad community support• Gathering point for the community• Central Main Street location• Open six days a week with predictable schedule• Facilities available for community activities• Provides only public rest rooms on Main Street• Free WI-FI hotspot• Ability to accept the fact that things won’t always go exactly the way you might like
  33. 33. Possible Pitfalls When Living Together• Don’t expect the library staff to watch the museum• Importance of keeping library and museum budgets completely separate• Difficulty of determining a fair and equitable division building operating costs• Carefully planned billing procedure• Coordination of schedules• Mechanism for making joint building decisions• What if one partner defaults?
  34. 34. Future• August 30, 2012 $90,670 grant for Family Heritage, multipurpose shared addition• Storage• Questions?• Websites: /index.html•
  35. 35. More survey results…
  36. 36. How else are we working together?• Share programs/events (21 out of 44)• Work together to get questions answered about people/community (4)• Cross-promotion (4)• Share data and research (4)• Share equipment (3)
  37. 37. How else are we working together?• Dividing collection responsibilities: collecting different formats• Rotating collection lent to Historical Society• Get discarded books from library• Traveling display created by historical society lent to libraries• Planning• Page in the quarterly library newsletter• Board member overlapping• Collaborate on book of photos
  38. 38. Developing online content
  39. 39. What kinds of content?• Photos (6 out of 17)• Documents/Books (6)• Obituary database• Local newspaper•• Facebook page• Library catalog: Historical society collection in the catalog• Library maintained website (2)
  40. 40. Successful Partnerships with Public Libraries New Glarus Denise Anton Wright Public Library Administration Consultant South Central Library System, Madison Janis Merkle Assistant Director, New Glarus Public Library
  41. 41. Successful Partnerships New GlarusVillage of 2,172 people – located in Green County Rich history – founded in 1845 as a colony of Switzerland Re-invented itself as a tourist destination in early 1960’s Home to New Glarus Brewing Co. & Swiss Center of North America
  42. 42. Successful Partnerships New GlarusNew Glarus Public Library New Glarus Historical Society •Founded in 1934 •Founded in 1938 •Staff with interest / abilities •Historical Society maintains relating to local history Swiss Historical Village •Staff with experience in •Active Board of Directors digitization & Membership •Connections already in •No paid coordinator place with Historical Society
  43. 43. Successful Partnerships New GlarusNew Glarus Public Library – located inside Village Hall
  44. 44. Successful Partnerships New GlarusNew Glarus Public Library – 2,074 square feet
  45. 45. Successful Partnerships New GlarusNew Glarus Public Library – Limited Local History Space
  46. 46. Successful Partnerships New GlarusNew Glarus Historical Society – Swiss Historical Village Museum
  47. 47. Successful Partnerships New GlarusNew Glarus Historical Society – Swiss Historical Village Museum
  48. 48. Successful Partnerships New GlarusNew Glarus Historical Society – Archives Space
  49. 49. Successful Partnerships New GlarusNew Glarus Public Library New Glarus Historical Society•Values local history •Values local history•Limited space (2,074 SF) •Adequate space for•Very little space for local collectionshistory collection •Limited public access to•No room to accept archivesdonations of local history •Archival materials not asmaterials organized as Board would like•Open year-round – 50 hours •Open part-year (May 1st toper week October 15th)•Staff willing to coordinate a •Board willing to help withdigitization project digitization project
  50. 50. Successful Partnerships New GlarusLocal History Digitization Project •FY2011 – Federal LSTA (Library Services & Technology Act) grant administered by the IMLS (Institute of Museum & Library Services) & the Wisconsin Dept. of Public Instruction •Janis Merkle – wrote the grant application & coordinated all aspects of the grant project – also wrote the metadata to accompany each item •Involved New Glarus Historical Society, New Glarus Public Library & the New Glarus Swiss United Church of Christ •Emphasized the strengths of the collections owned by the NGHS & Swiss Church (photos & unique book items) •Focused on early New Glarus history as much as possible
  51. 51. Successful Partnerships New GlarusLocal History Digitization Project •Grant requirement - UWDCC did actual digitization •Janis & project partners made decisions on what items would be digitized •Historical Society members assisted with identification of individuals / locations / details of the photos that did not have information •Goal to have as much information as possible connected to each item / each image •Items needed to be physically transported to UWDCC •Digitized items / images housed on UWDCC server
  52. 52. Successful Partnerships New GlarusLocal History Digitization Project – Three Objectives:#1 – Preserve local history informationFinal Report: The selected materials – many of which arefragile – can now be consulted without handling the physicalmaterials. Digital reproductions of the materials – both onlineand contained on physical media – provide a backupagainst the loss or destruction of the originals.
  53. 53. Successful Partnerships New GlarusLocal History Digitization Project – Three Objectives:#2 – Provide the general public with free access to localhistory materials through the InternetFinal Report: These materials were previously accessible onlyin person at the owning institutions during limited hours. Ourdigital collection is now hosted and maintained by UWDCCon their website, which is accessible 24 hours a day at nocharge to anyone with Internet access. The collection can befound easily through a Google search, and it will soon beincluded in the Wisconsin Heritage Online portal.
  54. 54. Successful Partnerships New GlarusLocal History Digitization Project – Three Objectives:#3 – Publicize & promote the newly-digitized materialsFinal Report: As described above, the availability of the newcollection has been announced to the public through variousavenues including newspapers, e-mail lists, socialmedia, websites, and an open house. Handouts describingthe collection and how to use it are also on display in thelibrary.
  55. 55. Successful Partnerships New GlarusLocal History Digitization Project housed on the UWDCCwebsite – State of Wisconsin Collection“New Glarus and Green County Local History” Glarus Public Library ( Glarus Historical Society ( United Church of Christ (
  56. 56. Successful PartnershipsNew GlarusCategories:•People•Buildings, Streets & Scenes•Leisure & Celebration•Schools, Churches &Community•Business & Commerce•Farming•Books (including “TheEstablishment &Development of the NewGlarus Colony” – in itsoriginal German, as well as ina English version that wasrecently translated by alocal New Glarus resident)
  57. 57. Successful Partnerships New GlarusBenefits to the Digitization Grant Project: •Extremely positive reaction from the community •Links to the UWDCC site from the website of each partnering organization = widespread access •Projects a positive, progressive image for all three partnering organizations (library, historical society & church) •Solidified positive relationships among all three partnering organizations
  58. 58. Successful Partnerships New GlarusLasting Impact for the Library & Historical Society: •More projects to benefit both (local newspaper microfilm project & future digitization projects) •Future partnerships (location of new library) •Historical Society = improved organization of photo collection & up-to-date policies on access / use
  59. 59. Parting words… ”Having a good working Community.working“The Museum and Library relationship with the public libraryhaverelationship and a good working in your community is a "win-win"relationship andcomplement one another situation for both the historicalcomplement one another society and the library. Wefor the good of theof the for the good … promote and advertise eachDrummond Community.Community.” others events to our patrons, members, and the community.” Community.working Community.working “it is a great idea, as we “A Great Opportunity to both preserve local history educate the public together” in different ways” good Community. of the Drummond Community. “Theyre very useful and usually lots of fun. Great way to expand visibility and membership.”
  60. 60. Thanks!• Questions? o Chuck Adleman, o Denise Anton Wright, o Stef Morrill,