Publishers Permissions and Promotions:  Current Trends in Digital Books
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Publishers Permissions and Promotions: Current Trends in Digital Books



Given by Sara Gold at WAPL, May 2014

Given by Sara Gold at WAPL, May 2014



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  • Because the digital landscape is continually expanding and evolving and it is hard to keep up with publishers, their permissions, circulation models and purchasing models. <br /> Today we’ll discuss: <br /> A brief overview of the WPLC Collection <br /> Where WI public libraries were and where we are in digital landscape today <br /> Review each the big six publishers : why we love them and why we don’t <br /> Small Press Options /Distributors <br /> Circ Models/Purchasing models <br /> <br /> Evolving Trends such as : <br /> Streaming Video <br /> Digital Magazines <br /> Library as publisher <br /> <br /> Library promotion with Library Reads <br /> <br />
  • Started in 2003 with a collection of audiobooks. 2005 signed a contract with OverDrive for an audiobook collection. Oct 2009 the first ebook was added.
  • This is what the collection consists of today We fluctuate between 11-13th in the country for size of our collection
  • Between 2012 and 2013, there was a 81 percent growth in circulation <br /> <br /> Charts are slightly misleading: Look at relative size of bars <br /> From 2010-2013: <br /> Audio: 122% <br /> Ebook: 560% <br /> <br /> We are typically 2 or 3 in terms of circ…In Feb we were #1 out of all OverDrive customers for circs
  • In 2010 lots of skepticism, frustration, anger with digital providers, devices and publishers
  • 2011 4 basic formats, 2 for audio, 2 for ebooks from 8 or more <br /> <br /> metered access /more access/just access <br /> <br /> PDA/Rent to Own <br /> <br /> 2011 was Kindle, 2014 buzzword is Streaming <br /> <br />
  • The thing about the digital landscape is that it is always evolving. Tremendous changes every 12 months for several years now. With changes come issues as this slide illustrates.
  • In reality there are thousands of publishers producing works that people want to read but where the digital world intersects the public library there are six that everyone wants
  • Publishers nearly 50% of all adult bestsellers <br /> <br />
  • Patty Smith, Robert Wagner, Cokie Roberts Barbara Kingsolver, Adriana trigiani, Joyce Maynard , Ann Patchett <br /> Well rounded publisher
  • Also strong educational division
  • Owned by CBS
  • Smashwords began in 2008 and takes authors through the entire process of publishing their works.  Authors upload their manuscripts as Microsoft Word files to the Smashwords service, which converts the files into multiple ebook formats for reading on various ebook reading devices. Once published, the books are made available for sale online at a price set by the author. Smashwords does not use DRM. Smashwords offers books through 3M Cloud
  • Anybody know who this is? <br /> JA Konrath, best selling self published author <br /> Writes horror <br /> Only publishes ebooks no print
  • First three are lease model, you purchase content have access to it as long as you use vendor’s platform <br /> <br /> Ebsco ebooks are a subscription model, you pay for various collections of titles <br /> <br /> Freading is a pay per use model. Get access to entire catalog –purchase a number of uses and distribute tokens to users <br />
  • <br /> HathiTrust is a partnership of academic & research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world. <br /> Most have no DRM <br />
  • Follett is also automation system…closed catalog emphasis on juvenile titles <br /> Ebsco is sub model <br /> GVRL ref titles..single purchase plus access fee <br /> BrainHive is ebook on demand program, $1 per checkout <br /> Tumblebooks are interactive enhanced ebooks that stream/ subscription model
  • Flipster EBSCO <br /> Zinio Recorded Books <br /> Sought after service as libraries seek to cut out print magazines and journals —very few offerings <br /> Very expensive
  • Both offer full publishing services from manuscript to copyright, ISBN, design and editing <br /> Small library with $300, 000 operating budget Provincetown chose to follow a curated model, using a selection jury made up of staff from the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center and the Provincetown Art Association Museum, and local artists and authors. Provincetown Public Press will publish a small number of quality ebooks each year, primarily due to cost use iBooks, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop <br /> <br /> Williamson County is using the commercial platform, IngramSparks, Print on Demand service <br /> <br /> Both projects had $3000-$4000 in start up costs funded by a donation and Friends group respectively <br /> Both have strong local author and artist communities <br /> Both started small and rely on connections in the community for help
  • Formed about 1.5 years ago , similar to IndieReads through ABA <br /> No juries…collective recommendations determine # pick each month <br /> To be nominated, books must have a pub date in the month of nomination <br /> <br /> Have a steering committee of about 15 libraries and 10 founding publishers including Hachette! <br /> Books
  • <br /> Publishers are watching this program <br /> Promotion materials are available from the site

Publishers Permissions and Promotions:  Current Trends in Digital Books Publishers Permissions and Promotions: Current Trends in Digital Books Presentation Transcript

  • Sara Gold Community Liaison & Service Specialist, WiLS WAPL 2014
  • Format Titles Copies Audiobook 14347 25836 eBook 33011 109959
  • 279,619 514,645 1,190,918 2,151,575 2010 2011 2012 2013 Total circulation 243,579 278,082 366,798 540,943 2010 2011 2012 2013 Audiobook circulation 243,579 278,082 819,726 1,607,254 2010 2011 2012 2013 Ebook circulation 2,934 2,165 1,785 972 2010 2011 2012 2013 Music circulation 2,934 2,165 2,609 2,406 2010 2011 2012 2013 Video circulation
  • As publisher access has increased… Format types have decreased (audio and ebooks) Publishers are experimenting with different user models Distributors are experimenting with different buying models Streaming: 2014 digital buzzword
  • Largest trade publisher in the world 1 copy 1 user, with unlimited uses Average price per title is $85  Both Audio and eBooks available to consortia
  • Strong in Adult Fiction and Nonfiction as well as YA/Children Biographies, Women authors, Divergent Trilogy Introduced metered title model. 26 checkouts per title and then title must be repurchased. 1 copy per user Average price is $18-$30 per title  Both Audio and eBooks available to consortia
  • Classics imprint and strong front and backlist in NF titles Now owned by Random House but retains its own identity. Titles must be repurchased after 12 months. 1 copy, 1 user Average price per title is $28 Both eBooks and Audio available to consortia
  • Business, adult fiction and nonfiction & strong juvenile fiction collection Backlist available for 52 checkouts or 2 years Average price per title is $28 eBooks (backlist titles) available to individual libraries but not consortia Audio available to consortia
  • Home to very prolific writers James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks, Sandra Brown, Nelson Demille and children's books New eBooks released simultaneously with print and 1 copy 1 user for unlimited uses. eBook is 3x highest print price for first year and then 1.5 x highest print price thereafter Audio available to consortium. Only children's eBooks available to Consortium. Individual libraries can purchase all eBooks.
  • Strong in nonfiction and strong in Childrens & YA Dan Brown, Janet Evanovich, Stephen King Audio and ebooks not available to libraries widely
  • Digital publishing has opened doors for small publishers and self published authors If you write it, will they read it?....probably Self serve publishing options like Smashwords
  • Audio and eBook source for large and small publishers Provide a platform as well as content OverDrive 3M Cloud Axis 360 from Baker & Taylor EBSCO eBooks Freading
  • Springer, Elsevier, Wiley, Gale Ebrary and EBL EBSCO Hathi Trust  nt.php?pid=182221&sid=2436448
  • Follett & Mackin OverDrive EBSCO Audio & eBooks Gale Virtual Reference Library BrainHive Tumblebooks & Bookflix
  • 1 copy/1 user Metered access Simultaneous users  Short-term use ex. 3 hours Pay-per-use
  • Lease model -OverDrive, 3M etc Patron Driven Access (PDA)-ebrary Subscription Short Term Loans Perpetual Access Subscription Model –EBSCO Rent-to-Own
  • Is at a tipping point Netflix/Hulu influence Low price point, average price per title is about $20 Library promotion is the greatest challenge at this point Great introductory article on streaming video ping-into-the-stream-bringing-netflix-style-video-to-libraries/
  • Douglas County Library made Open Content a “household” word Platform that allows libraries to curate and share local materials Allows ownership of content vs. lease DRM free content Home-grown vs. commercial platform
  •  Provincetown Public Press, Provincetown Public Library, MA  Academy Park Press ,Williamson County Public Library, TN 
  • Streaming audio: elimination of problematic WMA format Enhanced books: mostly with children’s materials
  •  Monthly list of 10 titles nominated by public library staff  “The goal of LibraryReads is to help the adult audience discover great reads”  Showcases the important role public libraries play in building buzz for new books and new authors  To get involved register for Edelweiss  Request and receive free e-galleys and nominate your favorites  Learn more at
  • Sara Gold 608.616.0355 Twitter: