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Presentation that outlines the relationship between SEO and social media over time and how marketers can get the most out of integrating the two.

Presentation that outlines the relationship between SEO and social media over time and how marketers can get the most out of integrating the two.

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  • 1. SEO & Social
    Wil Reynolds
  • 2. Typical SEO & Brand Conversation1995-2005
  • 3. Social MediaConnect with UsersConversationBranding
    “F the people
    I just got you 1,000 blog links”
    “Let have a convo with the bank as you make massive deposits”
  • 4. What do you think when you see this?
  • 5. Search Engines Wised Up2005-2007
    We can use social “votes” to help us return better results
  • 6. Social MediaI don’t like you
    I don’t like you either
    But if we work together we keep our jobs, deal!
  • 7. Search Engines Wised Up2007 - Present
    We have figured out how to use social “votes” to help us return better results
  • 8. The Best SEO Results will come when we hook up with each other, Kiss an SEO!
  • 9. Ok, love fest is over lets get to it
  • 10. Blended Search scares some traditional SEO’s
    • Its another algorithm to figure out
    • 11. Requires more than BRUTE force or programming tricks
    • 12. Requires thinking like a marketer more than a programmer
    • 13. Changes the value of a #1 ranking (Local)
  • Lets take a look at why…
  • 14. Natural - Crawlers / Robots
    Cost Per Click
    Image Search - Flickr & Google Images
  • 15. Video - Youtube, Google, MySpace, Revver
    Local - Google / Yahoo / Infousa / Yelp
    How you feed data influences rankings
    Encourage Reviews
    Phone #’s not in images
  • 16. News
    Blog Posts
  • 17. big myth
    winning on search only requires an optimized web site
  • 18. Google is a data company
  • 19. Who’s the #2 search engine?
  • 20.
  • 21. what are you doing about that?
  • 22. The days of Meta Tags and Directory links to drive success are coming to an endSTOP WHINING!
  • 23. Content is NOT king
  • 24. Content is King
    Who knows this guy?
  • 25. Content is King
    He offers wines under 20 on his website
    Not ranking in the top 50 for searches like
    wine under 10,
    wine under 20
    cheap red wines.
  • 26. Content is NOT King
    Amazing social media presence not optimized is a disservice to your readership.
  • 27. How do I optimize social media?
  • 28. Starts with a blog
    • WordPress 100%
    • 29. Plugins (All in one SEO Pack)
    • Broken link checker
    • Maps 404 errors to 301’s:
  • 30. Starts with a blog
    • Ultimate SEO/Wordpress Guide
    • Google news sitemap
    • Intro Video (ex. 1 category)
    • Internal linking
  • 31. Write what people care about
  • 32. Wordtracker SEO Blogger
  • 33. Google Insights
  • 34. Google Insights
  • 35. Postrank
  • 36. The outcome of writing what people care about
  • 37. The Trifecta
  • 38. Embedded Content
    What do you do when someone embeds your YouTube video?
    Slideshare Presentation?
  • 39. Comment Value
    Search engines showing ratings for
    local and e-commerce
    Exterminator Example
    If you were satisfied…
  • 40. Embedded Content
    Interact with them?
    Ask for a link?
    Hey, glad you liked my video…
  • 41. Twitter Directories
    People love 50 XYZ’s on Twitter posts
    Directories makes it easy for them to find you
    Some link to both twitter profile and site
  • 42. Contests B2C
    Follow a trend on Twitter
    “broken iPhone”
    “cold office”
    Create contests for bloggers, where they give away the product to one of their readers.
  • 43. Drive hundreds of links
    Can only work IF
    Entrenched in the community
  • 44. SEO & Social
    Wil Reynolds